Workshop – Therapeutic Floggage

Synopsis:   This is an advanced workshop drawing on techniques covered in Elementary Floggage.   Previous attendance at that workshop is enormously helpful, but not strictly essential.   Good flogging skills are required.   This workshop is about an advanced application of specific existing flogging skills.

“Therapeutic” in this context refers to the floggee, not the floggist.   This workshop is about using what I call “safe touch” and body work in conjunction with flogging to stimulate relaxation.   Using these techniques, I have had some positive results with pain management and analgesic responses.

However, I make no guarantees.   :)

For clarity, I will define “safe touch”.

  • safe touch
    Physical human contact, frequently but not necessarily skin to skin, which is characterised by  all  of the following elements:

      Consensual, appropriate, warm, firm, gentle, reassuring, calming, relaxing, soothing, comforting.

      Non-threatening and comfortable;  non-startling and expected;  if repeated, in an even rhythm;  non-erotic yet sensual.

    For any human contact to qualify as  safe touch,  it must be entirely and completely welcome and pleasant.

    Safe touch  can be from one person to another, or simultaneously shared between human beings.   Examples can include massage, hugs, forehead kisses, and hand holding.

Level:   This workshop is designed for members of the floggist community with a reasonable floggy skill level.
Availability:   There will be a maximum of 6 places for participants, and 20 places for observers.   Observers will be expected to observe  only,  because the time and resources available will not allow for adequate supervision of more than 6 participants.   However, questions from observers will be accommodated when appropriate.   Please state clearly when booking whether you wish to book a participant place or an observer place.
Requirements:   You will need a flogger, gentle hands, and an open, responsive mind.   I have only a few floggers to share, and you will need a flogger to practice with.   Please see the flogger advicefest for more information about suitable floggers.

A prior knowledge of flogging is essential.   All participants will be required to demonstrate their flogging skills before being permitted to participate in the flogging portion of the workshop.   Participants must be able to control their flogging accurately.
Summary:   The elements addressed in this workshop include

  • Basic health and safety
  • Categorising pain
  • Ways to check for issues to address
  • Choosing issues to address
  • Hands-on approaches
  • Common risks
  • Knowing when, how, and how long to flog
  • Knowing when to stop

Basics:   Please note that this is a workshop for advanced flogger skills and hands-on body work.   I would encourage all participants to get a flogger for yourselves which fits the criteria in the flogger advicefest.   If it fits the criteria, by all means bring your own.   :)

Clothing:   Please wear soft, loose, comfortable clothing.   Choose your clothing carefully to facilitate ease of movement and access to the areas of your body which you would like to address in this workshop.

Safety:   In this workshop we will be exploring and attempting to ease pain.   A calm, tranquil atmosphere is absolutely crucial to achieve this.   This means that all participants and observers will be expected to remain calm and quiet unless they need to address the workshop as a whole.   Any individual disturbing the workshop atmosphere will be asked to leave.

The flogging in this workshop, if done appropriately, is absolutely free of any kind of discomfort, pain, marking, or injury.

However, accidents can and do happen.   Please be aware of this when booking.
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