Update 18 – Busted

or  –   More Sock Puppetry
  –  starring  fig367  and  dublinswitch  as the sock puppet  dunravin2002

      –   or …


How dublinswitch Helped fig367 Fuck It All Up

After having gone through the facts step by step in my previous post, and after having seen what was one post become  two   three, I now come to the  main  reason I started this particular bloggy effort.  

    I started out doing this post primarily to highlight  dublinswitch‘s  disclosure of information which  he should have been unaware of.

On 2 March, 2009, dublinswitch  posted this message in which he discloses that  “the mail which upset Lubyanka”  had a certain IP address.

Now, for the benefit of certain developmentally challenged abusive sock puppeters out there, I am going to spell this all out in the teeniest tiniest possible baby steps so that even sock puppets can understand it.

For those of you who have a brain cell which  isn’t  lonely, I ask you to please bear with me through this process.   Or else you can skip to the bottom, your choice.   :)

Ok, are we sitting comfortably?   Then I’ll begin.   :)

Considering The Facts – The Basics

In his message,  dublinswitch  referenced

  • an assertion
  • a mail
  • an IP
  • an author
  • a moderator
  • a “misleading” email address, and
  • something which apparently wasn’t true

Unfortunately, he neglected to  ever  specify

  • what assertion
  • which mail
  • by whom
  • with what IP
  • an IP from where
  • which moderator
  • what “misleading” email address
  • how and why the email address was “misleading”, and
  • what  wasn’t true

I therefore had to jump through a few hoops just to establish the basics.  

Only then was I able to proceed onwards to the knock-yer-sock-puppets-off conclusions.  

Considering The Facts – Who And What

So, in processing the information from  dublinswitch‘s  post, I considered the following facts.

  1. dublinswitch  was attempting to compare  fig367  and  dunravin2002,  and establish that they were not the same person.
  2. The only possible IPs and mails which  dublinswitch  can consider relevant in this context  must logically come from the email accounts of  dunravin2002  and  fig367.
  3. In his message,  dublinswitch  refers to a moderator who is outside of Ireland on a certain date.
  4. fig367  is a moderator who was outside of Ireland during a period which encompasses the date which  dublinswitch  is likely to be referring to.
  5. In order to support  dublinswitch‘s  case that  fig367  is not  dunravin2002,  then  dublinswitch   must  have been referring to the IP from a header of a message sent from the  dunravin2002  email address.
  6. dublinswitch  also describes the message containing the IP information he references as being  the mail  which upset Lubyanka”.  
    (emphasis added by me)

Conclusions  –  
Referenced moderator  =   fig367
Referenced mail author  =  The  dunravin2002 email account
Referenced IP  =  Belongs to a specific mail from the  dunravin2002  account
Referenced mail message  =  Upsetting content

Now, moving on…

Considering The Facts – When And Where


  1. The dates of total number of bdsmireland yahoo group posts sent from the  dunravin2002  email address (originally four, now three)  were 11 June 2004  (now mysteriously deleted)30 January 2008, 8 August 2008, and 20 February 2009.
  2. None of  dunravin2002‘s   (originally four, now three)  posts in the bdsmireland yahoo group were upsetting to me.
  3. The  only  bdsmireland yahoo group message from  dunravin2002  within the time frame  dublinswitch  references was posted on 20 February, and that message simply praises the Nimhneach crew.
  4. The chances are remote that  dublinswitch  really thought  that  message had upset me.
  5. The only messages from  dunravin2002  which contain content which could be at all upsetting were  dunravin2002‘s  private messages to me as seen published on my blog.

Conclusions  – 
Referenced Mail Date  =  Roundabout 20 February 2009
Referenced Mail Location  =  Outside the bdsmireland yahoo group
Possible Referenced Mail Location  =  Published on my blog

Right, next …

Considering The Facts – Which And From Where


  1. The only message headers from the  dunravin2002  email account which  dublinswitch   should  have had access to were bdsmireland group posts, and those I published on this blog.
  2. I withheld the IP address from the  dunravin2002  messages I published on my blog, and included  only  the most basic header information  [From, Subject, Date, To].
  3. At the time  dublinswitch  posted that message  (2 March),  I had  (unintentionally by my own mistake, and at the time unbeknownst to me)  only published excerpts of two messages on my blog from  dunravin2002.
  4. Also unbeknownst to me at the time of  dublinswitch‘s  post, there was a message sitting in my spam folder from the  dunravin2002  email account, which could well be construed as upsetting.

Conclusion  – 
Referenced Mail With IP  =  Not on my blog on 2 March
Referenced Mail With IP  =  Not in bdsmireland on 2 March

Ok, are we all clear so far?   Right, moving along nicely now …

Considering The Facts  –  The Big Time Fuck Up


  1. The only private mails I have ever exchanged with  dublinswitch  to date have been moderator-group-member-type emails.
  2. I have sent no copies of my personal mail to  dublinswitch.
  3. Normally, I would expect that  dublinswitch  has no access to IP and header information from mails in my private inbox.
  4. Like all bdsmireland yahoo group members,  dublinswitch  has access to IP and email header information from group messages.
  5. According to  dublinswitch,  the source of his IP address information was from
    • a mail sent from the  dunravin2002  email address
    • “the mail which upset Lubyanka”
    • a mail dated prior to  dublinswitch‘s  2 March posting date
    • a mail dated during  fig367‘s  travels out of Ireland
    • a mail dated roundabout 20 February 2009
    • a mail published neither in bdsmireland nor on my blog
  6. There is  only one  mail which reasonably fits  all  of these criteria.   Other characteristics of this mail are:
    • It was a private mail to me.
    • It was sent from the  dunravin2002  email address.
    • It was dated 25 February 2009
    • It was never submitted for publication in bdsmireland.
    • It was unpublished and unreferenced on my blog.
    • It has IP information reproduced in the body of the message.
    • It was sitting in my spam folder.
    • Until 13 March I was completely unaware of its existence.
    • On 2 March,  only the senders knew about it .
  7. The only bdsmireland mail which comes close to qualifying under the established criteria also has characteristics which exclude it  (the message content is completely banal and fails to upset).
  8. Therefore the referenced mail cannot be one published in bdsmireland.
  9. The only possible way  dublinswitch  could have referenced a private message in my spam folder on 2 March from the  dunravin2002  email account, was if he had seen it before I did.
  10. On 2 March,  dublinswitch  referenced a mail which  only the senders knew about.

Conclusions  –  
The referenced message was
 –  unpublished in bdsmireland
 –  unpublished on my blog
 –  a private mail to me dated 25 February
 –  in my spam folder and unseen by me on 2 March
 –  seen by  dublinswitch  between 25 February and 2 March

dublinswitch  has access to at least some mails from the  dunravin2002  email account.

Ok, having established that, moving swiftly on …

Considering The Facts – Sharing Email Addresses


  1. Any number of individuals may easily share a single email address.
  2. In most  (but obviously not all)  cases, the nature of the email account name clearly indicates when more than one individual has use of a single account.   For example  –  the Cork munch email address.
  3. Because any number of users can know the password to an email account, IP address information for any messages sent from such an account is meaningless,  unless a specific account user,  as well as a date and time is associated with that IP.
  4. Setting up recreational email addresses to share between friends for reasons unrelated to employment normally involves the account users knowing each other.
  5. Even if some of the users of such an account are unknown to each other at the start, they will all come to know each other over time.
  6. The  dunravin2002  account has been active since at least 2004.
  7. The only possible circumstance in which one or more of the password-holders will remain unknown to each other, is if they deliberately choose to keep themselves secret from the others, and why would they do that?
  8. In order for  dublinswitch  to have seen my private mail from  dunravin2002  before I did, he either
    • wrote that message himself
    • collaborated on that message, or
    • was sent a copy by another puppeter who has access to the  dunravin2002  sock puppet email address.
  9. The only possible circumstances in which a password-holder of the  dunravin2002  email account would forward or copy their private messages to me from that account to  dublinswitch,  is if  
    • dublinswitch  and whomever sent me those messages know each other, and
    • the sender wanted  dublinswitch  to see those messages.

Conclusions  –  
IP and email address alone cannot establish identity.
More than one individual uses the  dunravin2002  identity.
dublinswitch  and whomever sent me those messages know each other.
dublinswitch  and the password-holders of the  dunravin2002  account know each other.

Considering The Facts – Logical Reasonings


  1. Nobody has ever stated to me either publicly or privately that they know  “dunravin2002”  in person.
  2. dunravin2002”  has been the only public identity associated with that email account  (except for here on this blog of course),  and that identity has so far proven to be no more than the sock puppet of other individuals such as  fig367   (who happens to be close friends with  dublinswitch).
  3. If  dublinswitch  wrote that message himself, then he is one of the password-holders for the  dunravin2002  sock puppet account.
  4. If  dublinswitch  collaborated on that message, then he is one of the password-holders for the  dunravin2002  sock puppet account.
  5. If  dublinswitch  was sent a copy, then he  knows  at least one of the password-holders of the  dunravin2002  sock puppet account.
  6. No matter whether  dublinswitch  was sent a copy, collaborated, or wrote the message himself,  dublinswitch  has in any case been lying, supporting others lying, and supporting the attacking, abusive behaviour which was perpetrated using the  dunravin2002  sock puppet identity.

Conclusions  –  
dunravin2002  is a sock puppet identity.
dublinswitch  has lied about  dunravin2002.
dublinswitch  has supported lying, abusing, attacking behaviour from the password-holders of the  dunravin2002  sock puppet account.

Considering The Facts – The Irish IP Bites Back


  1. dublinswitch  was in Ireland during the time when  fig367  was abroad.
  2. dublinswitch  used the Irish IP as a reason to exonerate  fig367  from  dunravin2002-related sock puppet activities on 25 February.
  3. If  dublinswitch  composed and sent any messages from the  dunravin2002  email account himself, then he  must  be one of the password-holders of the  dunravin2002  sock puppet email account.
  4. Being a password-holder of the  dunravin2002  sock puppet account,  dublinswitch   must  know the other password-holders for the  dunravin2002  sock puppet email account.
  5. Knowing who else has the password to the  dunravin2002  email account,  dublinswitch  has been lying and supporting whomever else has been sending me abusive attacking messages at this blog and elsewhere.
  6. There was nothing stopping  fig367  and  dublinswitch  writing a message together, and  dublinswitch  sending it.
  7. Equally, being a password-holder of the  dunravin2002  account,  dublinswitch  can write any message he likes and send it from that address, including this one.
  8. Since  dublinswitch  composed that message himself, then he  is  one of the sock puppeters using the  dunravin2002  sock puppet to anonymously abuse, attack, and lie.
  9. dublinswitch  and  fig367  and possibly other people  have  been colluding together to support each other anonymously attacking, abusing, and lying to bdsmireland group members and probably others, using the  dunravin2002  sock puppet identity.
  10. Since both  dublinswitch  and  fig367  know quite well that  dunravin2002  is  their  sock puppet, this means that all of the sanctions against me in bdsmireland, and all the attacks on me on this blog were nothing to do with bdsmireland at all  (which I knew already),  and everything to do with indulging their hate, and saving their own precious lying skins from discovery.
  11. dublinswitch  resigned his moderatorship the day after he published this post.   Did he step down to protect his friend  fig367  from the consequences of his own behaviour, by taking the blame for the  dunravin2002  sock puppet?

Conclusions  –  
dunravin2002  is a sock puppet identity.
dublinswitch  and  fig367  are password-holders for the  dunravin2002  sock puppet account.
dublinswitch  and  fig367  have lied, abused, attacked, and vilified me both in bdsmireland and on this blog, under the sock puppet name of  dunravin2002.
dublinswitch  and  fig367  have supported and perpetrated lies, abuse, and attacks from the password-holders of the  dunravin2002  sock puppet account, including themselves.

Considering The Facts – How Many?

In the now notoriously-referenced-too-soon message, the sock puppeters using the  dunravin2002  sock puppet account make an offer to verify themselves by speaking to me on the phone.

Since a phone call cannot verify identity details such as

  • age
  • gender
  • occupation
  • habits
  • previous offenses
  • facial differentiation between one person and another

I declined that rather bizarre offer  (I’ve had stalkers before),  and countered it with an offer to meet.  

    Incidentally, five days have gone by, and I have heard nothing more about that from any sock puppets.

    Not even in my spam folder.


Setting all that aside for the moment, I wanted to bring some additional and final facts to your attention.

  1. I know  fig367  and  dublinswitch  personally.
  2. Because of that, I am familiar with their voices.
  3. Also because of that, they are familiar with my voice.
  4. In order to avoid recognition, they were going to have to get a third party to speak with me on the phone.  
  5. Being familiar with my voice, they would know if somebody else spoke with them on the phone pretending to be me.
  6. There is no conceivable benefit for them to get some third party pretending to be the sock puppet  dunravin2002  to speak with some third party pretending to be me on the phone.
  7. Therefore, if they intended to speak with me on the phone at all, they must have felt confident that they would be speaking with the actual me, which they themselves could verify by knowing my voice.

Conclusions  – 
fig367  and  dublinswitch  were confident that I was going to be the one on other end of the phone.
fig367  and  dublinswitch  were going to involve a third party to speak to me on the phone on their behalf.
At least  three people  and possibly more are involved in using the  dunravin2002  sock puppet account to lie, to anonymously abuse and attack, and to support their friends’ anonymously abusing and attacking activities.



  1. The  dunravin2002  identity is definitely and unequivocally no more than a sock puppet.
  2. The  dunravin2002  sock puppet account is used as an anonymous mask by multiple password-holders, including  fig367  and  dublinswitch.
  3. fig367  and dublinswitch  both know  all  of the password-holders of the  dunravin2002  sock puppet email account.
  4. There are at least three people, and probably more, involved in using the  dunravin2002  sock puppet account to perpetrate these offenses anonymously.
  5. dublinswitch  and  fig367  have been colluding with the other password holders of the  dunravin2002  sock puppet account to personally lie, anonymously abuse and attack others, and to support and be supported by their friends lying and anonymously abusing and attacking others.


 –  fig367  – 
Using the  dunravin2002  identity to  
sock puppetabuseattack,  and  lie
since 2004.


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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9 Responses to Update 18 – Busted

  1. Leandrai says:

    VERY complicated, but makes lots of sense…

    Actually seeing it in black and white, I can’t help wondering if Valpone was going to be the guy on the phone?

    He has lived abroad or something for years. I’d say it would be very hard to find anyone who would recognise his voice.

  2. Hmmm, that’s a good point.

    However, I don’t think  valpone_a  was ever in Ireland recently, nor do I think he’s going to be.   The IPs from his most recent mails resolve from the Netherlands  (although I appreciate that means nothing necessarily).   Also, it wasn’t necessary for him to, oh, wait, on the  phone  you said, riiiiight.

    Ok, yes, he could well have been the one they planned to have on the phone.   That may explain why I haven’t heard from our little friends in a week, despite their protestations of being so desperately keen to prove me wrong.   Well, meeting in person may have scuppered that plan a bit.


  3. Tom says:

    Hi lady lubyanka,

    Just to let you know that the last email that ended up in your spambox was also sent to ‘certain other parties’ including the bdsmirland mods which could explain how they knew about the ip address evidence before anyone else. I’m only highlighting this for your benefit in case you missed that point.

    • Your concern for my awareness of the facts is touching, “Tom”.

      By the way, I don’t know any bdsmireland moderators called Tom, and your email address is unfamiliar to me.   Are you a bdsmireland moderator?   If  not,  then how do you know that

        –   the email in my spam folder was sent to any  other  bdsmireland moderator besides  dublinswitch?
        –   all  of the moderators were sent the sock puppet mail?

      If you  are  a bdsmireland moderator,

        –   are you telling me that the findings from your “investigation” were based  solely  on a copy of an email which some of you  wrote yourselves  under a sock puppet name?
        –   why use another name to express your tender concern?

      In any case, I addressed this in the post.   Just in case  you  missed the point, “Tom”, no matter whether the password-holders of the sock puppet email account sent this information to themselves and the other bdsmireland moderators or not, that is independent of the other facts which demonstrate that  fig367  and  dublinswitch  and others are password-holders of the sock puppet email account, and use that email account to abuse bdsmireland members and then lie about it in the bdsmireland yahoo group.

      And you may pass on a reminder to your sock puppety pals that it’s time to make good on your word, meet me to finally prove your identity, and  lift the unwarranted restrictions on my posts in bdsmireland.

  4. Leandrai says:

    I am also extremelly curious to know how Dublinswitch managed to know you found the contents of a mail “upsetting” before you had actually seen it?

    That one would be way up there with Uri Geller, and he should consider making a career of it

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