Workshopness Report

Well,  Elementary Floggage  went pretty well, and a good time was had by all.

Yay!   :)

So here’s some juicy details …
After expressing her enthusiasm and booking her place, I was surprised and disappointed to have missed Thaedydal.   I wonder why she didn’t cancel.

More than one participant came because of their prurient curiosity to find out who I was.   One of those was at least a  little  bit interested in the actual floggage.   I don’t know what the others were interested in, but they vanished afterwards without saying cheerio or anything.   Everybody else took their leave with the usual courtesies.

We had ten participants in addition to myself and my glamourous assistant  (kvetch).   That was a nice easy number for me to manage.   I had plenty of time to get round to everybody, and I was able to give loads of individual guidance.   I spent a goodly amount of time tweaking this and that, and everybody’s swing improved significantly.

Everybody did really really well.   They all knew a lot more about what they were doing and what outcomes they were aiming for after the workshopness than they were aware of before.   At least two people connected really splendidly with the ideas which I will be expanding on in  Therapeutic Floggage  on 11 April.  
(I hope they come to that)

And all the recipients  (except the ones who vanished afterwards)  had that delicious stoned look about them at the end of the proceedings.

    I love that look.   :)

Afterwards, most of us went for a drink, and some of us went for a meal, all of which was juicyfied deliciousness.   The restaurant staff put us in a private room with a karaoke machine, which featured the most unusual selections and versions of songs I have seen in some time.   The only term I can think of which describes the material on that karaoke machine  (and this is being generous),  is “cover versions”.

    Newsflash  –  When drumho and a karaoke machine are in a private room together, um,  unusual  things can happen.   :p

We finished up and went home after a very enjoyable evening.
I feel very satisfied that I did my best.   I know that everybody got as much benefit out of it as I could possibly have provided.   Everybody certainly seemed to enjoy themselves, and that’s the main thing.   :)
Noteworthiness  –  There was some interest expressed in scheduling additional  Elementary Floggage  workshopness in between now and 11 April, for those interested in attending  Therapeutic Floggage  and who were unable to attend last Saturday.

If this interests you, please mail  Miss Clippin  for more details.

I Was Going To Cancel The Workshopness

I came  this  close to cancelling  Elementary Floggage.   ==> . <==

During the week leading up to the workshopness, in the aftermath of recent fuckwitted abusiveness, I nearly cancelled the workshopness about three times a day, every day, for the whole week.

I  really  didn’t want to bother with that workshopness.   I’m sure you can understand that the ongoing crap somehow put me right off a generous and giving frame of mind.   I found myself feeling oddly averse to

  • sacrificing several hours of my time and energy
  • sharing my expertise
  • exposing myself to more risk
  • exerting myself to benefit the very people I am at risk from
  • contributing to the benefit of a community  –
    • which excludes me
    • whose unchallenged representatives continue to harass me
    • which supports this behaviour in their names

And to do all of this in the absence of any compensation whatsoever?
Strangely enough, none of that filled me with untold bliss.
Not one of the booked participants contacted me beforehand encouraging me that they were going to behave differently to the rest of this community.   I somehow felt entirely disinterested in experiencing more of the same abuse at this workshopness which I’ve had from so many of you recently.  

    What am I supposed to do, write to you all and ask if you plan to give me more of the same shit at the workshopness?  

    Yeah, that’d go down well.

I would have felt  so  reassured if I had known for sure when you booked to learn from me last Saturday, that you condemned recent moderator behaviour, and that you intended to stay away from force feeding me more of the shit which so many of you have shovelled down my face.   I  really  would have liked to have heard from even  one  of you beforehand that you were prepared, willing, able and eager to  behave respectfully.

But no, not a sausage.

I feel fortunate that only a few people attended the workshopness solely because of that crap, and none gave me any overt hassle on the day.  

Thanks to the rest of you, it all went swimmingly.

I’ll see you on 11 April.   :)

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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  3. starchild says:

    hey just kinda stumbled on this site,i dont think i really understand the ins and outs of it, but i am intrigued.i think i’d like to know more!

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