BDSM Community Leaders Busted In Fuckwit Ring

Irish BDSM Community Acknowledge Responsibility

by Lady Lubyanka
Blog Correspondent

      DUBLIN   –   The leaders of Ireland’s most populated BDSM community got their arses busted good and proper last night in a raid on a nationwide ring of fuckwits, our blog correspondent reports.   fig367   (male, 43),  leader of the 2792-member bdsmireland yahoo group and owner of the Nimhneach BDSM organisation, was first exposed with his  lackeys  cohorts in a world exclusive by Lady Lubyanka on her blog last month.   Those reports document related offenses going back to June 2004.

The takedown, code named “Operation Fuckwit” went into its final stages in the early hours of this morning as the chief perpetrators and evidence were seized from numerous locations in and around Ireland’s capital city.   Other offenders and evidence were also rounded up from scattered locations throughout the Republic.

As he was bundled into a vehicle,  fig367  was heard to protest:

    “I’m doing God’s work!” 

Outside the residence of the chief perpetrator, a noisy crowd threw eggs and other less reportable items at the offender as he was taken into custody and driven away.

Looking on from the fringes of the crowd, Floppy O’Flatulence, the  long-winded  long-standing member of the Irish BDSM community tut-tutted, and observed with a sigh:

    “We’re responsible.”

fig367   was charged with a long list of offenses including

Other charges include Disfuckmination, Excluding Fuckwitism, Fuckmongering, Cruelty To Pervs, Impersonating A Human Being, Conspiracy To Fuckwit, and Fuckwitting Without A License.

fig367‘s  subordinates,  valpone_a  and  dublinswitch,  as well as his subordinate subordinates, were all facing a slightly lesser list of charges.
Operation Fuckwit is ongoing.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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7 Responses to BDSM Community Leaders Busted In Fuckwit Ring

  1. Sully says:

    Off with their heads!!!

  2. Heh, don’t get me started …

    Oh, wait, too late.   :p

  3. Carly says:

    The phrases ‘defamatory fuckwitting’ and ‘fuckmongering’ actually made me laugh out loud!

    Nice post.

  4. Hello Carly, how nice of you to drop by.   :)

    Heh, I liked those too.   Other favourites were “Fuckwitting with intent to fuck”, “Fuckwitspeak” and “Conspiracy to fuckwit”.   :)   It’s funny though, the part which still makes me chuckle the most is “Floppy O’Flatulence”.   Perhaps that’s just me being in touch with my inner 6-year-old.   :p

    And it may interest you to know that  fig367  really  did say “I’m doing God’s work” in a an actual television interview about Nimhneach.

    I’m delighted you enjoyed it, I had a lot of fun writing it.   :)

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