There were a few things I needed to have on a page which I didn’t have anywhere else, so I thought I’d better create a place to put them.

So here it is.     :)

Thank You Lots And Lots

I noticed today (13 April, 2008) that  the one year anniversary of my first post is today.

And I noticed today (15 February, 2009) that sometime last week  I had my 100,000th visitor!!


As the creator of this blog, I have been delighted to share my thoughts, ideas and experiences with you over the past year and ten months.

Thank you for reading all this time. I feel truly validated by how many of you come and read every single day. I don’t know who most of you are, but my stats page tells me you were here. So thank you very much for coming.     :)

Conditionages Of Useness

With the increasing amount if information I’m sharing, I felt the need to clarify a few things. If you choose to carry on reading any of the material which I’ve published here, I need you to understand and accept some personal conditionages I’ve adopted.
I need to know that anybody continuing to access anything I publish here does so solely on the conditionages that:

  • You understand and accept responsibility for respecting the conditionages I specify here
  • You understand and accept responsibility for yourself
  • You understand and accept that I am not responsible for anything you choose, decide, do, say, or think
  • You understand and accept that anything you send to me may be shared with others unless your confidentiality requirements are explicitly stated
  • You understand and accept that I may choose to decline my consent to keep your confidence, even if you explicitly state your confidentiality requirements
  • You undertake to cease all access to this site if at any time you do not wish to accept and respect these conditionages

In other words, I am responsible for me, and I am not responsible for you.
Thank you, I have much appreciateness of your understandingosity.     :)


At the moment, unless otherwise stated, all materials published on this blog  (with the exception of comments which belong to their identified authors)  are

Copyright © 2007-2008 Lady Lubyanka. All Rights Reserved.

Please contact me for any permissions you’d like.
I may modify these copyright conditions in future, but this is how they stand just now. I have been considering this Creative Commons license, but I haven’t decided for sure yet.

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