What Every Man Should Know About His Prostate – Self Exploration Yumfest

Welcome to the first of two self-exploration pages of my prostate milking resource package.   This page includes information to help you get started enjoying all the sexual pleasures your prostate has to offer.

Conflicted Introspection

Image © Copyright 2002-2007 Dean Tersigni. All rights reserved. Image used by fabulously given permission. :)

I know that many of you have yet to discover your prostate and its huge potential to contribute to male sexual pleasure.   In general, I think pleasure is a Good Thing™.   So I hope this page helps you to have lots more of it!

Anyhow, that’s the plan.   :)

In my experience  (as a woman with experience of male sexual partners),  introducing a man to the joys of his prostate for the first time usually results in them falling to their knees and  crying  in gratitude.   Of the men whom I have introduced to their prostate, this was most often their first response  (prior to begging for more).

(I like that part a lot!)

Now, these men were all attracted to women before they discovered the joys of their prostate, and after this discovery they were all still attracted to women.   I know this because I was the woman to whom they were attracted before, and were still attracted to afterwards.   :)

So this brings me to a question I hear far more often than I’d like, and which I’d like to clear up before proceeding to the actual prostate business.

Okay, ready?   Here we go.


Will This Make Me Gay?

No.   Aside from very rare exceptions, all men are born with an intense pleasure spot known as the prostate.   The prostate is an anatomical feature with many sensitive nerve endings, all of which respond to stimulation.   So the ability to enjoy the prostate is dependent solely on having one.   Regardless of what new experiences you may enjoy in future, you are entirely likely to continue to enjoy the same sorts of things you enjoy now.   And if you continue to explore your sexuality and your sexual pleasure, you’re also likely to discover some fun and interesting new pleasures along the way.

So you’ll be pleased to know that you can enjoy new things just as well as you can still enjoy your previous things, and those pleasures can easily and happily co-exist in the rich tapestry of your sexuality.   And as you grow and develop, that tapestry is only likely to get richer and more colourful.

From your previous sexual experiences you already know that throughout your entire life your sexual attraction was always drawn to pretty much the same categories of things.   Regardless of any new discoveries you make, you are entirely likely to continue to feel drawn to the same things you liked before.   The only difference is that in this case, you’re discovering a new thing which was actually inside you all the time.

So if you are a heterosexual man who has never yet enjoyed his prostate, then the only thing about to change is that you will become a heterosexual man who enjoys his prostate.   And I think that more enjoyment just  has  to be a Good Thing™.

There.   I hope that cleared that up.   :)

4 Responses to What Every Man Should Know About His Prostate – Self Exploration Yumfest

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  2. Ted says:

    I think most men feel it is a gay thing to have something stuck up their butt! LOL! That is a shame. Am a guy who would LOVE to try this BUT have never had a woman offer to do this to me. Woman try asking your man if he would love to feel this, he may just say yes!

    • Have you tried asking for it explicitly? In my case I cannot read minds, so it is impossible for me to know what other people want me to offer them unless they tell me. I suspect this may be true for others too.

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