Finding The Prostate – A Frank Account

Update – A Useful Description From A Prostate Owner
A lot of men have written to me and posted on forums about having difficulty with learning to stimulate their prostate pleasurably to achieve what are commonly referred to as whole-body orgasms.   An online foody friend has written a review which includes what I think is a very useful description of his experiences, and he has graciously given me permission to share an edited version of it here.

He didn’t even tell me he’d credited this blog in the review til I found it by accident!

Thank you  SEXYGET 69.   (you sly puss)   :)

Review written by SEXYGET 69
on 13 Sep 2009

    As an anal toy virgin, my experience of using the Aneros MGX has been one of experimentation, frustration and ultimately great pleasure!  

    During my fact-finding, I found that some spend months exploring before success, and some are still finding new pleasures after years of orgasmic experiences.   It took me about eight weeks and multiple attempts to go from zero to successful mind-blowing-earthquake orgasm, so if you don’t succeed at first, it’s  definitely  worth persevering.  

    This is my account of my journey to my first full-body orgasm.

The Aneros is a male sex toy which has been cleverly designed to internally massage the prostate gland, which  (in me anyway!)  is a soft spot about the size of a  (pounds sterling)  £0.10 pence piece  (equivalent in size to a €0.50 cent coin [euro] or an American $0.25 cent quarter [usd])  approximately four to six inches inside the anus on the front wall between the anus and the scrotum.   The prostate is also a central point for the nerves controlling your erection, ejaculation and ultimately orgasm.

The Aneros works via the motion of you contracting and relaxing the anal sphincter muscle which causes the Aneros to rock back and forth.   This stimulates the prostate gland and also the perineum at the same time.   It works from your body movements only and this means you can lay down, sit, stand, kneel or anything else that takes your fancy!

On my first attempt, I thoroughly cleaned the area and lubed it and myself up using Liquid Silk lubricant.   Once inside, I began to rotate my hips back and forth while contracting and relaxing my anal muscles.   I was laying on my side and after about an hour or so I was a bit exhausted to say the least.   Thinking I’d wasted my money, I gave up and just masturbated to orgasm with the Aneros still inside me.   I can say that I definitely came hard that night and realised that the Aneros must have been starting to do its job, pressing on my prostate gland.

After that experience I researched the Aneros on the net and got onto some forums, and the Aneros site itself, which is spot on.   I can recommend it highly.   I also gained information from Lady Lubyanka’s prostate milking blog.

I tried it again several times.   Although feeling slightly different sensations each time, and ultimately masturbating to a very strong orgasm, I hadn’t achieved what I was after  –  the all over body shaking, earth shattering orgasm I knew I could have from prostate stimulation.

One night approximately eight weeks after the first time I used it, everything changed.   After being on the Aneros forum for an hour I read two particularly useful comments.   One suggested putting the Aneros in hand-hot water for five minutes beforehand to warm it up.   The other insightfully compared trying to locate the prostate with trying to tune into a radio station  –  one very tiny tweak of the dial gets it bang on, and if you go past by a mere millimetre it’s gone!

So I thought about this during the day and did some exercise to hopefully get the blood flowing in that area for later.   When I got home I sank into in a soothing hot bath for about an hour.   I just lay there and emptied my mind to become totally relaxed, loose and peaceful.   I put the Aneros in some hot water whilst I dried my relaxed body.

I dried off the Aneros and it was pleasantly quite warm in my hand.   I lubed it and myself up and inserted it easily.   I left it in for 20 minutes whilst I massaged my cock with lubricant until it was hard.   I was pretty excited by then and began to concentrate on the tip of the Aneros massaging my prostate whilst contracting and relaxing my anus quite hard in the standing position.   I made some very slight movements to get the tip bang on the mark  (remember the radio dial analogy?)  and I could feel it against my prostate.   Keeping the toy on my prostate, I carefully sat down on the edge of my bed and began to make small forward and backwards rocking movements just like my girlfriend does when she’s on top of me.   At the same time I played with my cock.

After five minutes I thought nothing was going to happen, and then  bang!   I felt an  intense  heat rush through my body from my head down to my feet.   I suddenly had to grab the headboard as my entire body did what I can only describe as violently spasm as I uncontrollably rode it harder.   I thought I was going to pass out with pleasure during what was the most intense, long-lasting orgasm I’ve ever had in my life.   I was shouting with pleasure which I wouldn’t normally do when masturbating, but I couldn’t help myself.   The volume of semen I was expelling from my still hard cock was amazing, much more than I usually produce.

I cannot believe that this happened to me.   It has opened my eyes and I thought they already were, believe me!   Now I believe that this may not happen again for another few weeks or it may happen tomorrow.   It takes time and practice for most but you might be lucky and get it from the start.   It’s as much about your mental state as your physical state as far as I can find.   One thing I can say for sure is that without experiencing it for yourselves, you do not know what you are missing, so every man should at least try this!

On 25 November 2009, in  SEXYGET 69‘s  message granting me his permission to share this review, he added this update to his prostate experiences since 13 September:

Just to update . . . have done it again a few times since then.   It’s definitely a practice makes perfect thing I would say.   In regards to the research I did, the most helpful were in fact the Aneros forums.   If I can think or find somewhere else I happened to have stumbled upon during my quest  (and it  was  a quest!)  I will let you know.   I just hope others can experience what I did.

7 Responses to Finding The Prostate – A Frank Account

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  2. jeff says:

    when you say sat on the edge of your bed, do you mean you sat on the aneros? the curly part and the perenial part? or just the curly part or didnt sit on it at all and just sat short of sitting on it on the very edge of your bed?

    thank you,

    • I didn’t write this account and I have no private contact details for the original author, but I’m hoping he will see your question and drop by to answer you.

      If I see him elsewhere I’ll advise him that your question is here.

  3. Sexyget69 says:

    Hello to the ever lovely Lubyanka!
    I’ve just seen your message via The Nymphomaniac and so your wish is my command (of course!) I hope you and Kvetch are as well and happy as can be there :)

    Hello Jeff.

    With the Aneros inserted in the correct position and making contact with the prostate I did indeed sit on the very edge of my bed which I feel gave me pinpoint accuracy and control over the action the Aneros was having on my prostate. I have used this method since quite a few times with great success!

    It can take a lot of practice!

    Good luck.

  4. Sexyget69 says:

    OOPS! I do apologise Lubyanka. It wasn’t The Nymphomaniac it was via NymphetamineKiss who let me know! It’s late. SG x

  5. SG, you are a star! I am so pleased with the high calibre of readers who show up here!

    You guys are the BEST readers any bloggist could want!

    Thank you. :)

  6. D. says:

    Aneros does not work for every man(something that they dont tell you on the box or the forum). If you decide to purchase one,I would suggest purchasing direct from the site. They offer a 90 day return policy..(which is good because you could be one of those men that don’t get much from it,or its does not work for at all) I can tell you that in two years that I have ‘used’ the aneros it has done very little,if anything at all for me. I believed all the hype(my fault).I wouldn’t personally recomend their products to any of my male friends. The forum is full of conflicting advice and a core group of members that are quick to tell you what you are doing wrong and then go off into lala land spewing talk about “the journey” and “just enjoy your time relaxing”,”you should ot have expectations” etc.. when I conctacted the company about the claims not being entirley true, I never even got a response.

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