Moderator Mails – Part The Intro

This post is the first of three for the convenience of anybody who hasn’t been reading this blog, and who has been wondering what’s up with me being banned from bdsmireland/Nimhneach.

    Actually, I’ve been wondering the same thing.

Now that I come to look at all the correspondence all at once, it really does show very well precisely how the bdsmireland/Nimhneach people have been behaving.

    (I didn’t even include any of the bile, vitriol and abuse I had from non-moderatey bdsmireland members or from the bdsmireland/Nimhneach crew hiding behind sock puppet names)

These posts simply present the official signed contact I have had from bdsmireland/Nimhneach people using their own names.   You can decide for yourselves what you think about it.

The abuses and transgressions of my consent in bdsmireland/Nimhneach had been ongoing for some considerable time before I started posting about them, as you may have seen in my recent post about the Galway munch on 16 September 2006.   After becoming utterly fed up with bdsmireland/Nimhneach people arbitrarily transgressing against me contrary to their own stated policies and for unspecified reasons, I began posting in this blog about my unpleasant experiences with them.   Unfortunately, this led to them escalating their abusive behaviour against me.

The second and third posts present the correspondence I have had with bdsmireland/Nimhneach organisers between 11 February and 22 April 2009.   Extra bonus features include some additional harassment from  valpone_a,  which he generously donated at no extra charge.

Some Notes On The Extra Bonus Features

I have never met  valpone_a,  nor have I ever had any dealings with him other than the messages he keeps sending at me.   My bdsmireland/Nimhneach enquiries sent to the address were the closest I have ever come to participating in any contact with  valpone_a.   And even those were not addressed to him, he just received copies of them as all the moderators did.
The address receives many emails with many queries, and every moderator receives a copy of every message.   It makes sense for each moderator to address those queries which fit their abilities, and to disregard those queries for which other moderators are better suited.
As a moderator,  valpone_a  can quite legitimately disregard queries about Dublin munches or other bdsmireland/Nimhneach-affiliated meetings in Ireland, because he lives far away from Ireland in The Netherlands.   Some bdsmireland moderators are also Nimhneach crew members, and I would expect those moderators to cover the Nimhneach queries.

    valpone_a  himself has insisted many times that he is completely unaffiliated with Nimhneach.
    valpone_a‘s  choice to address bdsmireland/Nimhneach queries about a specific person’s attendance  solely  to irrelevantly deny that some individuals are both bdsmireland moderators  and  Nimhneach owner/crew members, is therefore quite pointless.

Since my queries were unrelated to the relationship status of bdsmireland/Nimhneach, and since my queries were addressed to people  other  than  valpone_a,  I don’t know why he kept choosing to hijack my bdsmireland/Nimhneach queries with unresponsive messages when other recipients of my queries were better equipped to address them.
In  valpone_a‘s  other messages to me, he claimed to be seeking replies from me.   On the other hand, he never specified what exactly he expected me to reply to, and he never actually  gave  me anything to reply to.   His messages are constructed solely with:

  • one-way information  (him to me)  thwarting two way discourse
  • closed statements precluding response
  • dictating terms
  • refusal to engage with me
  • edicts issued at me
  • requests for my leaving bdsmireland based on
    • undisclosed reasons
    • undisclosed rule transgressions
    • undisclosed agenda on behalf of undisclosed person(s)
    • undisclosed criteria for decision making
    • undisclosed decisions
    • completed decisions
  • fait accompli, no negotiation, unconsensual, abuse of power

valpone_a‘s  tendency to state instead of ask left me feeling quite confident that the outcome was already decided regardless of my input.   (as indeed it was)
Despite  valpone_a‘s  repeated and persistent messages targeting me, I have never initiated nor participated in any correspondence with him, and I have never responded to any of his messages.
Because I had no interactions  with   valpone_a   (only  from  him,  at  me),  whatever decisions and actions  valpone_a  has implemented at me were in response to information which was not disclosed to me.   Any specific issues which  valpone_a  had with me  (despite never having met him nor interacted with him)  were also not disclosed to me.   Since I was given no opportunity to address any of those issues, I cannot be responsible for any of  valpone_a‘s  decisions or actions which targeted me.

    So why has he been doing all this stuff to me?
    I don’t know.   Nobody ever told me, even when I asked.

It is important to me to emphasise that every choice, decision, and action which  valpone_a  implemented against me was initiated and continued by him,  regardless  of anything I did or said.
And that’s pretty much all I know about  valpone_a‘s  correspondence spewage.

And now  …   The Correspondence!



About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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