Workshop – Elementary Floggage

Synopsis:   This workshop covers basic skills in the sensual use of the flogger, which in this case is a many tailed whip, most usually with a solid handle.
Level:   This workshop can benefit any member of the floggist community, from beginner to reasonably skilled.
Availability:   There will be a maximum of 20 individual places available for participants.
Requirements:   You will need a flogger.   I have only a few floggers to share, and you will need a flogger to practice with.   Please see the flogger advicefest for more information about suitable floggers.

Please do bring extra floggers to share if you have them.
Summary:   The elements addressed in this workshop include

  • Basic health and safety
  • Ways to monitor your play partner
  • Common risks
  • Different sensual uses of a flogger
  • Swing technique for the figure-of-eight style, including
    • body posture
    • ergonomic shoulder, elbow, arm, wrist and hand positions
    • controlling the direction and force of your swing
    • varying the swing for different effects

Basics:   Please note that this is a workshop for floggage skills.   I would encourage all participants to get a flogger for yourselves which fits the criteria in the flogger advicefest.   If it fits the criteria, by all means bring your own.   :)

Clothing:   Please choose comfortable clothing which facilitates ease of movement in your upper body when giving, and ease of access to your upper back when receiving.   Please check your clothing for any restrictions in your arm movements prior to attending.

Safety:   This will  not  be a workshop exploring the extremes of pain.   This workshop is designed to cover the technical use of the flogger, without pain, marking, or injury of any kind.   Although the techniques covered in this workshop can easily be adapted for a variety of results, this workshop will cover sensual, mild flogging  only.

The flogging in this workshop, if done as directed, is absolutely painless.

However, accidents can and do happen.   Please be aware of this when booking.
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3 Responses to Workshop – Elementary Floggage

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  3. starchild says:

    hi,i’d say i admire dominant women,as long as they’re not confusing being dominant with being an asshole,anyways id like to know where i can check this scene for myself?,seems interesting

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