Feel The Love

Yet more love from the friendly respectaholics in my local Irish kink community.   This was left the day after I posted this, and the day before I received this.

Coincidence?   Judge for yourselves.

Ok, let me see now, we’ve got one of my readers in Ireland using a sock puppet name to direct irrelevant abuse at me on a page unrelated to the content of their comment, with vague unspecified problems and no suggestions on how they expect me to fix them.

Why does this seem so utterly,  utterly  familiar?

    (I will however freely admit to proudly being in possession of the coexisting traits of both dominance  and  flatulence – see Maalox for further assistance)


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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6 Responses to Feel The Love

  1. lalouve says:

    It’s really not a good idea to accuse someone of over-intellectualising unless you know how to spell it.

    • I’m very glad to see you here lalouve, thank you for your comment. :)

      Well, you make a good point, and I did notice the spelling errors, but I figured they were the least of the problems. You might have noticed that all of these comments fall into a pattern of attacking, name calling, and soliciting confrontation. Since there is no legitimate basis for any of the content of these comments, the author(s) must have some other motive. If the motive was to lure me into a slanging match, I’d much rather avoid such solicitations. Since they’re really spoiling me for choice as far as giving me ammunition to use, and since it’s not like I’ve ever actually done anything wrong, I’m thinking that they’re trying to lure me into doing something legitimately disrespectful contrary to my ethics, which they can then use against me.

      Not that they needed anything legitimate to use against me before, but still, why should I help them by giving them actual evidence when they have none right now?

      Besides, I’ve never much enjoyed shooting fish in a barrel. :p

  2. lalouve says:

    The only reason for shooting fish in a barrel is if it’s edible ;)

    I’ve noticed the pattern, and the exceptionally strong desire to provoke you (including the comment ona completely different forum). It makes me wonder what’s wrong with these people, and how long I would have lasted had I been more involved in the scene.

    • I think the only thing wrong with most of them is that when they encounter other people committing transgressions, they say and do nothing about it. Unfortunately, I encounter this kind of behaviour a lot, both in and out of kink.

      From what I know, the offenses being perpetrated against me are instigated by a single individual and a few of his friends. Since so many of the behaviours were done with me specifically in mind, since so many of their rule changes were implemented specifically with me in mind, and since I have so far heard very little from anybody else with similar experiences with this individual, I am concluding that this individual has specially targeted me for whatever reason, and escalated that targeting when I declined to respond as he preferred.

      If that individual declined to target you, then I think you’d have been fine in his scene. But since his behaviour has led to other groups forming, his scene isn’t the only one available anymore, so you do have increasing numbers of choices available to you now.

      It really means a lot to me that you’ve commented here to share your views. Thank you very much for that. :)

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