How To Mail Me Stuff

Hello readers.   :)


If you’d like to contact me privately for whatever reason, you can send me stuff:

    LubyankaBlog  (that “a” inside a circle thingy)  GMX  (teensy polkadot)  com
    (or you may use the handy contact form at the bottom of this post)   :)


No Promises

Unfortunately, I can’t promise that your message will get a timely response, or even a response at all.   I  can  say that you will be entirely more likely to get a response if your message is respectful, informed, and pertinent.

Please note that all communications you send to me may be shared with others  unless you explicitly state your confidentiality requirements.   And please also note that even if you do explicitly state your confidentiality requirements, that is no guarantee that I will consent to keep your confidence.

How To Guarantee My Disinterest

I will always disregard messages containing:

  • accusations, name calling, bigotry, racism, or any other disrespectful behaviour, regardless of whether it is directed towards myself or others
  • queries about why  other  people do things  (as I can’t possibly know that)
  • queries about
    • why  [insert thing here]  is the way it is
      why  [insert thing here]  is or isn’t different
      why  [insert thing here]  is or isn’t the same as  [insert different other thing here]
      (because I can’t possibly know these either)
  • requests for referrals or introductions to random unspecified dominants or submissives whom I don’t know
  • requests for referrals or introductions to random unspecified dominants or submissives whom I do know
  • any  requests on behalf of somebody else  (for example, requests on behalf of a friend, girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband, cousin, whatever)


How To Guarantee My Interest

I am  always  interested in

  • your detailed accounts of your experiences of specific transgressions by specific people in the Irish kink scene
  • sushi
  • cookies
  • smells
  • tastes   :)


Applications For Positions Of Service

If you are interested in further information about applying for a position of service with me, please have a look at my Applying For A Position Of Service page for more information.

Thank you.   :)

Handy Contact Form


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