Prostate Milking

This page is for managing the largeness of the  Super-Duper Information Scooper  that this Prostate Milking Resource has somehow turned into when I wasn’t looking.
By the way, if the “milking” you’re thinking about involves either of the following, you are  soooo  in the wrong place.
Cow and milk bottle

Milk bottle image Copyright © 1998 – 2008 FreeFoto LLC.


Indexness – Entire Prostate Milkage Resource-athon

  1. Index Of Everything – This Page What You Are Reading Right Now, Like
  2. Start Here – Introduction To The Whole Prostate Milking Resource Package
    The Human Body
  3. Introduction To Male Reproductive Anatomy – Reproductive Structures
  4. Introduction To Male Reproductive Physiology – Reproductive Mechanisms
  5. The Concise Summary Of Male Reproduction
  6. Every Prostate Milker Needs To Know – Structures Of The Anus And Rectum
    Milking Safety
  7. Every Prostate Milker Needs To Know – Prostate Health And Medical Risks
  8. Every Prostate Milker Needs To Know – Choosing The Right Gloves
  9. Every Prostate Milker Needs To Know – Hygiene
  10. Every Prostate Milker Needs To Know – The Lubricant Lowdown
    The Man’s Guide To His Prostate
  11. Every Man Should Know – Prostate Self-Exploration – A First-Timer’s Guide
  12. Every Man Should Know – Finding The Prostate – A Frank Account
    Milking And Training
  13. Prostate Milking, The Movie – Trainers Do It With Pavlovian Conditioning
    Super Bonus Extras
  14. Saved From The Cutting Room Floor – Ranty Out-Takes
  15. References And Thankalotness – For All The Fabulous Knowledge Sharers


You Worked Your Way Through All That?   Well Done!

Here, have some coffee and a bun.     :)

Coffee and bun therapy

Coffee and a bun therapy.

And now, just for Sully  –  Some oatmeal raisin cookiness.   :)
Oatmeal-raisin cookie Here’s your oatmeal-raisin cookiness Sully, with warm yummy wishes from moi.


Enjoy!   :)  


13 Responses to Prostate Milking

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  2. Sully says:

    Mmmmmmmmm, Milk.
    Now I want a cookie.

  3. Ok, I provide a whole cow, milk, coffee and a bun.   Is nothing good enough for you people?   :p

    Well, ok, maybe I can do something about the cookie soon.   I did take some pictures of a cookie recently ….

  4. Ok, here’s your cookie, Sully.   :)

  5. Sully says:

    Oh, Lady Lubyanka!
    Oatmeal Raisin Cookiness!!
    I am indebted to you FOREVER.

  6. "Admiring" says:

    What a wonderful description of non-orgasmic milking. This link gives some other comments:

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  8. Pingback: general ??

  9. J says:

    What are safe, common instruments I can use on myself?

    • I can’t advise you on that, but you may find more information if you do a web search for home-made or “pervertible” sex toys.

      Also, no implement is “safe”, because safety usually depends on the user and how the implement is used. Unfortunately I cannot advise on that either.

  10. Manly Manhood says:

    You have great awesomeness!!!! Love your whole fun loving, artistic, yet truly informative website. Love it. Love it. Love it.

  11. Wow! I really want to thank You for such a beautifully-written, well-produced resource! I searched the web, hoping to find a little something more than average, to direct someone requesting knowledge via My Advice Column, Ask Mistress Didi* (, and Your site is the Mother Lode of information! With Your permission, I would like to add Your presentation to My Resources Page (! Thank You so much for excellent information, presentation, and a lot of fun reading!

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