And The Word Of The Day, Boys And Girls, Is “Frottage”

Last night kvetch and I were watching The Island.   It’s a bit more like Logan’s Run than might otherwise be considered truly original, but aside from that, I enjoyed The Island very much.   As is apparently my genetically hardwired habit to do, I fell asleep before the end.   I’d seen it before, so that didn’t matter too much to me, but kvetch hadn’t seen it.

I awoke at around 03:30 this morning, and observed that kvetch was sleeping curled up at my feet, as he does sometimes, at the foot of the bed.

Awwwww.   :)

I covered him with the duvet, draped my feet round him, and went back to sleep.

When the alarm went off, I started noodging kvetch with my foot.   (it’s always a bit of a challenge getting him up and moving in the morning)   :p

A tabby cat and kitten snuggling asleep.

Image © Copyright 2003-2010 All Rights Reserved.

As is our custom, we embarked on our morning snugglage and conversation.   Kvetch spent more than the usual amount of time humping various parts of my legs and feet.   When I observed this, kvetch pointed out that he hadn’t had a release in about two weeks, which was a fair point.   So I suggested we play later on, when he comes home from work.   But I digress.   :p

Actually, the point of this post is, whilst kvetch was paying worshipping humpage to my lower limbs and extremities, he mentioned the term “frottage”, which I’d never heard before.   Fortunately, he knew how to spell it, and having search engined the term, came up with this lovely Wikipedia page:

  • Frottage, more commonly known as ‘dry humping’, is the act of achieving sexual pleasure with a partner or partners, whether naked or clothed, without penetration.

All hail Wikipedia!   :)

I’m delighted with “frottage” as a worthy addition to my vocabulary.   Somehow, it just doesn’t surprise me that there is a specially dedicated word to cover consensual worship humpage between horny serfs and their owners.
(ok, ok, I know it isn’t just for serfs and owners.   But I think it’s funnier my way.)   :p

A frottage toy for dogs.

Image © Copyright Franck Socha and Hotdoll. All Rights Reserved.

And just to finish off, here’s some pet frottage from a gizmodo review page featuring Hotdoll:   The Sex Doll For Dogs.

Honestly, I’m not making this up.

So there we have it, boys and girls, the word of the day, is “Frottage”.

    Lemme hear everybody go “awwwwwwww”.   :)


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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8 Responses to And The Word Of The Day, Boys And Girls, Is “Frottage”

  1. Arafinwe says:

    Something about the bottom dog looks suspiciously like a duck to me, but I shouldn’t even be looking at the picture in the first place, should I, as it is meant for dogs,……or possibly ducks. :) Question: has Irving ever been introduced to the dog, ………….. or the duck?

    Loved what you wrote about submissive pleasure, etc.


  2. Hello Arafin, how nice to see you here. :)

    I couldn’t possibly comment on whether that Hotdoll is catering for the doggy duck fetish or not, lol.

    As for whether you should or shouldn’t be looking at the picture, well, gee, how strange would it be for me to post a picture and then expect people not to look at it? hehehe. :)

    Irving has not been introduced to the Hotdoll. I think he has some issues about his former career as a dog chew, and I think he might just feel a teensy bit oppressed, and maybe inadequate, if he sees that populist mainstream porn image of what dogs are supposed to be attracted to.

    Besides, I can’t possibly imagine investing any actual cash in this item to find out how Irving would respond to it. :p

    About submissive pleasure, did you mean the post about owning slaves? Cos I kind of thought I was writing about MY pleasure in there, lol. But I read it over, and I saw that indeed, there was quite a bit in there about kvetch’s pleasure as a submissive.

    But I promise you, that was quite accidental. :p

    Having said that, I’m delighted you enjoyed it, whichever post it was. :)

    Lubyanka. :)

    ps: It was quite a relief to see that I was actually capable of doing a relatively short post. :)

  3. Arafinwe says:

    Hi Lubyanka,

    When I referred to what you wrote about “submissive pleasure” I was actually thinking “pleasure a dominant experiences from interacting with a submissive”. In other words, “pleasure involving submissiveness”. However, you have once again shone a new light on an old subject. (And no,……. I wasn’t referring to myself here as either “old” or “a subject”).

    Now, as to what I experienced when looking at the picture of the carnal canine, I think it best to leave that subject to the dogs, lest someone with the wrong idea comes barking up the wrong tree. (Not that such a result from such barking would not be right).

    “Woof, woof”, said the kitty. “I’m confused.”


  4. Hehehehe, thank you Arafin. :)

  5. Toni says:

    Interesting blog…

  6. Awww, my first “awwww”!

    Thank you so much! As you see, I’ve waited quite awhile for that “awwww”, but it was worth it.

    Your “awwww” was definitely full of all things awwwwness. :)

    Thanks tonnes and bunches,


    ps: I’m enjoying your blog. ;)

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