Applying For A Position Of Service

If you are a submissive or switch who wishes to submit in a full time, face-to-face, power exchange relationship with a dominant, and you wish to consider applying for a position of service with me, then please read the following carefully, including the pages linked from within the text.





I am a 42 year old musician living in Ireland.

I am a bisexual  (perhaps more accurately described as pansexual)polyamorous, lifestyle dominant woman.

I seek face-to-face, trustworthy, ethical, service oriented, lifestyle submissives or switches to serve me.

My erotic orientation includes dominance.   Unfortunately, due to many peoples’ erroneous preconceptions and assumptions, I find it necessary to specify that I do not sell my orientation for money or other compensation.   I am a lifestyle dominant woman.   I am not a pro dom.

None of the Mistress Lubyanka websites are anything to do with me.   I am a completely different person to the professional dominant known as Mistress Lubyanka.

Some Background Reading

If you are considering offering me an application for a position of service, I would very much appreciate if you would please take some time to carefully read the following:

I realise they are a bit lengthy, and that indeed this page itself is a bit lengthy.   Please consider the magnitude of what you are seeking, what I am seeking, and what I am offering.   I have no interest in a valueless worm or a pathetic nobody.   I seek intelligent, articulate human beings, with style and wit, who have a sincere interest in self improvement.   I seek individuals whom I can value highly, and who value themselves highly.   Perhaps you can appreciate that my best assurance that you will value me in the way I require, is your demonstration that you can value yourself as highly.

  • When you take the depth, scope, and potential rewards of all of this into account, I hope you will feel that your increased chances of offering me a successful application are worth some careful investment of your time and energy.   :)

Please appreciate that I have invested a significant amount of time and care preparing this outline specifying what I seek and what I offer.   I ask a similar courtesy from you.   Applications containing answers of only a few words will be disregarded without exception. I will not be spending any time coaxing basic information from you which has been requested here. Being coy about this will not please me. If there is anything you want or need me to know, then please include it in your application. I cannot assume the presence of any information which you do not include.

As I have not requested any information about you which will identify you to anybody you know, I can see no reason for you to withhold any of the information which I request. If you do feel uncomfortable with sharing anything in particular, please indicate this clearly on your application, and include coherent, relevant, supportable reasons for your omission(s).

I would prefer you to regard this as a job application, and complete it as if you are trying to impress an employer. Please remember that an employer has less interest in your needs than in your ability to fulfill the job requirements.

Mode Of Address

I prefer to be addressed as “Lady Lubyanka”, “m’Lady”, and/or “Ma’am”.

Please do not address me as “Mistress”.   I reserve the honorific “Mistress” for my submissives only.   I do not enjoy being addressed as “Mistress” by others.

About Me

Age  –  42

Gender  –  Woman

Orientation  –  Dominant, polyamorous, bisexual  (pansexual).   Please note that I do not switch under any circumstances.

My Interests  –  Neuro Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, exploration of the senses, leather, edible consumables, smells, tactile sensations, exploring self-awareness, assisting exploration of self-awareness in others, corsets, big stompy leather boots, amongst others.

I very much enjoy the cerebral and emotional aspects of BDSM.   I have an ongoing interest in exploring and sharing the deeper motivations and emotional responses of any submissive in my care.   I have found that hypnosis can be a very effective tool in these explorations.

I Enjoy  –  Playing music with my mates, reading, and indulging my senses with different smells, tastes, textures.   I guinea pig for many of my local fooderies, offering criticisms and suggestions, which they tolerate with good grace.   :)   I am a night owl, and prefer being out and about after dark.   I enjoy exploring my world through my senses, and indulging in the joys which taste, smell, touch and sound can offer.   :)

My Nickname  –  I have an interest, as a dominant, in re-education and behaviour modification.   I mean re-educating in the sense of examining and exploring any unhealthful, self-defeating, or self-limiting attitudes and behaviours which may be evident in a submissive in my charge.   And I mean behaviour modification in the sense of working out alternative attitudes and behaviours which benefit both of us.

I chose my nickname because of its associations with the re-education and behaviour modification aspects of the KGB, who were headquartered at the Lubyanka Prison.   The Lubyanka is historically well known as a venue for human rights abuses, which were for a long time euphemistically referred to as “re-education” and “behaviour modification”.   My use of the terms is unrelated to those abuses and those euphemisms.
I unreservedly deplore the way the KGB utilised their methods to unconsensually torture and abuse


I do maintain a strong feeling that the methods themselves have a sound basis in an effective methodology, which I feel can be used to a beneficial effect on fully informed and consenting individuals.   I personally have had very helpful, healthful, and positive results from consensually using the approaches I have adopted with the submissives in my care.   I had a lot of this in mind when I was choosing my nickname.   Although it wasn’t the only one I was considering, it was the one which stuck.   So that’s how I got it, and that’s what I mean by it.

My Limits  –  I provide and require honest, relevant and complete disclosure, respect for clearly specified boundaries, and no touching without permission.   These are amongst my hard limits, and they go both ways, receiving and giving.

What I Offer


  • Respect for your body and your mind
  • Respect for the use of safewords
  • Freedom to consent or not consent and that decision to be respected by me
  • Exploration of your self-awareness
  • Assistance with self-improvement
  • Psychological and erotic hypnosis
  • Respectful, supportive, responsive, and attentive listening
  • Care, protection and nurturing of your body and psyche
  • Consistently maintained, explicitly specified rules
  • Allowance for mistakes
  • Negotiation and renegotiation
  • and more.


What I Seek

In person, service-oriented submissives to complete a complement of five males and two (preferrably bisexual) women.   I now own one serf, who pleases me enormously.   :)

Some Details About My Methodology

In the words of my serf kvetch, I commit of my own volition to place respect uppermost in my usage of any submissive under my care and authority.   And I require no less from any submissive in my care.   I require and offer respectful treatment and respectful behaviour.   I do believe that we are all born already entitled to respectful treatment and behaviour from others.   I believe that the people who say that respectful treatment and behaviour is earned, are dead wrong.

Disrespectful behaviour will NEVER be tolerated, not even in playful “fun”.   I do not enjoy nor tolerate “bratty” behaviour either.   No matter how trivial an incident may seem, respect is always of paramount importance to me, and I maintain a very strict policy on this.   I never permit any incidents regarding disrespect to just “slide”.

I never treat my submissives disrespectfully.   I do not feel that submission entitles any dominant to abuse their submissives.   As part of that, I always keep my explorations of play involving force absolutely separate from my disciplinary practices, and I always keep my anger absolutely separate from any play involving force.   I do explore pain play, but I always keep it absolutely separate from discipline and anger.   I do not and will not ever touch my submissives’ bodies disrespectfully, nor will I tolerate ever being touched disrespectfully.

When I have occasion to do so, I express my displeasure immediately, clearly, and calmly.   I initially explain why I am displeased, and what can be done to avoid displeasing me in future.   If my explanation appears to be falling on unreceptive and/or unresponsive ears, I then disengage from the situation and from the errant individual until such time as I feel I will be treated with the respect I require and offer.

When I have occasion to do so, I also express my pleasure, immediately and clearly.   When I am pleased with you, you will be sure to know straight away.   I greatly enjoy expressing and sharing my pleasure.   :)

Are You A Candidate?

Suitable Candidates Will Be

  • Women (preferrably bisexual) over the age of 26, or males over the age of 30.
  • Honest, reliable, trustworthy, consistent, ethical, meticulous people
  • Intelligent, articulate submissives or switches who have a desire to submit to a woman in person on a full-time basis
  • Human beings with style and wit, a sincere interest in self improvement, and who are available to serve me.
  • People with at least some experience of BDSM “in-the-flesh”
  • People who have ongoing feelings that they are or desire to be submissive all the time, whether or not they behave outwardly as such.
  • People who feel that their submission is offered both inside and outside of erotic environments.
  • People for whom serving, and service, is an ongoing desire to be fulfilled.
  • People who are willing express their feelings verbally.
  • People who are prepared for me to play with and care for others without feeling jealous or otherwise unhappy.
  • People who are prepared to accept and serve me as I am, without a desire or need to change me.

Unsuitable Candidates Will Be

  • In an existing monogamous relationship
  • Seeking a monogamous relationship
  • In a relationship with a vanilla partner
  • Currently serving and/or under the authority of any dominant
  • People who think that it can ever be legitimately permissible to lie to their dominant for any reason
  • Cavalier, relaxed, or easy going about punctuality, completing tasks, attention to detail, following instructions accurately, or keeping promises
  • Completely without experience with “in-the-flesh” BDSM, and/or totally new to BDSM
  • Experiencing only an intermittent or occasional desire to be submissive
  • People for whom dominance/submission is solely for erotic play
  • People who enjoy subjugating dominant women, or subjugating any women
  • Available only on certain days each week, or less often.


Application Criteria

Information To Include

If you think that the above description fits you, then please apply, in writing, and include, in the following order:

  1. Your real first name
  2. Your age
  3. Your approximate location  (Ireland only, please, unless you are willing to relocate and/or travel frequently)
  4. Some details about why you wish to serve me specifically, as opposed to wishing to serve any dominant in general
  5. Some specific details about who you are as a person
  6. Some specific details about who you are as a submissive or switch
  7. Some specific details about your in-the-flesh experience of BDSM
  8. A specific list of your limits
  9. A specific list of what you seek
  10. A specific list of what you offer

Applications Must Include

    • Evidence that you have carefully read and made every effort to follow my instructions
    • Evidence of meticulous attention to pertinent detail
    • Evidence of a sincere and genuine effort to have used:
      • Good English
      • Good grammar
      • Complete sentences
      • Appropriate capitalisation
      • Appropriate punctuation

(Please note that , although correct spelling is not explicitly required, I hope you may understand that accurate spelling will help me to understand what you’re saying a whole lot better and more easily. Applications which I have to struggle to understand will not be considered.)

Applications must OMIT, and WILL be disegarded without exception if they contain

  • Any similarity to “txt spk” ( for example, inclusion of such items as “how r u” )
  • Submission offered via instant messenger
  • Unsolicited personal questions on topics which I have not asked you to address  (for example, questions regarding my physique, my erotic tastes, lists of what I plan to do to you, etc)
  • Any images of any body part other than the face  (please note that images are not required nor requested at this stage)

Please take your time completing your application. There is no rush, and no deadline. A few moments saved by rushing through and submitting a sloppy, carelessly prepared application will significantly reduce your chances of being considered for service. And a sloppy, carelessly prepared application will indicate to me that your level of service is equally likely to be sloppy and careless. As I have no interest whatsoever in sloppy, careless service, or sloppy, careless people, I equally have no interest in sloppy, carelessly prepared applications.

When You’re Ready

When your application is ready, and you’ve gone over it and are satisfied that it’s as good as it can be, you may send it to:

    LubyankaBlog  (that “a” inside a circle thingy)  GMX  (teensy polkadot)  com

Or you may use the handy contact form below. :)
Thank you for your time and efforts.   They are greatly appreciated.

Lubyanka.   :)

Handy Contact Form

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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