References – Bibliofest And Thankalotness

Bibliographical Referencey Goodness

There are just stacks and stacks of yummy treats contained in the many pages I referenced for my prostate milking resource.

Dim sum dumplings

Image © tashenka. Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share-Alike 2.0 Generic license.

You may or may not give a toss about the credits, but I thought I might as well include them for completeness.

I learnt a whole lot from most of these pages.   Credit where credit’s due, and all that.

My Prostate Milkageness resource was made possible by the many people who provided such very large quantities of information and made it all available on teh intartoobz.   So I’d like to thank those people and all the others who so generously share their time and expertise via the internet.

And for anybody who was interested enough to come to this page  –  I don’t know whether any of the credited people will want to thank  you,  throttle  me,  or go for coffee and a bun.   Maybe all three.   But I do know which one I’d pick.   :)

Coffee and a bun therapy.

Coffee and a bun - featuring my 'I need therapy' mug, a fun present from kvetch. :)


Ginormous Thankage And Referenceness – Contents


Stuff What Defied Categorisationage

Yummy stuff which wouldn’t fit into any other category.

  • Google helped me find all the other stuff.   :)
  • Mood music for Colin the sperm
  • So I can use slang and all of you will know what I meant
  • Because I don’t have to say it again if I just reference myself
  • Because everybody should know what this is
  • Some light entertainment   (image originally found on
  • Because no matter how many times people say the prostate is like a walnut, and despite the fact that few if any of us are ever going to actually look at one, the prostate still  feels  like a polo mint.   I see during my 2010 update that this site is no longer publicly accessible.   Nevertheless, I’m leaving this link to the WayBack Machine’s version of it  (on which the image I used is missing).   Even though I have now taken my own pictures of polo mints, I did originally make use of a polo mint image from this site, and I think thanking them with a link is still appropriate, even though the original site is unavailable.
  • An extensive, free of charge image resource, from which I found the images of the cow and the milk bottle.   All images Copyright © 1998 – 2008, FreeFoto LLC.
  • Before I took my own picture of a bag of frozen peas, I used this image from this rather aged blog post.   My thanks to the blogger for the use of the image.
  • It was so difficult to make the Hygiene page readable and interesting, it helped to have a lovely cheerful image to brighten stuff up a bit.
    Wash Your Hands Copyright © 2001 Tony Ross / Anderson Press
  • Thanks to Dean Tersigni of for his kind and generous permission to use his self-portrait for my prostate self-explorathon page.   Thank you so much Dean!   :)
    Image © 2002-2007 Dean Tersigni.   All rights reserved.


Prostate Milkageness

Stuff I found which helped specifically (or specifically utterly failed to help) with actual prostate milkage.

  • On 11 June 2008, retired urologist Dr Arthur Goldstein very kindly answered a few of my questions on prolonged orgasm restriction.
  • Not a bad overview of prostate massage, with some questionable links onward to ad-infested sites.
  • The briefest possible reasonable overview of how to do prostate massage, with similar questionable links onwards
  • An incredibly dire and fairly dangerous, inaccurate article on prostate milking, which despite being © Copyright 1999 All rights reserved, is widely reproduced all over the internet in varying forms.   I strongly recommend entirely ignoring this stuff.
  • A brief overview of prostate massage from a tantric perspective.
  • Another incredibly brief overview of prostate massage, with some erroneous (recommending use of sterile latex gloves) and some accurate (massage the prostate on the sides, consult your doctor) advice.
  • A brief but mostly accurate guide to prostate massage. Copyright © 2008 Free Articles – All Rights Reserved
  • Brief, sometimes erroneous, sometimes accurate advice on how to do a self prostate massage by By Donald Saunders, Published on 7 December 2007.
  • A slightly more comprehensive guide to prostate milking
  • A slightly longer guide to prostate massage, with yet more erroneous sterile glove advice.   This confusing guide fails to specify whether it is designed for self exploration or with a partner.   And it includes yet more questionable links.   Copyright © 2008 – All Rights Reserved Worldwide.
  • Prostate Massaging for Health and Pleasure, by Steve Tucker, published Jul 17, 2007.   Displayed on a site with inconvenient and annoying features.   Copyright © 2008 Associated Content, Inc.
  • A fairly decent overview of a few of the known medical risks of vigorous prostate massage.   Copyright © ® All rights reserved.   Last modified 27 June 2007
  • Handy definition of periprostatic
  • This is the only remotely workable guide to train submissives to be milked I’ve seen anywhere.   It was pretty good, but I felt it was much too limited.   The focus on humiliation excludes everybody who dislikes humiliation, and it also included dangerous risky advice, such as an instruction to repeatedly use the same unhygienic rubber washing up glove many times in succession without ever cleaning or replacing it.   So I used this guide as a starting point, from which I made significant deductions, changes, and many additions.


Medical Healthness And Stuff

This stuff helped a lot with my general medical knowlege, but there weren’t enough links in any specific discipline to categorise them separately.
The Human Body

Soapage And Antibacterial Vileness

Other Medicalness

  • An incredibly long, dry, but properly conducted and documented study which supports the metastasis of prostate cancer as a direct result of prostate massage.   This link is to the abstract, which contains an onward link to the full text of the study.   This was my link to the full text which may or may not work for you.
  • A well written, comprehensive, readable article about latex allergy.   A useful resource.   Copyright © 1998 by the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  • Summary resource briefly addressing all manner of commonly asked medical glove questions, such as what type of glove and the properties of materials used in the manufacture of medical gloves.   Copyright © 2007 by   All rights reserved.
  • Some information about nitrile gloves.
  • I used to have a link here to some information about NHS policies on glove standards and use.   Unfortunately, the original hugely helpful link I had here to a fantastically detailed and specific table of European medical glove standards is no longer available.   After some searching I did find a less-complete substitute.   Although much less detailed and specific, this links directly to the Lincolnshire Partnership NHS foundation trust’s pdf on their glove use policy.   Similar policy standards and information is echoed in many similar documents from many other regional NHS healthcare trusts, large numbers of which turn up in web search results for ‘EN-455 glove standards UK’.
  • As a supplement to the aforementioned less-complete substitute link above, this is Medical Glove Safety – Technical Overview, which was written in 1996 for the JOWC  (Journal Of Wound Care),   It includes details of the European and UK standard EN-455 parts 1-3 for medical gloves, including single use disposable non-sterile examination gloves.   That article is now well out of date, but it’s enough to give you an idea of the criteria.   That standard now has 4 parts.   The gloves we’re interested in should comply with EN-455 parts 1  (freedom from holes)  and 2  (physical properties, tensile strength and barrier protection).   The current part 3 covers biological hazards, and the current part 4 covers shelf life.
  • What we all should know about World Health Organisation hand cleansing standards.
  • Heller, C.G.; Clermont, Y. (April 1963).   “Spermatogenesis in Man: An Estimate of Its Duration“.   Originally published in  Science,  12 April 1963:  Vol. 140. no. 3563, pp. 184 – 186.   I referred to this to confirm the approximate amount of time between Colinatogenesis and ejaculation/emission.
  • Schematic of the brain and its structures  (I see during my 2010 update that sadly Steve no longer maintains this site).   All original material on Steve’s site is © 2002-2008 Steve Cook, but he generously copylefted it under the terms of the GPL free documentation license. Thank you very much for making your work available for me to use and benefit from, Steve, your image was really helpful.   :)


Bodily Wonders All Pretty Under A Microscope – Histology

And here I was introduced to the wonders of our bodies as seen in the microscopic world.

There are lots of tissue slides stained all  kinds  of pretty colours.

So if you’re likely to feel uncomfortable looking at tissue slides, or if you’re uncomfortable with the body in general, then you might not want to look at these.

Although, having said that, I’m wondering, if you’re investigating prostate milking or something, I’m wondering how bad you can really feel about tissue slides, when all the time you’re planning to go up somebody’s rectum and fiddle with their mucous membranes?

Just one more thing;  I was amazedworthy and delightedathon and breathtooken by the extensive variety of tissue slides, so many of which were more beautiful than I ever considered.   Histology is clearly an underrated source of visual splendiforousness.
The National Taiwan University College of Medicine

  • Copyright © 2004 The National Taiwan University College of Medicine.   Images used with kind permission.
  • This page was my entry to this site.   Unfortunately for me most of this site is in Chinese.   However, as you can see they have beautiful slides of the colon.   This whole site was fantastically helpful in general, and in particular the Doctors and web administrators were very generous to allow me to use their slides in this resource.
  • Same site, more detail.   I used a section of this slide to compare epithelial thicknesses.   This slide is of the recto-anal junction.

School of Anatomy and Human Biology – The University of Western Australia

  • School of Anatomy and Human Biology – The University of Western Australia.   Copyright © Lutz Slomianka 1998-2006
  • Yay!   Copyright permissions   :D  (worth linking to any number of times, yay!)
  • Blue Histology.   Fantastic resource!   Click on the “Large Images” link, tick the “thumbnails” box, and click “Show all”, and you’ll get a fabulous index of all the tissue slides they have.   Wonderful.   :)
  • Oral Cavity and Oesophagus.   Fantastic slides and descriptions of the oral cavity, the tongue, and so on.   Right at the bottom of the page, you’ll find the lovely slide of the facial lip and oral mucosa, which was so helpful to me for demonstrating a comparison of epithelial thicknesses.
  • Same site, Gastrointestinal Tract.   A  really  helpful site.   Provided much knowledge.
  • Female reproductive system (human).   I asked the custodian of another website for permission to use part of their image from a slide of the human female vulva, but they declined.   But Dr Lutz Slomianka to the rescue!
  • Other useful and kindly provided histology links.   Thank you Dr Slomianka for sharing your fabulous resources so generously.   And I’d like to also extend my  grateful thanks  disappointment to University College Cork.   UCC hosts this splendid resource on their fast  (and local to me)  servers, but they have chosen to password protect it, severely restricting public access.   UCC  UWA and Dr Lutz Slomianka, you rock my world.   :)

Florida State University College of Medicine – WebPath: The Internet Pathology Laboratory for Medical Education

The website companion to the medical textbook – “Human Anatomy Fourth Edition” by Frederic H. Martini, Michael J. Timmons and Bob Tallitsch

The International Association of Chinese Pathologists

Mammalian Histology-B408 – Department of Biological Sciences – University of Delaware

  • Mammalian Histology-B408 – Department of Biological Sciences – University of Delaware.   Stunning resource.   Seems like almost everything one could want regarding human tissue.
    “Mammalian Histology (B408) is taught in the fall semester annually and is one of the courses required for the Medical Scholars Program with the Jefferson Medical College. Consequently,   it is taught at a comprehensive level and concentrates heavily on human tissues and organ systems.   A strong component of this course is tissue structure at the ultrastructural level and how it relates to structure-functional relationships at the light microscopic level.   A sizeable collection of color light microscopic images as well as black and white electron microscopic images have been archived.”
  • WAGNER-HOSSLER MICROSCOPIC ANATOMY IMAGES – Color Histology Images. Color (8-bit) gif files of light microscopic images are archived according to tissue type and organ systems. The majority of these are stained with hematoxylin and eosin but in several cases more specialized stains are employed.
  • Large intestine – colour images.
  • Stunning image of rectal epithelial cells.
  • Low Magnification Micrographs of Tissue Sections.   Low magnification images taken with a Leitz Photomakroskope permit surveillance of large tissue regions and entire organs giving a perspective
    seldom acheived with a conventional compound microscope.
  • Cell and Tissue Ultrastructure.   Transmission and scanning electron micrographs are archived as 8 bit grey-scale images and are listed according to tissue type and organ system. These are meant to compliment the light microscopic images and reveal structural detail not observable by light microscopy.

Dept. of Anatomy & Cell Biology – Indiana University School of Medicine

  • ANAT D502 – Basic Histology – Upper Digestive Tract – Dept. of Anatomy & Cell Biology – Indiana University School of Medicine.   Course information
  • Cool histology links within the site
  • ANAT D502 – Basic Histology – Upper and Lower Gl – Dept. of Anatomy & Cell Biology – Indiana University School of Medicine.   Copyright © 2002-2007 Dept of Anatomy & Cell Biology

Visual Histology Atlas

  • Visual Histology Atlas – Index.   An amazing site, containing much more than the usual amount of detail, and jam packed full of histological resources.   Yummy!
  • During my 2010 update I see that this site has reorganised, the links have changed, and I can no longer find the rectal wall image I’d linked to  (although it’s still available on the WayBack Machine).
  • Visual Histology – Chapter 20: The Senses.   This section covers the human senses from a histological perspective.   This is one of the more interesting resources I came across, even though the writing style is very dry as it so often is in these places.

Assorted Mixage Of Siteness

  • Well written, comprehensive description of the integumentary system  (skin, hair, nails, and associated glands).
  • This is the WayBack Machine’s archive of this unlikely page I found during my research.   Admittedly, this is not the most obvious place to find the information I was looking for.   However, the cross section of human skin was of interest, even though it was not the main focus of the page.   Google can be quite random sometimes.   :)   I added the WayBack Machine link during my 2010 update.
  • Good resource for medical sketches of the anatomy of the various systems in the human body.
  • Lovely image of the epithelium of the colon from Duke University Department of Pathology.
  • University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – Histology Online.   Histology of the rectum, and links to other yummy histological views.   During my 2010 site update I replace the original link with a functional one to the archive at the WayBack Machine.
  • Internet Scientific Publications – Gastric Heterotopia of the Rectum.   Copyright Internet Scientific Publications, LLC, 1996 to 2008.   If you were me, you’d probably find that article of much interest.   As it is, I have a feeling that most of you won’t want to read it.   ;)
  • State University Of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center Histology Lab Manual.   A truly splendid page with detailed histological coverage of the reproductive system in the human male.


Fabulous Wikipedian Linkfest

I don’t suppose this site needs much explanation.   Thank you, Wikipedia.   :)
Eric’s Reproductive Structures

Eric’s Reproductive Processes

Eric’s Endocrinology

Eric’s Histological Goodness

Eric’s Scary Medical Riskage

Bits Of Eric’s Wikipedia Imageness


Eric’s Submissive Training



Thank You Ever So Muchness

To all of the individuals and organisations who contributed to creating and maintaining the pages above:

  • For allowing me to learn and grow as a human being by sharing your knowledge
  • And for allowing me to share that knowledge with others

I deeply and most sincerely  thank you.   :)

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