Prostate Health, Milking, And Medical Risks

Welcome to the health and medical risks page of the prostate milking resource package!   This page includes important information about prostate health and the medical risks associated with milking.

    (I almost had a rant here, but I caught myself in time and cut it out.   If you’re interested in that kind of thing, you can find it in the Ranty Out-Takes spleenfest)


Prostate Health And Milking

I’d like to emphasise that I am not a medical practitioner of any kind, nor a biologist, nor even any kind of scientist.   So as a lay person I spent a lot of time looking for any evidence supporting or contraindicating manual evacuation of the prostate.   Is it a bad idea, is it a good idea?   Does it promote prostate health?   Nobody seems to know for sure.   One urologist told me that infrequent ejaculation in and of itself carries few if any significant risks.  

So, full steam ahead then.   :)

That urologist also told me that most health professionals agree that that prostate evacuation  (by whatever means)  at least once every three weeks can be beneficial for maintaining prostate health and function.   During my research I also found that many professionals agree that in the absence of certain prostatic disorders  (such as acute prostatitis or prostate cancer),  some  gentle  prostate massage isn’t necessary but  can  be beneficial.

When I asked that urologist what happens to semen which remains for longer than usual in the body, he speculated that in the event of infrequent-to-never ejaculation, sperm  (which die eventually)  and other constituents of semen may be spontaneously reabsorbed.   However, whether by ejaculation or prostate massage, he did say that the prostate contents should be fully evacuated approximately once every three weeks.

So although nobody I asked knew of any documented evidence categorically proving any specific detriments or benefits, the anecdotal evidence would appear to support the idea that regular prostatic evacuation may be beneficial.   In the absence of any medical prostatic disorder, gentle prostate massage is fine if done carefully.

My own personal experience with regular gentle emissions and zero ejaculations during a 19 month period in a sample size of one  (i.e. kvetch)  is:

  • ill effects significant enough to impede normal function  –  zero
  • ill effects with negligible impact  –  less than five
  • beneficial effects  (of the kind I like)  –  lots

So that information was about as definitive as I was able to get about milking, long-term orgasm restriction and prostate health.   If any of you know anything to the contrary, then please remember that I was never there, there were no witnesses, they can prove nothing, and it’ll never stand up in court.   :p

So, as long as you’re good with all that, let’s move right along to some of the prostate milking-related risk factors which I did find.

5 Responses to Prostate Health, Milking, And Medical Risks

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  3. Donal says:

    I read it again :)

  4. thirteenpoints says:

    Thank you Lady Lubyanka. I’m just taking up long-term chastity and your guide is proving to be a great eye-opener.

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