Prostate Milking – Hygiene


How To Minimise The Risk Thingy

Now that you have some idea of the hygiene related risks associated with milking, you’ll be pleased to know that you can minimise those risks by taking some pretty simple steps.

Here are the steps!   :)

  1. Antibacterial products are evil.   Wash with ordinary soap and water.

    According to a very large number of diverse and reputable sources, ordinary cleansing products are cleaner and safer than antibacterial cleansers.

    Additional risks identified with regular use of antibacterial cleansers include:

    More information may be found in this short readable summary.
    Antibacterial products are evil.   Wash only with ordinary soap and water.


  3. If used correctly, alcohol is an extremely effective cleansing agent which kills most microbes.   A cheap bottle of vodka is perfect for this purpose.

  5. Use non-sterile disposable gloves.   A good single use disposable medical-grade glove to function as a barrier is mandatory for milking.   If either of you happen to have any scratches or other open wounds which you might not notice, meticulous hand washing with appropriate glove use will help minimise and reduce the risk of cross-contamination, infection, or disease transmission.

  7. To further reduce the possibility of cross contamination, meticulous hand washing is also mandatory.   Even sterile gloves transmit microorganisms from unwashed hands.   So  always wash hands meticulously before and after milking.

  9. Glove use  and  hand washing are  both  required.

  11. Please maintain scrupulous and meticulous personal hygiene.

    Due to the possibility of open wounds, blood, secretions, microbes and faecal matter, limiting and minimising exposure to these can considerably reduce the risks of transmitting infection and disease.

    Because of the risks, maintaining hygienic hand and body cleansing is crucially important for activities such as milking.


  13. During milking, keep hands and mouths well separated.

    • Keep hand-to-mouth activities such as eating, drinking or smoking  entirely separate  from milking
    • Keep one hand gloved for anal contact  only
    • Use your ungloved hand for everything else

    This may seem obvious, but the risks are serious enough to make this worth mentioning explicitly, just in case any fuckwitism happens to accidentally wander into the area.


  15. WHO chart - How to handrub - How to handwash.

    Funky Cool Hand Washing Chart - Copyright ©2008 World Health Organization. All rights reserved. Used here by kind permission.

    Establish and maintain a meticulous and thorough hand cleansing routine.
    This is important enough to emphasise strongly.

    • Immediately before and after milking, wash hands thoroughly.
    • Use a fresh supply of disposable paper towels.
    • If like most of us you don’t happen to have those cool elbow operated tap thingys at home, use a fresh paper towel to turn off the taps.


  16. After your pre-milking hand cleansing is complete, keep your hands well clear of everything other than your milk-ee’s anus and rectum.

    This includes sink taps, doorknobs, doors, furniture, walls, containers of wipes, and lubricant bottles.

    After  hand washing and  before  touching your milk-ee’s anus, have your milk-ee dispense individual wipes and lubricant for you.

    Aside from any toys you operate yourself  (which should also be washed thoroughly before use),  in between pre and post-milking hand cleansings, ensure that your milk-ee handles  all  other items for you.


Ok, Just The End Bit To Go Now

Ok, constructing this page was kind of tedious, but  supremely  necessary.   I did my best with it.   I’m sure I could have done better if this had been the  only  post/page I’d been doing, instead of the 12 or so  (and now 15!)  resource pages I did at the same time.

Can you tell that I’m getting a little bit fed up?   Sure, I’ve only been working on these and updating them over a few years.   :)

Anyhow, I think everything’s pretty much completed with the exception of the Ranty Out-Takes and the References and Bibliography.

I may just take a break now and have a kebab.

I’ll be sure to wash my hands.   :)

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