More Bile

The e-postie has been a busy bee.   Apparently somebody feels very upset.   I guess most of us are failing to benefit from this situation.   So who  is  benefitting from it?   Somebody must be, otherwise why persist?   The amount of upsetness they display is hardly proportional to failing to get their  bile  comment published.   And anyhow the first  abuse  comment isn’t related to that.   So what’s the benefit here?   To be this upset, there must be something else wrong with them.

So for whatever reasons, somebody feels quite aggrieved for reasons they neglected to specify.

They probably just forgot to mention it.   Oh well.   Maybe later.

Author:   Barbi J (IP: ,
E-mail:   Probably fake but might belong to somebody else at
Date:   26 Mar 2009 00:29 GMT
Posted on:   No.

What a story… do you have to make sure your not followed home or anything.   You make it sound like the mafia or something like that, me and the bf laffed all the way through it realy.   But a big thanks we were looking for a kink group in Ireland cheers for the info and stuff :-)


    These are some details from my stats pages about activity on my blog at the time the next comment was posted.

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    Web Page   Lookie What I Got  –  unpublished comment

  • Date   5 Apr 2009
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Author:   barbi (IP: ,
E-mail:   Different probably fake address at
URL:   http://wellyouonlyletitinwhenYouwishtoo
Date:   05 April 2009  09:49:19  IST
Posted on:   Lookie What I Got!

Do I notice a trend here Lubyanka.   You only let in post that you like and fits your feeling of Oppressioness and Angstiness and Isolationess.   The Poster was so correct your just loving the ” They hate me but I’m right” feeling.   I guess that you have been asked to leave a few groups in Ireland.   But no there all wrong and your right is that it Lubyanka.   Just my guess :-D but bet I’m wright.   Lets Celibrate the Spleen and throw shite round the place :-D   such a fun selection of topics you cover :-D.   I’m just bitching cause you did not let my last post through.   Guess I’m not as sexy as Leandrai who is beating you on the “They hate me scale” :-D   so much getting a picture of 2 middle aged EMO girls painting their world black cause no one likes them.   O dear lets all cry and do a group huginess


I’m Missing Some Of The Connections You’re Making

What I’m wondering now is, how do you know what age Leandrai is, and what does her age or mine have to do with anything?  

And by the way, what is your issue with Leandrai anyhow?   Why raise that issue on my blog?   After all, she is unrelated to any moderating decisions I make here.   I am the  only  one who administrates this blog, and  I  was the one who moderated your  abuse  comments.   So why bring Leandrai into this at all?  

And other people’s issues with me is old news.   So other people have issues.   What’s your point?

What is  really  bothering you?
I will reiterate for you something which I said in my previous post.

    If you have specific personal allegations to make against me or anybody else, then  please name them.   Otherwise, I can’t help you with your problems.

There, your  vitriol  comments are published.  

Happy now?

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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9 Responses to More Bile

  1. Leandrai says:

    I think SOMEBODY needs to look in the shower in case they dropped their hormone patch again, don’t you?

    “They hate me”?

    Not particularly to my knowledge.

    Because I am autistic, and lack the ability to grasp, let alone play, the usual social and interactive games, I am quite accustomed to people being uncomfortable with me, or even finding me repellant. But, unless they make a great pretence of affection to my face, while making fun of me behind my back it doesn’t really bother me.

    Partly because I have never known anything else anyway, but mostly because they are very small minded people who cannot really handle difference, and I hardly want THEM cluttering up my life, now do I?

    Regardless, the only time people ever seem to HATE me is when the compensatory analytical skills I developed cause me to catch them out behaving very badly, and my literal thinking will not allow me to play along with them.


    No matter how cold blooded, ruthless and intelligent, the Socialized Psychopath simply screws up far too often to achieve true greatness. A lack of empathy disables more than kindness, and he has has too many intuitive blind spots. Apart from which the Psychopath lacks “emotional intelligence” he is too easily sidetracked by the pursuit of instant gratification. He lacks the determination and drive that produces sustained effort. He greatest and most pressing need is to avoid boredom, so that perhaps unconsciously he orchestrates his own obstacles and crises.

    Regardless, forever handicapped by his blindness to the deeper meanings and motives of others, the Socialized Psychopath is usually driven to seek or create an environment that is under his control. The more totalitarian the control, the more comfortable he is.

    Though on a far smaller scale than the nightmare scenario of a world under covert, totalitarian, psychopathic control, the microcosmic controlled environment of the Socialized Psychopath can become a devastating organism with far reaching effects.

    In one of it’s worst form the Controlled Environment takes on many of the characteristics of a cult.

    Generally even a Psychopath of quite average intelligence has the ability to home in on the vulnerabilities of an individual or group that appears almost supernatural. It isn’t. It is rather focus without empathetic distraction. Once having established those vulnerabilities he exploits them. At first there is no specific agenda beyond usurping existing control mechanisms, rather as you would rock an heavy object to destabilize it before attempting to push it.

    He will spot anxieties and covertly maximize them. For instance if there is a local burglary he might show every sympathy for even the most neurotic fear of recurrence while amplifying it and insuring it becomes contagious. He will pinpoint and utilize the dysfunctional and morally flexible as “adjutants” in his endeavor to impose control, playing their fears and inadequacies towards his own agenda, almost always at one remove.

    A Socialized Psychopath is very hard to oppose. Those strong and healthy enough to oppose him for the right reasons, are hopelessly handicapped by their own morality. The Psychopath is completely unconcerned by the damage his actions may do to others even quite incidentally, more than unconcerned, he is oblivious. Healthy people are as concerned with the secondary effects of their actions on others as they are with the primary effects. Healthy people are intrinsically incapable of being sufficiently unscrupulous to “beat him at his own game” which often uses other people as weapons or threats. As Psychopath sees taking an innocent hostage (in whatever sense) as either an expedient move, or not. Other people would find the notion of taking an innocent hostage somewhere between “only in extremis” and abhorrent. Even if they could overcome that the Psychopath would remain unmoved and immune.

    On the other hand, there are those who would oppose him for the wrong reasons. Perhaps because he is threatening their own aspirations to abusive control. Those he can often find a way to “buy”, not with money, but by furnishing their needs, and ultimately gaining control of them by rendering them dependent upon him.

    The reality is that once a Socialized Psychopath builds his Controlled Environment within a community it can become impossible to challenge until the Psychopath either trips himself up or becomes bored and moves on.

    As for the ongoing devastation. Imagine real people being used and abused, without conscience, as though they were no more than toy soldiers, to accord with the whims of one person.

    On one dramatic occasion 600 or so “toy soldiers” had kool-aid laced with cyanide, instead of lunch, in a remote camp in Guyana. That, of course is extreme. More usually the Controlled Environment of the Psychopath is an hermetically sealed world where the guilty and abusive are supported and upheld, while the innocent and victims are blamed and condemned. Not as a crisis, but as an whole way of life to which the community becomes anaesthetized and inured, regarding it as “normal”, even blindly defending it against their own obvious best interests.

  2. Posh Middle Aged Emo says:

    Look at my pathways :oD
    Author:   Posh Middle Aged Emo (IP: ,
    I am sitting RIGHT next door to “barbi” right now…

    HONESTLY!! What do they think they are? Pre-teen irc warriors.


    PMAE (aka Leandrai)

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  4. Ben Kavanagh says:

    I would offer you my friendship Lady Respect

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  7. Rebroad says:

    *hug* (10 or so months late I know)

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