A Foody Interval

On 19 April 2009, with much aplomb, and pomp, and also circumstance  (as you do),  I led  Team Grrr  to Yamamori Sushi.

    Just so you know,  Team Grrr  is a Team, which Grrrs.   It’s one of my things.   I’ve got the T-shirt.   Anyhow, you’ll learn a bit more about this later on.

    Just for now, take it as read that  Team Grrr  is a team consisting of a membership of one.   Which is me.  

    Ok?   Right, moving on then.

On our arrival there,  kvetch  stylishly discharged his serfy duties  (as he nearly always does)  and sushi’d me in  considerable  splendour.

As indeed you are about to see.

      This is what we had.

      [cue inspirational escalating foodal musicfest]

Beef Teryaki - Yamamori Sushi

        kvetch  had the beef teryaki.

Jo Moriwase - Yamamori Sushi

I  scrummed up  suffered my way through the sushi torture that is jo moriwase.
Banoffi Pie - Yamamori Sushi

Some dessert felt left out, and wanted to involve itself in the proceedings.   So, you know, a bit of banoffi pie snuck in.   All by itself.   As it does.
Somebody Ate The Banoffi Pie

Um, well, that banoffi pie was certainly involved.   Until  somebody  ate it.  
Gee, how’d that happen.

Our bellies stuffed full of goodness, I marched  Team Grrr  home.

    (or at least, you know, like,  “marched”  in the sense of  “took a taxi“)

Team Grrr

        This is me, heading up  Team Grrr.

And thus endeth the droolfest for 19 April 2009.

See you at the next one.   :)

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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11 Responses to A Foody Interval

  1. Tom Allen says:

    Yum! I get wonderful pics of the tasty goodness of the sushi, plus a delightful shot of the edge of your smile.

    I can go home happy, today.

  2. Aw, that gave me the warm fuzzies.   :)

    Thank you.   :)

  3. Tom Allen says:

    There are several shots of you from that angle around here – your long hair hanging over your shoulder, the delicious curviness of your, uh, curves, and a glimpse of smile seen from you turning your head to the side. You have a radiant smile; it’s *really* quite fetching.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hunt for the pics of the corsetty goodness again…

  4. Thank you Sully and Tom, you’ve given me a real boost!   :)

    And I’m really looking forward to your reaction when I finally finish my review resource, Tom, especially the corset section.   :p

    Unfortunately, there’s still a bunch of stuff ongoing which is claiming my bloggy focus, so that resource remains unfinished for the time being, sorry…   :/

    ps:   I wonder what a radiant smile fetches nowadays?   ;)

  5. Carly says:

    That sushi looks amazing! Do you know the name of the rolls in the top left corner? They look like a beautiful sushi delight that I am yet to sample! Is it strange that I’m now craving pickled ginger?!

    And in other news, you have the most perfectly proportioned bust-to-hip-to-waist ratio ever. It leaves me in awe and admiration!

    • Thank you, it was very tasty.   :)

      Those rolls are a variety of uramaki with crabmeat and cucumber filling.    I don’t know if that slanty style cut is special or not, but there was no reference to it on the wikipedia sushi page, and I don’t feel like searching for it now, heh.    :)

      And thank you for your kind remarks about my shape.    My genes did it all by themselves, aren’t they clever!   ;)

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  8. Rebroad says:

    That looks like a whole lot of yum…

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