Stuff About Lady Lubyanka

I was going to go into a long thingy about my Foodal Religion, but I think
it’s best if I stick to the basics on this one.   :)

Audio Recording – January 2011 I am a 45 year old human being.   I am also a:

  • Musician
  • Audio field recordist and engineer
  • Multisexual
  • Polyamourous
  • Kinky dominant top
  • Woman

My other diverse features also include:


    (no matter how I tried, I just couldn’t make any catchy acronyms from that stuff)

Curled up kitty on the duvet I have a Leatherman, and a vibrating toothbrush, and a cat.   :)
Being a kinky dominant top is a big part of my identity, I feel it in every aspect of my life, and everybody I know is aware of it.

Or at least, the ones I’ve told, which is mostly everybody.

And the ones who have guessed.

And their friends.

And possibly their hamsters as well.

Some Stuff What Needs Specifying

There is a pro dom in England called Mistress Lubyanka.   She and I are separate, unrelated, and entirely different people.

I’d like to present you with two personal features which I’ve often seen people confuse.

  1. In general, pro doms are sex workers who provide erotic dominance for a fee.
  2. I enjoy kinky dominant topping  only  with partners who actively prefer to yield to my authority specifically within the ongoing romantic social relationships we share.

Whilst these two features can and often do co-exist within the same person, the features themselves are entirely separate and different from each other.   Of these two traits, the  only  one which describes me accurately is the second one.

Some Other, Happy Stuff

I enjoy lots of sensory things, which includes being fooded a lot.   I live near quite a few scrummy eateries, in which I stuff my face on a regular basis.   Yum.   :)

What with this being my foodal life and foodal domain and all, I refer to my live-in partner as my  serf,  because I am his  Foodal  Lady.   He also knows me variously as  

     –  Her Tuna Sandwichness
     –  Keeper of the Holy Pits
     –  Herself
     –  SWMBO

My serf is very precious to me.   I refer to him in this blog as  ‘kvetch’  because he kvetches the best of any non Jewish person I know.   And I don’t care how much he kvetches as long as he still makes with the bringage and the fetch-and-carry-age, and the to-and-fro-age.   Which he does.   :)

I asked kvetch to create a blog to describe his experiences of being owned by me.   He did, but he almost never posts in it, unfortunately.

But anyhow, as a mark of support and solidarity, I thought it would be a good idea to start my own blog, which might be useful for him and fun for me.   (this was before I knew that he’d hardly ever post in his)  As it turned out, this blog ended up being a great platform for my own self-expression, and kvetch updates his maybe once every three years or so.   Oh well.

Isn’t it funny how things sometimes turn out in unexpected ways?   :)

My Approachness To Stuff

Most of the people I encounter  (including the kinky ones)  tend to associate kink with itemised lists of physical activities and their related accessories.   And most kink-centric conversation, education, writing, imagery, film and other media tends to focus on these activities and their accessories.  

Those activities and their related accessories represent only a minor, peripheral, tiny segment of my focus.

I’m millions more interested in the brain-centric psychological mechanisms of kink.   I enjoy exploring my own and my partners’ responses and motivations and thinking patterns, and I enjoy pushing those explorations outside the strict bounds of comfort.   I find that useful self-awareness functions and grows loads better that way.

I think about those explorations of the function and growth of self-awareness as ‘re-education’ and ‘behaviour modification’.   And I chose my nickname to reflect my interest in those things, because when I think of them they remind me of the Lubyanka Prison.   (more on this below)

As of October 2008, I qualified as a certified and licensed NLP Practitioner.   Currently I am continuing my studies in that area, as well as a more in-depth look at Ericksonian hypnosis.   I have been successfully exploring hypnosis with kvetch for quite some time now.   It’s an experience he is growing to enjoy more and more.   Conducting hypnotic sessions is a very intense, yet tranquil experience for me too.

Without the kind help and advice from Lady Julia and her yahoo group, I would have had a lot more trouble getting started with these topics.   I have her to thank for my being able to make so much progress in such a relatively short space of time.

Hypnosis and NLP have added a truly riveting twist to pre-existing facets of my personality.   I’m in an exciting stage of learning and personal development, which I am enjoying tremendously.  

Whomever said “Life begins at 40” really knew what the fuck they were talking about!   :)

Nickname Explanatoriness

The Lubyanka Prison is well known as a venue for human rights abuses, which for a long time were euphemistically referred to as “re-education” and “behaviour modification”..

Just to be absolutely clear  – 

    I regard  all  human rights abuses,  including  those perpetrated by the KGB and others in and around the Lubyanka Prison, as  completely unacceptable and horrific crimes.

Sometimes, unfortunately, some, um, individuals, tend to make wildly unfavourable and totally uninformed erroneous assumptions about my choice of nickname and what they think it means.

They could just ask, y’know.   Many don’t, but they  could  ask.   So this section is for them.

Human rights abusers don’t have any kind of ownership over the terms ‘re-education’ or ‘behaviour modification’.   Human rights abusers just made them famous  as euphemisms.   The terms ‘re-education‘ and ‘behaviour modification’ have been used to  euphemise  human rights abuses and to  abdicate responsibility  for perpetrating them.

Contrarywise, I personally am using these terms  literally  to describe methods of achieving goals  we all want.

As a kinky top, my interests in re-education are about increasing my own and my romantic social partners’ awareness of previously unconsidered attitudes and behaviour patterns which consistently led to undesirable or unpleasant outcomes, and my interests in behaviour modification are about changing those attitudes and behaviours to ones which can lead to outcomes which benefit all of us.  

I have had very helpful, healthful, and incredibly positive results from  consensually  using the approaches I have adopted with my romantic social partners and friends.   Those were what I had in mind when I was choosing my nickname.   Although it wasn’t the only nickname I considered, it was the one which stuck.   And now that I’m known by it, I’m loathe to change it.

So whether you feel offended by my use of the terms  ‘re-education’  or  ‘behaviour modification’,  or whether you feel offended by my use of the nickname  ‘Lubyanka’,  it’s a nickname which works for me and my romantic social partners, and by using it I have only the kindest and most helpful sentiments in mind.

There.   I hope that cleared that up.

Pictorial Extra Feature

Me And A Bit Of Kvetch And finally, here is me and a bit of kvetch.

More people have read and are reading this blog than I would have possibly imagined.

As of 3 August 2011, this blog has had 519,553 pageloads since April 2007!

I had absolutely no idea that my neurotic ranting would be so popular.  

Who knew, eh?

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17 Responses to Stuff About Lady Lubyanka

  1. nicola says:

    Hi Lady Lubyanka,

    It’s nikki, the leggy tv from [that BDSM night]. May i just say Your site absolutely rocks! I love Your streams of consciousness, but i also love how accurately You have summed up things like feminisation and strap-ons.

    They are indeed aspects of complete role reversal and therefore subjugation. Which of course is why we subs and sissies crave these things even though we sometimes bridle against them.

    Also may i again proffer a sincere Thank You for Your kind and lusty comments about my attire. It felt great to have a true Dominant like Your good Self make me feel like one ‘hot bitch’ getting to wiggle her little tushy like all the other girlies looking for some action.

    As You talked i could feel myself wanting to exhibit more and more no matter how degrading or humiliating the result. It’s an interesting experience to feel a little like the girlies who get all the come-ons and compliments on a night out.

    Hopefully we will meet soon again.

    Obediently and sluttily Yours

    sissynikki xx

  2. Hello nikki! :)

    I honestly had no idea my response to you was so meaningful to you, wow, imagine that. :) I loved the idea that my admiration of your look was secretly inspiring you to wiggle your tuchus for me, fantastic. :)

    Although I suspect your desire to exhibit more might have simply been because I was likely to enjoy it, and not just laugh at you and fling tomatoes. ;)

    Thank you for the tremendous compliment. I thought your physical and verbal decorum was stylish and tasteful, and really suited you. Although, having said that, I do anticipate with pleasure being treated to other aspects of your personal style. ;)

    If you slutted at me, would that make me the “slutee”? lol

    I look forward to our next meeting. :)

    xx Lubyanka. :)

  3. Amber says:

    Hi Lady,

    I find your nom-de-plume amusing, being a Russian American Immigrant Jew myself.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hi again Lady L,

    Just stopped by to say hello. I saw your ad on, very impressive. Your stable of bitches and slaves must be growing daily

    nikki xx

  5. Hello nikki :)

    How nice to see you, thank you for your compliment. :)

    See you soon, I hope?

    xx Lubyanka.

  6. john says:

    Another remarkable dominant female blog – great to make your acquaintance Lady Lubyanka.


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  8. taximan last nite says:

    how was the meal? had alook around the site had a feeling that you were a Dom must have been the leather gear. which made you look hot nice to meet you anyways, maybe we’ll meet again sometime somewhere where

  9. Hello Dublin Taximan!

    How cool, you  did  leave a comment, how lovely of you, thank you.   :) :)

    The meal at One Pico?   Well, it took  waaaayyyy  too long to be served!   I don’t think the staff are aware that when their customers arrive for a booking, that they might actually be hungry.   See, that human requirement for nourishment thingy really nags at a person, you know?

    I don’t think restaurant policy takes that fact into account when they only start bringing the bread to us around 30 minutes after our booked eating time.   The bread  was  very delicious, I must say.   Still, I had to eat a whole lot more of it than I would have liked, because of that delay.

    Unfortunately, our stomachs growled for another 30-ish minutes between the bread and the arrival of the starter.   And although the starter too was tasty  (as well as being beautifully presented),  there was yet another delay between the remains of that being cleared, and the dramatic entrance of the main course 35-ish minutes later.

    The main course was also beautifully presented and delicious, as were the side dishes of vegetables.   However, the portion sizes of everything seemed rather minimal.   Everybody seemed to feel full afterwards, but I think that was because anybody would feel full no matter how little they ate, if they waited as long as that, and ate as much bread as I did.

    And the staff were often really hard to find when any of us wanted anything.

    We were in a private room upstairs for our party.   Our booked eating time was 20:00, and it was after midnight before the last of us were out of there.   The restaurant below did not appear to be fully booked when I went through it to go out for a smoke whilst waiting for our main course.   So I don’t think the vanishing staff were overbooked, understaffed, or extra busy.   If they were, they didn’t say.

    So, I’d say overall the food was gorgeous, cooked to perfection and beautifully presented  (albeit in small portions),  took  way  too long to arrive, was brought by perpetually disappearing staff, and was wildly,  wildly  overpriced.

    That might explain why as you said, you hardly ever bring anybody there in your taxi.   :)

    I look forward to meeting you again.   :)

  10. Tom Allen says:

    Hey, I just found out that it was your birthday last week. Happy 29th!

    Modesty forbids my asking about any spankings…

  11. Dominant Muse says:

    I don’t remember how I came across your blog, but I am incredibly glad I did. I’ve begun reading in earnest and your most recent post on punishment strikes me as incredibly well worded and perfectly insightful. Iam in the same position as you in a lot of ways (with regards to punishment), however I lack the verbal prose that you seemed to have when explaining it. Since reading that post I’ve come across your about me page and found many more interesting things, similar things and I wanted to let you know how wonderful it was to read your words. Thank you for sharing them. I look forward to reading more. Be well,

  12. Mike says:

    I saw you link on Lady Julia’s page. Your page is very interesting. Can’t wait to see how your input into Lady Julia’s mp3s turn out.

    What musical instruments do you play? What kind of music do you like to play?

  13. Stevan Clark / piglet says:

    Lady Lubyanka

    Thank You for Your blog, i am a few months from my scheduled move to take my place at the feet of my Mistress… have had one visit with Her because of the distance and when i was talking about Our first play session and remarked about how much i felt alive afterwards, She mentioned i might have been in the beginning stages of sub space.. Your 3 part blog was very good reading and highly informational… Now i can hardly wait to get to Her LOL… i am so grateful for the information You shared i typed this on my knees to show You total respect. :)

    Thank You so much


  14. WrestleJNYC says:

    Well, I am somebody who did ask about your screen name instead of assuming, and I am now very glad I did! I will explore this site at a later point in time; thank you for having me now!


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