Prostate Milking – Hygiene

Step right up, I got information on how to maintain safer hygiene practices and precautions.

I got mustard.

Who could possibly resist?   :)

Wash Your Hands book cover, by Tony Ross.

Wash Your Hands Copyright © 2001 Tony Ross / Anderson Press All Rights Reserved

Welcome to the hygiene support page for my Prostate Milking resource.   Here you will hopefully find everything a prostate milker needs to know about effective and safer hygiene practices and precautions.

I originally created this page as a supporting resource for my prostate milking post, but the hygiene practices described here can also be useful for lots of other stuff.   For example, meticulous hand cleansing is useful and healthful for all kinds of situations.

Whilst researching information for this page, I came across a lot of stuff which was conflicting, confusing, incomplete and inaccurate.   I personally guarantee that the information included here is as detailed, comprehensive, and accurate as I could possibly make it.

    Of course, the standard disclaimers apply.   By reading this, you acknowledge

    1. You are responsible for your own actions
    2. You are entirely and solely responsible for all consequences resulting from any choices you make according to this information
    3. I personally have nothing to do with anything you do
    4. This resource is solely for information purposes
    5. Anything you do with the information here is your own business


    I’m glad we got that sorted out   :p

You can find more information about the resources I used to assemble this information on my references page.   If you wish, you may confirm, deny or simply check out stuff more thoroughly by reading through some of the additional material there.

I encourage you to learn just as much as you can about hygiene.   In my view, hygiene as a topic includes issues such as safety, health, medical risk, behaviour and consent.

I firmly believe that hygiene as a topic is very much underrated.   I hope, after going through the material I’ve included here, that you come to agree with me.

I also hope you find it helpful.   Right, on with the show!   :)

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