This page contains links to detailed information about my workshopnesses.   Updates and additions will be forthcoming.   :)

Next Workshopness

And now, for the upcoming workshopness, as seen on this blog!
Saturday, 11 April, 2009   Cancelled

    Therapeutic Floggage
    The Outhouse
    105 Capel Street, Dublin 1
    17:00  –  20:00
    Contribution:   €10  (to cover venue costs)
    Limited places  –  booking required


Workshopness Detailathon


Resource Stuff


Workshopness Report Thingys


Other Bits

Itty Bitty Bio  –  Lubyanka has been enjoying the floggage of happy people since 2006  (sometimes with a rubber chicken).   The therapeutic angle took off quite by accident at Bicon 2007, during a party.   She likes tuna sandwiches, stompy footwear, and enjoys a polyamorous relationship with sushi.   :)

9 Responses to Workshopness

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  3. Sully says:

    Elementary Floggage.
    Therapeutic Floggage.
    What comes next?

  4. Heh, I don’t know right now.

    I’m sure it will come to me.   :)

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  9. Myles Ahead says:

    Absolutely wonderful work. What an extreme pleasure to read such artistic excellence in dominance.
    thank you,

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