Chastity Poll Thingy

Recently a thought occurred to me, and as a result I asked this question in a yahoo group focusing on male chastity:

    From:   Lubyanka
    Subject:   Question for the men
    Date:   19 April 2010 18:03:51 GMT+01:00

    A lot of men give different reasons for their attraction to male chastity devices.   Some say it’s because they masturbate too much, or it can make them a better partner, or as a favour to their partner, or as part of a punishment.

    But what it seems to come down to is that every man here seems to find the whole chastity thing to be irresistibly sexy.   Which I think is great.   :)

    Is there any man here who thinks wearing a chastity device is a turn-off, yet is still attracted to wearing one for other unrelated reasons?

    I’m really interested in what you have to say about this, so I thank you for your input.   :)

Further to that, I’m interested to know what you good people have to say on the topic.   So if any of you or your partners are interested in male chastity, I’d really appreciate your contribution to whichever poll is appropriate for you.   It’s just a wee anonymous poll thingy I made up for my own amusement.

I am hoping the answers will reflect each personal experience as accurately as possible regardless of other responses, so I’ve hidden the results for now.   When I close the poll I’ll turn the show-results thingy on.

I am aware that male chastity is an incredibly diverse topic with as many variations as there are people participating it it, and that the questions in this poll apply only to a limited number of you.   Whatever your interests or experiences, if you have something to add, please do go ahead and say so in the comments.

Thank you for having your say  –  wherever you say it.   :)

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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6 Responses to Chastity Poll Thingy

  1. Tom Allen says:

    I voted for me and for Mrs. Edge.

    We enjoy it for erotic reasons. You know, in case I haven’t been clear about that over the last five years.

    • I appreciate your contribution Tom, thank you! And heh, there goes the ‘anonymous’ part. :p

      I’m shocked,  shocked  I tell you, to learn that you enjoy chastity because of erotic reasons.

      Oh, wait, no I’m not. :D

  2. Tom Allen says:

    BTW, I think that your paragraph/question about men who are not interested in it for erotic reasons can be understood to mean that you are not interested in hearing from men who *are* interested in the erotic reasons.

    • Oh dear, that’s not what I meant at all! I appreciate you pointing that out to me.

      For the benefit of anybody who thought I wasn’t interested in hearing from men attracted to chastity for erotic reasons:

      I am most definitely interested in the full variety of views on male chastity, including the erotic, non-erotic, and anything in between including to the side, behind, in front, right-side up, upside down, back-to-front, front-to-back, sideways, and banana-flavoured.

      There. I hope that covers it? Phew. :P

  3. David says:

    Thank you for your follow-up to me as a male kh. I am most assuredly interested in it for erotic reasons and the reason is predominantly that I enjoy being in control of another mans sexual existence.

    Personally, I have no interest in wearing a device as it is a turnoff for me personally – not because I don’t find them erotic but because my perspective is that of the dominant who is in control.

    good poll.


    • Hello David, thank you so much for your input. I should probably point out that when I say “male chastity”, I include non-wearing and key holding participants.

      To my way of thinking, I’d consider what you said to fit into the “attracted to male chastity because it sexually arouses you” section. According to what you said, controlling your partners’ male chastity sexually arouses you, and I know from my own experience that I can feel attracted and aroused by my partners’ male chastity, and I’m sure as heck not wearing any male chastity device. :P

      So even if a chastity device on your body is as much of a turn-off for you as it is for me, I hope we can agree that chastity on our partners is a huge turn-on! :)

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