Doing Workshopnesses

I’m going to be doing some floggy workshopnesses!

If you’re free on Saturday evenings  (one each in March and April),  and would like to learn more about how to do floggage,  and  if you’d like to meet me, do please contact the very gloritudinous  Miss Clippin  who is fabulously handling all the bookings and queries:

    missclippin   (at)   yahoo   (dot)   fr

On  28 March, 2009,  I will be doing my Elementary Floggage workshop in Dublin.   This workshop covers basic skills in the sensual use of the flogger, which in this case is a many tailed whip, most usually with a solid handle.   This workshop can benefit any member of the floggist community from beginner to reasonably skilled.
On 11 April, 2009,  I will be doing my Therapeutic Floggage workshop in Dublin.   This is a more advanced workshop drawing on techniques covered in Elementary Floggage.   This workshop is about using what I call “safe touch” and body work in conjunction with flogging to stimulate relaxation in the floggee.
Both workshops are going to be at the Outhouse on Capel Street, on a Saturday evening from 17:00  –  20:00.   Participants will be asked to contribute  €10  (to cover venue costs).   Both workshops have limited availability,  so  booking is really essential.

For booking essentialiness and further information, please contact the extra special administrativey-handley  Miss Clippin  at:

missclippin   (at)   yahoo   (dot)   fr
If you need to cancel your booking, please be sure to contact the fabulous  Miss Clippin  as soon as possible.

For more details than you probably want to know, please see the

Please be aware that the quite gloritudinous  Miss Clippin  is fabulously handing all of that scary administrative stuff, so please contact  her   (not me!)  for booking, queries, and cancellations at

    missclippin   (at)   yahoo   (dot)   fr

See you there!   :)

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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3 Responses to Doing Workshopnesses

  1. Thaedydal says:

    Sign me up :)

    The last two workshops I went to were wonderful.
    I found them open and supportive as I am sure yours will be too.

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