Comment from sparkle8faery 2

sparkle8faery apparently had a few things to say after my last post.   In response, Ih this post I discuss and address the queries she raised.

This is her message in full, which was left as a comment.

Author:   sparkle8faery
Post:   Group Report And Parroted Fantasies
Date:   25 August 2009 09:59:33 IST

ah you brought a smile to my face this morning.

youre brilliant at implying things yourself then totally ignoring you did that. you published the correspondence, that was all? um, no it wasnt. you left a comment where you implied i was somehow in league with a ‘person who was doing naughty things’. did you forget writing that? there are tablets for that you know.

and wow, for never meeting me, you sure do know a lot about my friends, apparently. wow there must be hidden cameras everywhere these days.

‘Still, it’s nice to see that fig367 has his friends helping him again and isn’t bugging me all by himself any more.’. ok i admit it lubyanka, me and fig are really the devil, we’re the best of friends and weve made it our mission in life to do… what i dont know, maybe you can tell us, youre good at implying we are up to something anyways? i explained my actions, youre still harping on about how fig now has friends helping him. so you totally ignored what i said, and still believe this paranoid fantasy of yours, because….?

so i looked at your group, and left, and that has somehow evolved a discussion about how i must be helping fig, and yet more references to being banned from bdsm ireland and nimhneach, wow, thats some train of thought. you assumed there was some hidden motive and had to make a drama of it on your blog. actually, i should have stayed in your group to warnt he others you will do the same to them once they leave,as they only reason they would leave is that they have been corrupted by fig, obviously.

the words hidden agenda, conspiracy theory and mystery arent copyrighted to your blog you know, people have been using them elsewhere for quite some time, and i suppose all those people who use them must be in league against you too, right? what else could it be?

maybe this should serve as a warning- any irish person who doesnt like your group is obviously in league with fig!!!! shock, horror, blah, blah.

i can guess your exact repsonse to this, i didnt give exact names, dates, evidence, therefore, it cannot possibly be a reasonable argument. yes, because you are the only person that can make accusations about people in implied ways, without proving them! youre that special.

so, prove me and every person you have linked me with are in league together,

prove that i apparently dont have a mind of my own and have been dreadfully influenced by the evil fig.

where is this evidence on which you base these implications?

where is the evidence i have choosen to make these individuals my whole world? and exactly which individuals, and exactly which way would i be making them my whole world? define world?

which bit of my answer did i parrot, and parrot in exactly what way?

your last statement implied fig has friends helping him, give me a specific example of this, with hard evidence that links me looking at your group to me conspiring with fig. no more implications, i want evidence to back up your accusations.

the only people who have used those words im apparently friendly with, thats yet more implication, i need details. which people? what kind of relationship are you talking about? and prove how we are friends.

disclaimer- this post was indeed written by me, fig was not present holding a gun to my head. shock horror, people can function independently. in other news, ive got my badge, its my turn to be star feature in lubyanks life!


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