Thank You

In response to my previous post about the ongoing efforts of the bdsmireland/Nimhneach owners to target me,  DavidBedlam  has now adopted yet another identity and continued targeting me on the web forum I mentioned last time.

He even identified himself in his new identity as the owner of his previous identity, whilst denying his identity as a bdsmireland/Nimhneach owner who’d harassed me before, just to make absolutely sure we all know its him.  

Wasn’t that just too thoughtful?

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Posted 31 July at 21:59

Forgive me, but it seems to me the that you chose to pimp your blog here, someone read it, and asked a couple of polite, salient questions and you responded by making a new page on your blog attacking him and making all kinds of wild assumptions.

That seems completely uncalled for to me.

I hope you do not intend to do the same to anyone who questions you on this board, because I do not feel comfortable with that (which is why I have created a new ID to post this), and I doubt if anyone else does either.

I think you need to take a step back and ask yourself some serious questions.


Thank You For Your Clear Presentation

Thank you for so clearly presenting the conflicts between the facts as you present them and the claims you make.   Even if you  were  a completely random unrelated person, you’ve apparently read my blog enough to ask me questions about many of my Irish kink-themed posts which are similar to the one I wrote to you.   So my posts are already familiar to you whether you are who you say you are or not.   So why pretend that you are so offended by my bloggy response to you?   It’s not like my response was out of character for me or anything.

I mean, you joined that forum, innocently browsed the multitude of useful information on offer there, came across a link to my blog in an old thread by chance, read all of my nine million words on the topic of Irish kink for the first time  (whilst disregarding all the other parts of my blog),  and then posted your queries to me, all in the space of 25 minutes?

And assuming that you didn’t spend any of that time reading even a few of the many resources of the forum you had just joined, within that first 25 minutes of reading my blog for the first time, you somehow make exactly the same erroneous assumptions as the bdsmireland/Nimhneach owners?

I am prepared and able to support what I say, so I refer to the erroneous assumptions that:

  1. I am responsible for the behaviour of the bdsmireland/Nimhneach owners, and
  2. the bdsmireland/Nimhneach owners and a few of their friends constitute the entirety of the Irish kink community

If you were really innocently browsing that forum, you will already know that in my two years of membership there, this is the first time I have taken a thread from there and continued it here on my blog.   If you were really innocently browsing that forum, you will also know that the reason I never did that before was because you were the first to bring your abusive bullying campaign into that forum from bdsmireland/Nimhneach.   And I named you numerous times in my blog post.   So why ignore that my blog post is specifically about you by pretending that my blog post reflects my general behaviour towards members on that forum?

I think the scenario as you portray it is so incredibly unlikely that it might just as well be an impossible fantasy.

And speaking of impossible fantasies, I think we all know that the bdsmireland/Nimhneach owners are not mindless automatons who are reliant on me for their every move, who are forced to do my bidding and indulge my every whim.   Even to you, that idea must be too ludicrous to consider.

    So thank you for helping me make all that so abundantly clear.


Some Serious Questions

You want some serious questions?   As it happens, I do have some.

  • Why ask questions only to ignore the answers, and how can your questions qualify as  “polite”  and  “salient”  if you use them solely to mislead and harass me?
  • If attacks and assumptions bother you so much, why use them to solicit my forgiveness, and why spew on about your rules for respectful behaviour only to consistently continue to break them?
  • Why adopt one sock puppet identity, abandon it for another, use one to claim the other, only to refer to your other claimed identity in the third person as if it were somebody else?
    • (using  “someone”  and  “him”  instead of  “I”  and  “me“)

    • someone read it, and asked a couple of polite, salient questions and you responded by making a new page on your blog attacking him […] (which is why I have created a new ID to post this)”
  • Why misrepresent my blog and me  (when you’ve known both for years)  as if you never knew me before you joined that forum on 26 July?
  • Why exhibit the knowledge, opinions, experience, habits and behaviour of a person you’re pretending not to be?
  • Why continue to repeat the same behaviour over and over and over again when you are consistently dissatisfied with the results?
  • Didn’t you used to have lots of friends helping you carry out your campaign of harassment, bullying and abuse against me?   Why are you all alone all of a sudden?


Thank You For Being So Recognisable

Since you persist in repeating the same stunningly ineffective behaviour over and over and over again, I can only conclude that is because  you are incapable of doing any better.

You know that your attempts to fool me with different sock puppet identities have  always  ended in failure.   You know by now that I  always  know it’s you.   I am perfectly able to tell the difference between  “polite”  and  “salient”  questions, and  biased  and  misleading  ones.   Your lies to the contrary are pointless.

    You are  waayyyy  too recognisable to sock puppet successfully.  So thank you for being so easy to spot.


Thank You For Being So Vague

Your failure to specify or support a single one of your allegations against me is entirely in character for you, and that alone would be enough to give you away.   I reckon that the reason you never specify or support anything you say against me, is  because you can’t.   If I had ever actually done any actual wrongness, I have the utmost confidence that you’d have jumped in and advertised every single detail of my crimes to the universe at large as soon as possible.   Since I haven’t,  you can’t.

    So thank you for being so vague.

If you’ve ever cared even one jot about my feelings, you have never demonstrated that to me.   I challenge you to name one single occasion since we first met at the Galway munch in 2006 when you have  ever  given me a single reason why I should give a shit about your poor feelings about my blog posts or anything else.

Good luck trying.   I’ve heard people say that the world loves a trier, and you certainly are one of those.

    If you dislike me and my blog and what I say on it so much, then  
    stop reading it.   Otherwise, thank you for reading my every post.

Consider this  –  if you want to publicly complain to others about me and these blog posts, then you  also  have to confess that you adopted these additional sock puppet identities solely to harass me.   And that means you have to publicly admit your previous attacks and abuse and sock puppet habits and denials of your sock puppet habits,  and  your part in using bdsmireland/Nimhneach owners and others to target and bully me and lie about your sock puppet habits.   And since your previously helpful pals all seem to have mysteriously vanished, I’m sure you can use all the factual support you can drum up for yourself, however slim those pickings may be.

So if you use only your own name to do your vileness, then you can continue to claim to to others whatever you have been claiming about me.   Otherwise you can drop it and welcome me back to bdsmireland/Nimhneach according to your own rules.

And if you decide to start singing that tired old song about being a completely different separate unrelated person to the one whom you undoubtedly are, I reiterate my offer to meet me in person in Dublin city centre.

    (to be honest I cannot think of a single reason why a person like you would ever show your face when the limits of your courage are to bully others whilst hiding behind the protection of an assortment of sock puppet names  –  still, the offer is there for you if you want it)

Considering your long term ongoing campaign against me of harassment, bullying, abuse and lies, I think I am making you an extremely generous offer.   I advise you to take advantage of this opportunity, if you can.  

    Otherwise, thank you for giving me so much material to blog about.


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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