Dim Sum

or tapas, meze, hors d’oeuvres, whatever.   The Jewish version of dim sum, tapas, meze, and/or hors d’oeuvres is commonly referred to as  leftovers.

Noodle eatage and slurpfest.

Not only could this soup be easily made from leftovers, it could also become leftovers. Just give it a few minutes. :p

Since I thought “dim sum” sounded posher, I used that as a title for this page instead.   :)

This is a page I’ve created to be a repository of all those wee juicy morsels which I think should get nibbled on a whole lot more.

I’ll have my favourite posts, some links to any resource pages which have support stuff for other posts and pages, any favourite pictures I like, all filed away in fun categories for easy grazing and snacking.

Essentially, this is my special fridge for all my favourite leftovers.   This is the place where I store my breakfast of cold pizza or leftover chinese.

Things will be added as I go, so watch this space. :)

Dim sum dumplings

Image © tashenka. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Pretteeeeeee dim sum.










The Scene – Speaking Out


The Irish BDSM Scene – Speaking Out


Rants On Human Beingness


Thoughts On Human Beingness


Miscellanous Amusement


Prostate Milkage

    Prostate Milking 101
  1. Start Here – Index Of Prostate Milking Resource Thingy, with image amusement.
  2. Introduction To Prostate Milking
    The Human Body
  3. Introduction To Male Reproductive Anatomy – Reproductive Structures
  4. Introduction To Male Reproductive Physiology – Reproductive Mechanisms
  5. The Entire Male Reproduction Story – The Concise Summary
  6. Every Prostate Milker Needs To Know – Structures Of The Anus And Rectum
    Health And Safetyness
  7. Every Prostate Milker Needs To Know – Prostate Health And Medical Risks
  8. Every Prostate Milker Needs To Know – Choosing The Right Gloves
  9. Every Prostate Milker Needs To Know – Hygiene
  10. Every Prostate Milker Needs To Know – The Lubricant Lowdown
    The Man’s Guide To His Prostate
  11. Every Man Should Know – Prostate Self-Exploration – A Guide For Men
  12. Every Man Should Know – A Frank Account – Finding Whole-Body Orgasms
    Milking And Training
  13. Prostate Milking, The Movie – Trainers Do It With Pavlovian Conditioning
    Super Bonus Extras
  14. Saved From The Cutting Room Floor – Ranty Out-Takes
  15. References And Thankalotness – For All The Fabulous Knowledge Sharers


Experiences With Chastity


Stuff About Subspace


Recreation (Mostly Floggy)




Outfit Hotness


4 Responses to Dim Sum

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  2. gabe says:

    I adore that dim sum is a functioning link directly next to prostate milking…that made me smile infinitely. cheers!

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