Commentary On The Crackingly Capable Cork Character’s Cutting-Edge Caney Concoctions

And how I came to have two new spanky toys to play with!
This got verbose, even for me, so unlike Gaul, I split it up into four parts.

So, first…

My Story Of Caneness

There’s a new toy maker in town!

If you live in Ireland and navigate the local obstacle course known to some as  “The Scene“,  you may or may not have been hearing lately about one member of our community, who has been embarking on new adventures into certain creative arts.

Being an imaginative, enterprising, and resourceful creature, she has been exploring the pervertible possibilities of a certain material which is easily available to her.

It seems that a combination of circumstances had led our Compelling Cork Concoctor  (known hereinafter as CCC)  into exploring the pervertible uses of a material which she was previously accustomed to seeing in a completely different context.

This material is commonly known as Delrin.

Now, what CCC didn’t know before, was that Delrin is a very popular material for canes.   What she  did  know before, well, I’ll let her words speak for themselves.

First Caney Emailery – How It All Started

In CCC’s own words, in a messages she posted on 15 July to a local mailing list:

    “Okay, this isn’t a big long meander, honest, this is a Proper Serious Request for Information.

    Right, a few months ago, a local shop wrote up they’d new stuff in, amongst them, Delrin canes.   This attracted my attention cause I spend alot of my working life ordering Delrin.

    (Like buying it in.   Not ordering it around.)

    So I spoke to a few of the gang about canes, they didn’t know much about Delrin ones, we searched the web, found a few American sites selling them for like $15.00 and upwards.   My kink-friendly friend came into my workplace, and looked at Delrin rods with me.

    (though they were two metres long, so hard to judge effect.   Felt like we were Lilliput Dommes or something, very surreal)

    Anyway my question is, to any one who knows bout Delrin canes, are they just a rod with a grip on them?   Is that all?   There isn’t something I’m missing, is there?

    I’m interested to know:  cause if that’s all there is to it, $15.00 for one is such a rip-off.

    Also, if anyone’s had one used on them, can you tell me what are they like at all?   I’m judging it too flexible and light to be even noticed much, but these things are hard to judge by looking.

    (or by waving a two metre plastic rod at a kink-friendly friend  :)  )”

You may imagine that this thread became very active with lots of contributions and advice and opinions and interest.

My Grand Entrance Into The Proceedings

I had been following the progress of the cane creation with interest and excitement.   In my usual  I’ve-got-a-loaded-opinion-and-I’m-not-afraid-to-use-it  kinda way, I’d offered CCC my thoughts on the measurements, characteristics, and features I normally enjoy in my spanky toys.   CCC accepted my input with careful attention and pertinent, thoughtful queries.   We exchanged much emailery, text-messagery, and phone-callery.   She told me she had automatically included me on her list of recipients of her first efforts.


I thought it was so cool that a creative talent was emerging, and I was delighted to be included right at the beginning of the venture.   So anyhow, discussions ensued regarding diameter

and length

and balance

and weight

and flex

and swoosh

and handles

and grips

and colour   –   (colour choice for the Delrin rods = 1 [black])

and more colour   –   (colour choice for the grips = loads [loads])

and much interest was had therein, verily.   :)

    (I’m sure I don’t even need to mention the many private offers CCC received in her personal inbox  [almost entirely from people of the external reproductive organ persuasion]lustfully I mean, generously offering to demonstrate the effects of Delrin canes on her for the horny drooling at I mean, lofty and enlightened edification of her arse I mean, cane making learning experience)

    (in the interests of full disclosure, I may perhaps mention that, *ahem*, one of those offers [albeit the only one from a person of the internal reproductive organ persuasion] may just possibly have come from, um, me)

    (ok, so I’m a sleazoid pimp, sue me.)   ;)

If you’ve any interest at all, you may see the Emailery Out-Takes post for the detailed history of the “From Cane To Pain” process of this project.

Caney Partyfest

The other prospective recipients seemed just as enthusiastic as I was about the impending new creations.   As the date approached which heralded the party where we were all due to meet, the anticipatory buzz just kept getting buzzier.

So when the night of the party finally was upon us, I was just fizzing and thrilling with anticipation.   I knew that CCC had invested her time, energy, creative juices, and also an amount of cash.   I knew that this project was meaningful to her, and that if the results weren’t as good as they might be, it would not have been because she had been careless, inattentive to detail, or disinterested in her work.

So I was totally confident that she had done her best, and I was equally confident that her best was going to be pretty fucking good.   :D

So there I was, fizzing and thrilling away like a sizzling dinner served dancing and spluttering on a hot plate.   My friend  (the one called “kink-friendly friend” in the emailery)  needed some help with her corset, and on our way to do that, we ran into CCC who had my canes, and I unfortunately got distracted from the corset assisting business by CCC presenting me with my two very pretty, brand spanking new, swooshy spanky toys.


    I’d been feeling like I somehow been mixed up with the cool kids, and got accidentally included in the select group of individuals CCC chose to bestow her concocted caney largesse upon.   So it all felt strangely validating when CCC gave me the canes she’d made specially with me in mind.   Because although I had been told to expect one, I was fortunate enough to have been given two of them!   That felt pretty fucking includy to me.   :)

    This made me feel like maybe it wasn’t an accident, me getting included with the cool kids, y’know?   Maybe I am one of the cool kids, and it wasn’t such an accident after all.   I’m going to hold onto that thought.   :)

Anyhow, my kink-friendly friend was fortunately very understanding about the delay in her corset help, having herself been the first to enjoy receipt one of CCC’s canes.

For all of the trepidation CCC had expressed regarding the quality of her work, as far as I was concerned, her fears were groundless.   The handles were pretty and comfortable to hold, and the tips and shafts were perfectly smooth.   After an inspection  (and some considerable droolage),  I felt confident that they were safe for me to wield on precious flesh.

So I oooooh’d and aaaaaaaahhhh’d and waved the canes about, and ran my hands over them, and admired them,  (and drooled).   I thanked CCC, and waved them about some more, and then, ever so reluctantly, I tore myself away from them to help my kink-friendly friend with her corset, whilst CCC looked after my new spanky toys for me.

And after I helped my kink-friendly friend with her corset, the caney fun began.   :)

And now, onward to the Caney Droolfest.   :)

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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