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This is the comment in full which was left on my Confused? post, which I discuss in my Group Report And Fantasies post.

Author:   sparkle8faery
Post:   Confused?
Date:   24 August 2009 12:24:39 IST

sheesh lubyanka, if you had just emailed me i would have happily answered, instead of making a big deal out of nothing on your blog. however, since we are here…

you like facts. let me give you the facts.

1. i spend waaay too much time on the internet.

2. a lot of that time is spent looking at kink related things, such as events, shops, and groups.

3.ive read your blog before, so i was aware of the iebdsm group.

4. i joined another irish group lately(based in the north), so i thought id join another one: yours. see points 1 and 2 above.

5. so i joined. it took just a minute to see your group is essentially inactive, there are only a handful of messages, and a lot of the handful of members are on the other yahoo group anyway. so i didnt feel there was much point in staying in a group that seems to be pretty much at a standstill, ive done the same with other groups. it took 11 minutes as its doesnt take long to look around it and read those few messages.

so there you go, the facts. no great mystery, no hidden agenda, no conspiracy theory. the whole world isnt out to get you.

theres the facts, whether you believe them or want to stress yourself out about them is your choice. i joined, found it wasnt for me, and left. confusion solved.


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