Final Frivolous Irrelevance for 2010

For my last post of 2010, I am pleased to present some frivolous irrelevance.

You may have noticed that sometimes in my posts I use images from the public domain or with Creative Commons licenses.   I usually find them in the huge image repository at the fabulous Wikimedia Commons.

So I’ll just take a sec to thank Wikimedia Commons for being so spectacularly useful.
Thank you!
Ok, now I’ll return you back to your regularly scheduled bloggage.


Regularly Scheduled Bloggage

Occasionally Wikimedia Commons don’t have the images I’m looking for.   During my humungous blog update this year  (which by the way is still ongoing)  I was looking for everyday-type images of men massaging women.   I found many of women massaging men and men massaging men, but almost none of men massaging women.  

So I took some of me and kvetch and shared them on Wikimedia Commons.

My foot massaged by kvetch's hands In the attribution information for those images on Wikimedia Commons, I included a link to my blog.  

Last month in my blog stats I saw a referral from the file page of this foot massage image.   When I checked it out, I saw this super extra frivolously cool thing.

(with bonus irrelevant randomness)


Frivolously Cool With Bonus Randomness Thing

This is a section of the file page for the foot massage image on Wikimedia Commons.
A section of the file page of my image on Wikimedia Commons
The super extra randomly and frivolously cool part was this:

    File usage on other wikis
    The following other wikis use this file:

    • Usage on
      • Масаж

Oooooh, check it out:

Ukrainian Wikipedia  –  The Massage Page!

starring  Lady Lubyanka  as
Massaged Extremities  and  The Photographer

Co-starring  Kvetch  as
Massaging Hands  and  Are We Done Yet?


Ukrainian Wikipedia page on massage How many people do you know who can truthfully say they feature on Ukrainian Wikipedia?

Isn’t this just totally of the random frivolous coolness?

(I’m so editing my C.V. to add – ‘Extremities featured in starring rôles on Ukrainian Wikipedia’)

So this is me starring as ‘The Massaged’, and kvetch starring as ‘The ‘are we done yet?’ Massagist’ on Ukrainian Wikipedia.

And this post was my frivolous irrelevance to see out 2010 into 2011.

Happy New Year!   :)


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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