Crap Update 5

I received this message from the moderator  dublinswitch,  sent to my blog email and not to my bdsmireland group registered email.

    From:   dublinswitch@…
    Subject:   Sock Puppet Crap – Update 3
    Date:   2 March 2009 09:09:57 GMT
    To:   LubyankaBlog@…
    Cc:   bdsmireland-owner@…
    Hi Lubyanka,

    I have attached a jpg of a screen grab of the sequence of posts that were moderated in relation to your post that you believe was purposefully delayed by me as some part of a wider conspiracy against you.

    As you can see a mod (not me) approved a message at 1.42 on Feb 28, then I approved 2 posts at 3.48 and 3.49, one of which I assume was yours. Then a different mod approved a post at 9.39 that same evening.

    I am rather dismayed that you feel this was some sort of purposeful delay on my part, unfortunately I cannot spend my day continually checking on the messages in pending.

    I approved your message when I noticed it in pending. I believe that was reasonable, appropriate and fair. I am somewhat dismayed that my approving your post in as timely a manner as was possible, has led you to post an insulting comment regarding me personally on your blog.



Mod activity, wrong date.

Put Down The Bottle, That’s The Wrong Date

I’m just going to disregard the personal slights in that message as irrelevant and an unnecessary distraction.   Instead, I’ll focus on the facts.

The message numbers in that image are meaningless, as they are moderator message numbers, not group message numbers.   Message number 10464 in the group was posted on 24 April, 2006.

The message date is also wrong, since the messages in question were  not  posted on 28 February as shown in the image, they were posted on  27 February.   The time stamps also don’t match up to any messages posted on 27 February.

As you can see from the sequential post numbers, none of that bears any relationship to the screenshot sent by  dublinswitch.   On 28 February, there are indeed unrelated messages matching those time stamps.

    dublinswitch  –  You are going to have to specify which comment in that post you feel is insulting to you.   I have no way of working that out unless you tell me, and I cannot possibly remove the entire post just because you find some part of it offensive.

If anybody has any objections to anything I publish on my blog, please ensure that your facts are accurate before expressing your objections to me.   If I have indeed posted in error, I will certainly retract any information which is contradicted by the facts.  

    Otherwise, I may enjoy publishing your objections.   :)


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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2 Responses to Crap Update 5

  1. It is one of the glitches of the ever wonderful Yahoo! that might result in this. I’ve fallen foul of this sort of problem myself as a moderator and it can be damn confusing.

    One of the extra options that moderators on the left hand menu in Yahoo! groups is the Management option. Clicking this gives you a page with options to check pending activity, group activity and group settings. In the group activity, you can get to the moderator activity page, which, from its format, is the page that you have had screen dumped to you.

    The message numbers on the moderator activity page bear enough relation to the message numbers in the messages log to make you think that they might correlate and enough differences to really confuse issues. As a result, most mods I know tend not to check this area often. When they do, they check using patterns of “a posted before b and then c posted twice and then a again and then c and then d and then b etc.” to find a particular post to find out who let it through or who rejected it. I have found that the first attempt to find something invariably gets the wrong post. I would say that the key to getting it right is to check the right date and time as well. However, even then Yahoo! can glitch and delay messages after approval for no reason other than it’s its sweet little self. I can remember once approving a post which then took 6 hours to get through to the group. In recent months Yahoo! has been better but delays of thirty minutes can be quite common.

    Then there is the Yahoo! post eating demon, which has a particular fondness for my posts. It randomly truncates my posts and deletes bits of them. I know that this isn’t down to moderation, as it happens in groups where I am a moderator or where I have unmoderated status. Once more, it’s Yahoo! being NFG.

    So to summarise, I can think of several reasons why your posts might not get through which are not due to malice but due to the capriciousness of Yahoo! and only one reason for the dates being wrong on the screen dump you got: moderator error due to venturing into an area where mods fear to tread.

    The only plausible reasons I can think of for a group banning links to personal blogs are 1) fear. They’re frightened that in seeing your blog, their members will learn the truth. Or it could be 2) that they’re plonkers. You know them and I dn’t so I’ll leave it up to you to make your decision of which it is.

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