Crap Update 4

And in further news…
Normally, when Miss Clippin organises workshops, she posts notices for them in bdsmireland without any issue.

On this occasion, she posted about my workshops in her usual way.   In addition to the workshop information, the message included her personal comment that she and her partner had attended one of my workshops before and had enjoyed it.   However, she spelt the link to my blog incorrectly.   So I posted a correction.   I found out later that Miss Clippin had also posted an erratum, which I hadn’t seen when I posted mine.

rebelred32 Bravely Jumps In To Moderate

Another of  fig367‘s  moderator pals,  rebelred32,  was given the task of informing me that my own corrections were not going to be allowed.

    From:   rebelred32
    Subject:   Message not approved: Elementary floggage & therapeutic floggage workshops
    Date:  1 March 2009 23:02:55 GMT
    To:   Lubyanka
    We do not post links to personal blogs.

    You would need to include whatever information needed for the workshop in the text format of the post, as done for previous workshops.

    BDSM Ireland.

Let’s all first take note of  rebelred32  abdicating responsibility for his message by neglecting to sign his name to it  –  “I iz  BDSM Ireland,  I haz big capitalz, I be a whole country!!”

And, um, if any member would care to check the group rules and guidelines in the files section of the group, you will notice that in the current list of rules and guidelines,  not one  even  mentions  links to personal blogs.   I posted about this before.   So this is a flat out lie.  

    What he  really  means, is that links to  my  personal blog are  selectively and secretly  not allowed.

If I  really  tried to publish a post with  all  of the text from this, this, this, this and this page in it, I’m sure some  nitpicker  moderator would disallow it on grounds of length  (which also is not covered in the rules).

Moderators To The Rescue With Courageous Deletion

Not only were both my  and  Miss Clippin’s erratum posts disallowed, but  the entire thread has also been deleted from the bdsmireland yahoo group.

    Deleting an entire thread seems like just the  teensiest bit of an extreme reaction just for a fucking blog link.

I sent this message.

    From:   Lubyanka
    Subject:   Re: Message not approved: Elementary floggage & therapeutic floggage workshops
    Date:   2 March 2009 03:23:07 GMT
    To:   rebelred32
    Cc:   bdsmireland-owner, Miss Clippin
    I am formally protesting the selective moderation of posts with links to my blog in them, and the deletion of the thread advertising my workshops.

    I ask you please to apply the same criteria to me as you do to all the other members, I ask that you restrict your rule enforcement to those rules published in the Group Guidelines, and I ask that you apply those published rules equally to all members alike.

    If you wish to enforce unpublished rules which are unavailable for member review in the Group Guidelines, then please add them to that file so that all members may review them when they join.



I’m tired of being subject to my own special secret list of rules which are enforced against nobody else.   I’m tired of being targeted and harassed.   I am amazed that their desire to target and harass me is so strong that they are happy to include people such as Miss Clippin in their efforts, whom they actually like.

One reason that defending myself against behaviour such as this is important to me, is because my experience has taught me that people who do stuff to me will invariably also do stuff to others.

I’ll see how far  fig367  can get the rest of the moderators to take this.

New Rule To Protect Us All From Sharp Pointy Things

This morning  (2 March, 2009),   rebelred32  posted an announcement proclaiming that the benevolent moderators, ever vigilant of our safety, are taking brave new steps to protect us kids from sharp pointy things.   We are now going to be protected by having a new rule in the official group rules which prohibits personal blog links from endangering us.  

This makes the third rule which they added or modified specifically with me in mind since I officially joined this community in 2006.
Yes indeed, we’re children, really.   We cannot be trusted to refrain from stabbing ourselves in the face with a personal blog link.   Those personal blog links are scary dangerous, y’know.   They shouldn’t be allowed.   Bad things will happen if people share personal blog links.  

This community couldn’t possibly have any interest in anything its members have to say on their personal blogs.   We’re  much  better off with those scary dangerous personal blog links hidden under a rock somewhere.  

Those moderators must really be looking out for our safety and well being, because, well, why else would they want to protect us from personal blog links?

    I’m so fucking grateful.


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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