Flogger Advicefest

For any of my flogging workshops, you will need a flogger which has multiple falls  (the dangly bits coming out the handle),  which are an absolute minimum of 14 inches long.   The most suitable and easiest to use falls are made from leather.   If you have any concerns with using leather, falls can also be made from rubber, latex, or viscose.

For the best, cheapest flogger money can buy, my personal recommendation is Jack’s Floggers in England.   Jack is an artist with wood and leather, and he really does make the most beautiful floggers.   And by the way, Jack’s floggers are also  waaayyy  cheaper than much of the floggy tat available at most adult retailers.

On the Our Floggers => Standard Floggers page of Jack’s website, there are quite a few lovely floggers which are modestly priced and perfect for these workshops.   They run from about £18.00  (as of 27 February, 2009).   Any of the following would be fine:

  • Standard rubber floggers  –  £18 each
  • Light weight deluxe floggers  –  £18 each
  • Standard chunky flogger  –  £26 each

Any of the £18 “light weight deluxe floggers” are really fabulous.   I personally promise you that to the best of my knowledge, this quality and price combination is the best you will find anywhere.
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