Lookie What I Got!

Hey, lookie what the e-postman dropped through my e-letterbox.
Author:   tired of it all (IP: , 089-100-034222.ntlworld.ie)
E-mail:   Probably fake but might belong to somebody else
Date:   04 April 2009 at 13:45 GMT
Posted on:   BDSM Horror Stories In Ireland
Would you ever go and get a life and stop boring and tiring us all of your lunacy.   You’d think that you would be able to get off your arse, go outside, leave the computer alone and live a life.   I would enter my name but seems anyone that says anything, even not in relation to you…you pick it all up wrong, make wrong accusations and seem to get a personal vandetta.   Will not be roped into all of that but I for one am sick to death of you and your shite.

Um, What?

I’m noticing a serious trend of fuckwitting language around here recently, and not just from me.

tired of it all  –  I will need just the  teensiest  bit more information before I will be able to help you with your problems.

  1. Which  lunacy are you bored and tired of, and lunacy  when, where  and about  what?   How  was it lunacious?   And  who  are the “us” who are so bored and tired of my lunacy?   Are you speaking for them because they have some kind of rare typing disability?
  2. To whom  does it seem that I pick stuff all up wrong,  whom  do I pick up all wrong, I pick  what  all up wrong,  when  and  where  did I pick stuff all up wrong, and the stuff I picked up was wrong  how?
  3. What  wrong accusations have I made,  how  were the accusations wrong,  when  and  where  did I make the wrong accusations, and  how  were they accusatory?
  4. What the fuck is a “vandetta”?   Did you mean “vendetta“?
  5. If “vendetta” is what you meant,  what  vendetta did I get,  against whom  did I get it,  when  did I get it,  where  did I get it, and it seemed  to whom  that I got it? 
    If “vendetta” is not what you meant, well, ok, never mind.
  6. Who  will not be roped, was that you?   If so,  what  will you not be roped into,  why  won’t you be roped,  since when  can anybody rope you in against your will anyhow, and  who  was trying to rope you in, was it the typing disability people again?
  7. What  shite are you for one sick to death of,  how  is it shite anyhow, and if that’s just you, what happened to the “us” whom you were spokesmodelling for before?
  8. Yes, I  do  think I am able to live a life etc, thank you  so  much for your concern.   When you  behave respectfully  I’ll have a whole lot more time for that, thank you.   So, feel free to, y’know, do that now.
  9. You  withheld  your name because …   um, don’t tell me …   was it cos you’re really brave?
  10. If you’re bored, tired, and sick to death of me and my blog,  why did you spend two hours today reading what I wrote on my blog?
  11. What were you hoping to accomplish by posting your comment?  
    Did it work?


Post Scriptness

ps:   Was there a reason that you thought that this particular approach would encourage me to want to do anything you said?   Cos, y’know, good luck with that.
pps:   If you have a personal issue with me, then please just come right out and say so.   There’s no way I can resolve any personal grievances against me unless I know who is having the issue, what it’s about, and why it’s a problem.   I’m not sure why you thought your general vague unspecific rant would help you resolve whatever personal problem you think you have with me, but there’s nothing I can do about it without more specific information.
ppps:   If you have specific personal allegations to make against me, then by all means please name them.   If you think that chiming in with the rest of the  cunts  individuals by heaping abuse upon my apparently worthless carcass will help you resolve your issue with me, then I promise you, my inner helpfulness responds to that approach by running for cover and staying there for a good long time.
pppps:   Has anybody else noticed how much  more  these particular name-withheld commenters have to say when I call them on their crap than they do when I’m reporting the fun stuff?
ppppps:   If I hear any more bullshit about reporting only the butterflies and kittens in the Irish BDSM community, then due to popular demand, the holy bucket of barfness will be making bonus extra appearances.
pppppps:   tired of it all  –  you’re not the only one who is really tired of all this crap.   I’m running out of “p”s.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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