I Wish People Would Make Up Their Minds

Do you bloggers out there  all  have trolls like this one?   Please let me know, I’d be very interested to hear about your experiences.

Thank you.

Author:   barbi (IP: , web proxy gjswebservices.co.uk)
E-mail:   fake email at coolrio.com
URL:   http://wellyouonlyletitinwhenYouwishtoo
Date:   6 April 2009 15:33:34 IST
Posted on:   More Bile

Want to pop round for a coffee :-D we can take turns beating each other up and stuff :->

So why did it take you from 26 March to the 5th of April to post my comment.   But the other post was passed on the same day.   Can I see a paterness here. You only pass nasty posts to make you fel better and more disliked.

    [in the absence of the comment author’s provision of any supporting reasons to include it  –  irrelevant link removed]

You have a problem Lubyanka suggest you seek qualified advice.   End of my little rant have too much living to do to spend my life and free time following your story.


Oy Vey

What difference does it make to you whether I publish your  bile  comment here or not?   You can publish it anywhere on the internet you wish to.   Why is it so important to you that I publish it  here?  

I delayed publication of your comment because

  1. I felt that the content was disrespectful
  2. I thought that my readers would be unlikely to benefit from your comment
  3. I felt like leaving it for the time being.

That’s it.   I refer you to my comment policy which I published last year.
You  said  all you wanted was your  abuse  comments published.   I now see that wasn’t good enough for you after all because   I published them already.  

Yet here you still are.

I am not a mind reader.   If you want something, then  name it already.   I can only help you if you specify what you want.

    Thank you.   Are you done now?


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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7 Responses to I Wish People Would Make Up Their Minds

  1. Leandrai says:

    Ah, “people pleasing time”.

    *Guess where to join “barbi” for coffee
    *Guess what problem you need to solve (but only seek advice from properly qualified people)
    *Stop posting nasty comments (because you are ONLY indulging yourself in “feling better and more disliked”)
    *Stop boring “barbi” so much that you distract her from her full and fruitful life…

    How hard can THAT be. :o)

    Then barbi will be your friend, and if I am Posh Middle Aged Emo, and you are Scarey Middle Aged Emo, she can maybe be Baby Middle Aged Emo?

    Then all we need to find are Sporty and Ginger?

    Here is some more information just so you understand the CONCEPT of the “Middle Aged Emo Girls“.

    Isn’t THAT a whole lot more interesting?

    Ok, moving, swiftly, on…

    I was talking to somebody today who told me Fig367 has been openly making a big joke of how he bins any comment or suggestion you make for years…

    That’s even too infantile to be horrible.

    So many people KNOW about this stuff, and they know how little you ever did to deserve this.

    I don’t know why they don’t just STAND UP to these people…

    The Irish BDSM community is now so big, and active, that the leaders ought to be elected, not self appointed, anyway, and I am SURE most people would prefer it that way.

    They would certainly be happier and have a far better chance of acceptance in the long term.

    BDSMIreland, I am throwing out a challenge.

    People need to start asking themselves just how much time they really want to have for people who act like the mean kids in a schoolyard…

    Never mind how must trust they should place in them.


  2. Tom Allen says:

    WOW! Like r u srius abot this? Lik dude cum on man right? LOL LOL LOL

    Im not into ur hostilits u know? Ive got btr thinks 2 do then to read this. Besides – were r ur hawt pics of u in teh corsetz?

    • If I hadn’t been so conscientiously attending to the many  impaired rants  messages sent to me, I would have completed the review resource I’ve been working on by now.

      So as things stand now, you will unfortunately have to wait for more corset pictures. Still, you might possibly feel better knowing more are on the way, even if I can’t promise when that will be.

      And as always, lovely to read your consonantly-challenged corset-focused musings, Tom.   :)

  3. Leandrai says:

    Thinking in the small hours…

    We have come on one hell of a journey you and I, and learned a lot together behind the scenes, most of it somewhere between squalid, and downright sinister…

    ..but, at the end of the day what you have left is a significantly dysfunctional community under toxic control…

    …and, in real terms, nothing you or I can do will ever change that…

    …we can’t make them choose to be fair, or decent. We can’t make them responsible. We can’t make them care about safety. We can’t even make them apply their own rules honestly…

    They don’t have to because it’s so much easier for them to go on lying to themselves and each other instead…and I think we have both been missing that point, simply because it wouldn’t occur to either of us to do that, ever.

    It can sometimes be ridiculously easy to forget that unscrupulous people are called that because they don’t actually have any scruples.

    It would be wonderful if somebody’s “better nature” had kicked in and tried to make this right for you…but if anyone significant had a “better nature” you would never have been treated so appallingly to begin with.

    Meanwhile these toxic people are living rent free in your head and stealing the fun and joy from your life.

    That can’t be good for you.

    Trust me, toxic people like this will ALWAYS “get theirs”, never fails…

    Personally you couldn’t pay me to be in the same room with any of them again for almost the past 12 months.

    I don’t think letting this take over your life will achieve anything…

    You have the talent, ability and friends to spend your life so much more profitably and wisely.

    They honestly aren’t worth the time and energy they cost you.

    Think about it.


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  6. Yo.

    You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but one thing that I do know quite intimately are internet trolls. (And to be honest, every time I see one, I feel the need to just facepalm, shake my head slowly, and tell them to grow up.)

    I agree with your first point on why you did not share this comment with the community (that the post is disrespectful), but hey, welcome to the internet.

    I agree with your second point that the troll in question has an inelegant and inarticulate way of writing which seems to be gradeschool level at the very best. For instance, the sentence: “Want to pop round for a coffee :-D we can take turns beating each other up and stuff :->” Has a distinct lack of any punctuation which is not being used in a smiley (more on these later). I could dismantle his entire post, but I’m not here to teach trolls to read and write. If we teach the trolls to read and write, they’ll start to think they are our equals, and we really can’t have lesser beings thinking like that.

    I notice that he managed to use a single capital letter at the beginning of his sentence. He probably felt proud when he wrote that. Although, he ought to kick himself for missing out the question mark at the end of this sentence. Without a question mark, he is not inviting you to join him for coffee, as I believe may have been his intention. Instead, he is simply stating that he wants to go somewhere to have coffee. In which case, sure…. He can drink all the coffee he wants. Although, since he fails to grasp such simple concepts as punctuation, I think there is a very real possibility that he wouldn’t be allowed to use a kettle. It might be just a little too complicated for him, and he might hurt himself.

    Also, purely to nitpick, it is commonly accepted by most internet users, chatroom programs and even smartphones, that the use of a dash to symbolise the nose of a smiley is considered to be uneccesary. This is why (for instance) most chat programs accept “:D” as a grinning smiley face, but not “:-D”. The interesting thing about spelling, grammar, and in the modern day, even smileys and emoticons, is that they become standardised over time.

    Also, in your three-point summary of why you held off on responding for so long, I noticed that you missed out bulletpoint number four:
    “I’m not dumb enough to feed a troll by paying attention to it.”

    However, considering that you DID just pay attention to him (or potentially her), I can whole-heartedly understand why you might have felt the need to omit this particular bulletpoint.

    Also, bulletpoint number five:
    “I honestly can’t be arsed responding to every venomous comment that comes my way. They’re like water off of a duck’s back, and I have better things to do with my time than actually respond to every last one (things such as staring out the window and watching a bird in a tree for a couple of minutes. That’s how low on the priority scale these sorts of messages really are.) and I don’t tend to pay attention to them unless they’re touchingly pathetic, funny, or just an excellent example of how unpleasant people in the community in question can truly be. In other words, if they are actually WORTH sharing. Spiteful, butthurt, repetitive, vague, dismissive, tired messages such as the one above, do not count on any of these criteria.”

    I chanced upon your blog a couple of hours ago after a random google search engine hijacker dropped me here, and being a curious little thing, I started reading what you’ve written, and have enjoyed reading what I’ve read so far. It is unfortunate that this issue between you and the bdsmireland moderators seems to have sparked up. However, considering that this message was posted more than two years ago, I hope that by now, the wounds have at least closed a bit, and the dust is beginning to settle.

    However, I haven’t quite finished making my way through this blog, so perhaps my optimistic projections might not be the case. We can hope, right?


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