The Male Reproductive System – Hugely Concised

AnatomyParticipating Physical Structures

Eric’s reproductive system, as in any human male is (apparently) comprised of four main parts:

  1. Eric’s testicles
  2. Eric’s duct system
  3. Eric’s gland systems
  4. Eric’s penis

The male reproductive system

                                  Eric’s Reproductive System

Eric’s Testes
Eric’s Duct System

Eric’s Gland System

Eric’s penis
The structures of the human penis

                                                              Eric’s Penis


And Then There Are Some More Sections

Endocrinology – Eric’s Hormones
Eric\'s Brain

                                                              Eric’s Brain

Copyleft and © 2002-2008 Steve Cook.     Thank you Steve. :)
Physiology – Colin The Sperm
Physiology – Eric Does Linoleum

What Happens When Eric Does LinoleumThe Basics

  1. Eric (who is, let’s face it, just a little strange) looks at a glossy new-this-season linoleum catalogue and gets all hot.
  2. Eric‘s hypothalamus releases GnRH.
  3. GnRH triggers Eric’s pituitary gland to release FSH and LH
  4. FSH and LH travel down Eric’s blood stream to his testes, triggering spermatogenesis (or Colinatogenesis, whatever), scrotum tightening, tumescence, and a bunch of other stuff.
  5. Eric’s penis tumesces, what with all the linoleum and FSH and LH and stuff.
  6. Eric’s scrotum contracts and his testicles are pulled up closer to his body.
  7. Muscular contractions carry Colin the sperm from Eric’s epididymis through his vas deferens.
  8. Contractions carry all the spermy Colins along vasa deferentia towards the ejaculatory ducts.
  9. Eric’s prostate swells enough with seminal fluid to be detectable by a gloved finger, and closes urethral link to urinary bladder.
  10. Eric’s bulbourethral glands secrete slippery alkaliney pre-ejaculate.
  11. Eric’s prostate swells more with seminal fluid.
  12. Eric’s getting really hot now.
  13. Colin and all his spermy pals arrive at Eric’s ejaculatory ducts to hang out for a bit at the coolest new hot spot in town.
  14. Colin is in da ducts.
  15. Eric’s seminal vesicles contribute fructose-rich alkaliney seminal fluid to Colin, who is strutting his stuff in Eric’s ejaculatory ducts.
  16. Colin and his spermy pals chow down.
  17. Eric’s prostate swells more around his engorged ejaculatory ducts, which is easily detected by whatever gloved finger just happens to be in the area.
  18. Colin and his mates are starting to find this restaurant a little crowded.
  19. Eric’s prostate contributes seminal fluid direct via its own personal private duct to his bulbous urethra.
  20. Pressure from fluid buildup triggers Eric’s ejaculatory ducts to release Colin into Eric’s bulbous urethra.
  21. Eric’s bulbous urethra fills with Colins.
  22. Eric’s seminal vesicles and prostate continue to contribute fluid to the still hungry Colin and chums.
  23. Eric’s bulbous urethra expels semen (with strong muscle contractions, or, if milked, by gravity) through the urethra and out the tip of penis.
  24. Eric takes a nap (otherwise known as the refractory period), unless he has been milked, in which case he will stay awake.
  25. Colin, the 74 day old sperm, dies heroically, trying desperately to fertilise a hanky.


What’s Next?

Now, the joys of the anal and rectal structures await.     :)

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