Hypocrisy Part 2

Having been away at Bicon and elsewhere for the last couple of weeks or so (and having an absolutely amazing time, with a post about this in the works), I’ve got somewhat behind on the blog stuff.

Having read over what I’ve written, and other stuff, I felt the need to clarify what I’d put in my previous post.

I would like to start by making a shortcut. I will take a whole group of attitudes and behaviours and group them together thus:

  • Broken Attitudes And Behaviours: Outlooks and related activities which incorporate and demonstrate such elements as exclusion, intolerance, prejudice, bigotry, ignorance, invalidation, denigration, dismissal, minimisation and/or name calling.

So, without further ado…..

The Short Version

I have often seen and heard people complaining, quite rightly, about broken attitudes and behaviours from others, which negatively affect them in tangible ways.

These attitudes appear to be symptoms of what is broken not only in groups of people, but in humanity as a whole.

More often than I would like, I see and hear the same broken attitudes and behaviours being perpetrated by the same individuals who complain about these broken attitudes and behaviours in others (with similar results on their own targets).

In other words, the complainers are themselves continuing to break, in precisely the same ways, that which they complain about others breaking.

Such broken attitudes and behaviours would seem to further break what is already broken. No matter what the justifications, these fail to accomplish anything good that I can see.

This upsets me, and continues to upset me.

Finishing Off

I cannot personally think of any reason which can justify me committing any infraction which I myself suffer from when committed by others.

Having myself been the target of personal attacks (as opposed to logically presented disagreements with my observations), for whatever reason, but more precisely for observing this state of affairs, seems ironic in the extreme.

Personal attacks on me would also seem, unfortunately, to illustrate my point further (as if it needed it).

I hope nobody feels this is a personal attack on them, because I’m not targeting or even considering any specific individuals with this post. Based on past experience, I don’t really expect anybody to truly get what I’m saying here.

But I needed to say this, for myself, so I’ve said it.

Thank you for reading.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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