Update 17 – Putting the Bust In Busted

For some odd reason which is unfathomable to me, some of you out there are still convinced that  fig367/dunravin2002  is somehow going to pull a miracle out of a hat and invent some evidence which will make it possible for me to publish that retraction.

    Believe me, I’d love to, and I wish I could.   Unfortunately, if I did that, I would be  lying.

Today I’m going to try a slightly different approach.   Today, I’m going to present some of the evidence in two posts, and take you through it step by logical step.

Those of you who have already worked this out might find this process just a  teensy  bit tedious.   Or, you may enjoy this nostalgic journey down memory lane.   If you like, you can let me know which road you took  on a postcard  in the comments.   :)

IP Crap

The crap about IP addresses which  dublinswitch  has been touting in bdsmireland  –  is meaningless.

  1. Saying that an email message with a certain IP address can only have come from the location of that IP is like saying that a telephone number with a national code appearing on your caller ID  must  be originating in your country  –  even though the voice at the other end says  
    • “Hello, my name is Mohandar, I am calling from an outsourced call centre in India.”
  2. Sharing a password to an email account with any number of people is perfectly easy and straightforward.   If  fig367  shares access to his  dunravin2002  sock puppet email account with anybody else, including  dublinswitch,  then the IP in question could have come from  any  user of that sock puppet account.

There, that was easy.

How To Rebut

Normally when I’m being presented with any kind of realistic rebuttal, that rebuttal tends to have just the  slightest  bit more detail in it than a simple isolated  “It’s not true”.  

Normally,  I would expect a realistic rebuttal to include at least  one  response to these popular and tasty questions.

  • What  isn’t true?
  • About whom  isn’t it true?
  • Why  isn’t it true  about them?
  • What  contradictory  thing  is  true?
  • What  contradictory  thing is true  about them?
  • Why  is something  contradictory  true  about them?
  • Who  is  it true about?
  • How  do you know it is isn’t true  about them?
  • How  do you know something contradictory  is  true  about them?
  • When  did you learn that  something contradictory  is true  about them?
  • When  did the  contradictory true thing  happen?
  • How  and  when  did you get your contradictory information?
  • Who,   what  and  where  was the source of your contradictory information?

I know that’s an awful lot of questions, and an awful lot of information.   Most of the time, all I need is one or two of those answers.   And like me, I find that most people are as satisfied with that as I am.   In my experience, the  only  reason I’ve encountered for a person to willfully disregard a properly fleshed-out set of facts, is if  they already have quite a strong reason for  wanting  to believe otherwise.   Otherwise, the facts are usually enough.

    In this instance, I wanted to highlight the fact that the two  (yes, that’s really all there were, two ‘It’s not true’s,  from two moderators, one without internet)  rebuttals to my blog posts failed to include a concrete, demonstrable answer to even  one  of those questions.

I don’t know about you, but the complete lack of  even one element  of those commonly found features, is  itself alone  sufficient to cause me to stop a minute and think,  “hmmmmm …”.

Have a look for yourself, and think about it.

How To State A Case

The only way anybody can say for sure that somebody other than  fig367  wrote the messages signed by  dunravin2002,  is if they know who  did  write them.

If they knew that, then it would be easy enough to say “I know that  dunravin2002  isn’t  fig367‘s  sock puppet because

  • I know the  real  name of  fig367‘s  sock puppet, and that name is different to  dunravin2002   (which wouldn’t really be proof because  fig367  can and probably does have more than one sock puppet, but at least it’d be a start)
  • I know whose sock puppet  dunravin2002   really  is
  • I know  dunravin2002  personally

Has anybody said anything like these things?

Have they fuck.

Non-Denial Denials

Of all the vitriol, back-stabbing, accusations, straw men, personal attacks, and red herrings  fig367/dunravin2002  and others have hurled at me, there are a few things I’ve been waiting  (and wanting)  to hear, which have remained persistently unsaid.

  1. Both of the two moderator “it’s not true”s fail to name or reference the accountable individual, fail to name or reference the actual offenses,  and  fail to present any  contradictory facts  as rebutments.  
    “It’s not true” could in this case be referring to anything at all.
  2. Nobody has ever said  fig367  cannot have committed the offenses committed by the individual calling himself  dunravin2002  because … [insert realistic reason here]”
  3. Nobody has ever said  why  or  how   fig367  cannot be responsible for what  dunravin2002  has done.

Please be aware that the time has  looonnnnggg  past for you to be able to spontaneously answer any of those questions now.   Now that everybody knows that these omissions were pointed out to you, it would obviously be pre-tt-ee damn lame for you to all of a sudden  now  start spouting stuff from my list.  

So I think we’d all appreciate if you’d start specifying any denials you’d like to assert, with precisely what you’re denying  about.   After all the other stuff you’ve done, I know that this is a simple enough objective for any of you to achieve.

Or is it?

Nobody Knows dunravin2002?   Really?

The Irish BDSM scene, as I’ve said before, is pretty fucking microscopic.   Yet not one person I know  (and trust to be a reliable source):

  • knows  dunravin2002  in person
  • has ever even heard of anybody knowing  dunravin2002  in person
  • has ever witnessed, heard from somebody witnessing, or heard a rumour about somebody else witnessing anything in person to do with  dunravin2002 

Even though he’s been around at least since 2004, in a scene this infinitesimal,  nobody  has ever encountered this clown in person?

The big rollover millionaire jackpot which I have been anxiously pining by my inbox for, and which I have yet to receive or even hear a rumour about from any person, is this.

No single solitary person has  ever  come forward and said anything like  

  • “Oh, I know  dunravin2002,  yeah, he’s really crazy”  or  
  • dunravin2002  is my ex, I used to go out with him.”  or even  
  • “Right, I know  dunravin2002,  we went to Nimhneach/London/on holiday together and he’s a great guy, good friend of mine.”

If anybody out there  (besides  fig367/dunravin2002/dublinswitch,  obviously)   does  know  dunravin2002  personally, I ask you  please,  help us all put this to rest and contact me to confirm he is a real person!

Please keep in mind that I cannot accept any vouching for  dunravin2002  from anybody who

  1. needs or wants to vouch anonymously
  2. cannot themselves be vouched for by anybody known to me

If I’m going to go meet this guy in person, having some advance advice about stuff to watch out for would be incredibly helpful.   Please?

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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6 Responses to Update 17 – Putting the Bust In Busted

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  2. Tom Allen says:

    Oh… based on the title, I was hoping that this was going to be more pics of you in a corset.

    Sorry, sorry.

    Carry on.

  3. Heheheheh, aww, sorry!   I don’t know if it makes you feel any better, but I was reeeeeeeally admiring your back earlier today.

    Yummy buffness, mmmmmm.   :D

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