Spiral And Tiger

One of the really fun things for me about polyamourily playing with multiple play partners, is discovering the delightful ways in which the same anatomical features can vary from one person to the next.

And one of the  really  fun things for me about being bisexual, is being able to experience being on the dishing-out end of anatomical features which are like  (and at the same time different to)  my very own.

    (you dahlinks know who you are)   :)


Trying Stuff Out

Normally, I make a habit of trying out new toys on myself before trying them out on my play partners, so that I know how they feel, how hard I can use them, how risky they’re likely to be, and so on.   Although this works very well for smacky-type toys in the force-utilising department, this isn’t always practical with prostate-related toys, or indeed, in the strap-on department.

    Notwithstanding that I don’t have a prostate, I can hardly strap on my strap-on and poke myself with it.   I don’t think that would work even if I stood on a chair.

Anyhow, since I happen to be more accustomed to playing with men than with women, the tasty collection of harness-compatible dongs I’ve accumulated were pretty much all chosen with the prostate in mind.

Not too long ago, I was fortunate enough to enjoy some uncommonly delightful canoodlement with an exceptional woman.   As a result of said canoodlement, I felt compelled to augment my toy collection with some harness-compatible dongy additions.

On this occasion, I restricted my perusal of strap-onables to those which are particularly suitable for sharing with my play partners who are of the internal-reproductive-organs persuasion.

    (and on whom I enjoy reproductive-organ-internalling  my  persuasion)   :D

And thusly, I browsed around, made some selections, narrowed things down, did some more choosing, narrowed down again  (and so on and so on),  clicked some buttons, filled in some stuff, clicked some more buttons, et voilá!   Parcelled up goodies were whizzing my way.

    I don’t think I’ll ever stop thinking how  way cool!!  internet shopping is.   :D


Receipt Of Dongy Parcel Goodness

And thus, I was in happy receipt of my parcel of brand new, woman-friendly, strap-onable additions to my toy collection.   My exceptional friend reads this blog, and I’m hoping she’s as interested as I am in trying out the new goodies.  (ooooooh goodies …)   So in the interests of keeping some of these items as a surprise for her, I’m not going to discuss every item in the parcel just now.   :)

In my customary practice of trying new toys out on myself prior to introducing them to my play partners, of course I had to give these a try, in the interests of science and safety and consideration and stuff.

    Yeah, yeah, ok, so this time it was also in the interests of my own personal pleasure.   So I’m interested in my own personal pleasure.   I’m sure you’re all shocked by this.   So sue me.
    (ok, I may have lied about the “shocked” part.)   :p

I only got the parcel today.   Since I’m not a teenaged boy, there’s really a limit on how often I am likely to want to  masturbate  I mean, explore self-love in a day.   And even though I knew the parcel was due to arrive, I got just a wee spludge of hornyosity earlier on, so I couldn’t resist having a play with my favourite vibrator before the parcel even arrived.

The upshot of all this is, that during the course of the day, I tried out  (at well spaced intervals)  two of the new toys, and so those are the ones I’m going to tell you about.

The first dong I’m going to tell you about is made of glass.   It’s my first experience of a glass dong, and I assure you, this experience is only going to be the first of, well, loads!   :)

    (see deleted scenes for some ranty stuff about the packaging which would have gone here)

    (also see deleted scenes for some general rantness which would have come after the packaging thingy)




About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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3 Responses to Spiral And Tiger

  1. Paul says:

    Lady Lubyanka,

    Always searching for an excuse to swell my partners toolbox, you have convinced me to try glass. I never could figure the purported advantage (other than amazing visuals), which somehow had to overcome the rigidity factor. Thanks.

    Regarding accessory items, have you tried the Eroscillator? http://www.eroscillator.com My partner adores it, claiming ‘it doesn’t feel like a jackhammer on my clit’. Ideal for lengthy sessions. I can’t address any of this in the first person, but we’ve worked our way through quite a few ‘buzzers’ and this one is her clear favorite. Enjoy.

  2. Paul,

    I’ve seen the eroscillator, but haven’t tried one yet.

    For the last lot of years I’ve been too wrapped up in the current long-term love of my life.

    I’m glad you’ve decided to give glass a go.   Spiral fits nicely in my go-everywhere-with-me toybag/pencil case along with my indispensable-cant-do-without plaything.   Although the other glass toys are nice, Spiral really has turned out to be something special.

    Good luck.

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