Update 9 – Bombshells

I have been silenced in bdsmireland and bdsmireland-personals.
This morning  (9 March),  I got another email from  valpone_a.   In it, he presses me for a reply, but a reply to what?   In his previous email he asked no questions nor solicited any responses.   He informed me that the groups would be going on without me, he expressed a desire that I leave the groups voluntarily, and he informed me that none of the other moderators would be responding to me so he would be my only moderator contact in bdsmireland and bdsmireland-personals.   So what does he expect me to say?

Further to his being the only moderator to interact with me  (presumably because  all  the other moderators either don’t want to speak to me or have been forbidden to),  he added two little bombshells to today’s email which he omitted from his previous one.   To wit:

  • He will be the  only  moderator dealing with my  group posts.
  • From  today   (9 March),  he will have no internet access  (allegedly).

So everybody, be aware.   I am, as far as I know, the  only  member of bdsmireland and bdsmireland-personals

  • whom the other moderators refuse to or have been banned from contact
  • who has been assigned their own personal moderator who conveniently happens to suddenly be without internet access
  • whose correspondence will somehow be addressed by one internetless moderator  and no other
  • whose group posts will somehow undergo moderatory scrutinyness by that same internetless moderator  and no other
  • who has been told all of this by email on the same day as his sudden yet strangely convenient internetless situation commences

So  I have been silenced in bdsmireland and bdsmireland-personals,  by  prohibiting  protecting all moderators from  ooooh, scary  contact with me  except  the one without internet.

Gee.   How thoughtful.

What The Fuck?

Group moderators of bdsmireland  –  Since you are  prohibited  protected from responding to me when I query you as is explicitly permitted in the group rules, perhaps somebody else will answer my questions.

  • Why inform me on the one hand that my future does not include bdsmireland, if on the other hand you want me to leave voluntarily?
  • Why would a moderator reactivate their moderatorship after three years, and then leave again after three days?
  • Why choose one single individual moderator to deal with me at all?
  • Why specifically choose an internetless moderator to deal with me?
  • Why deal with my posts and queries differently to those of the other members?
  • Where  is  your claimed fairness, impartiality, and single standard for all?
  • Where is silencing group members and restricting their contact to a single moderator covered in the group rules?
  • Why are you transgressing explicitly stated group rules which allow me to query group moderators, by prohibiting moderator contact in response to any queries I might have?
  • How can members consent to rules and procedures which are kept secret?
  • Were the new moderators brought back  solely  to clean up after  fig367‘s  sock puppeting habit?  (door, horse, bolted)
  • Where is  fig367  in all this?   Why hasn’t he spoken about this?
  • Who and where is  dunravin2002?   Why doesn’t he stand up and identify himself?   Why was that post of his from 2004 deleted all of a sudden?   Who deleted it?
  • What could I possibly have done to merit the extreme sanctions being imposed against me?
  • How will the group  actually  benefit from my silence, or if I leave?

If I have transgressed any group rule, please tell me what it is.   Otherwise, I ask you to remove the unusual restrictions on my posts and emails.

For The Recordness

I wish to state for the record that not one moderator has contacted me to  discuss  anything at all to do with this situation.   Even  valpone_a  did not ask, he simply informed me what he was doing to me, copied the messages to all the bdsmireland moderators, and then ran away, pleading “not internetted”.   So all of the moderators are perfectly well aware what he is doing, and support it by saying nothing.   So whatever heinous crimes I am supposed to have committed, nobody has specified nor queried one single rule I am supposed to have transgressed.

I mean, I queried a moderator decision, that moderator victimised and attacked me under another name, and then when I document what was done to me, I am attacked and victimised by the whole gang of moderators  (including some mysteriously reappearing and disappearing ones).

    What does this tell you about how the moderators regard all of us?

If the moderators were  truly interested in an actual investigation into the offenses, then one might imagine that I would be the  first  person they’d ask, if only to show them any evidence which I may not have published.   Not one moderator to date has contacted me in any way whatsoever regarding investigating these offenses.

My Personal Guarantee

I also wish to state for the record that I hate the vile idea of any person using a sock puppet to perpetrate anonymous abuse.   I would adore to think that it wasn’t so.   However, the abuse happened to me.   That is undisputed.   The only disputement is who perpetrated it.   If  fig367  didn’t do it, then I have  every  reason to want to know who did.

    I give you my personal guarantee  that if anybody has any evidence whatsoever refuting my findings that  dunravin2002  is  fig367‘s  sock puppet, then  

    • I will welcome that evidence.
    • I will happily publish that evidence here on this blog.
    • I will  as immediately as possible
      • publish a retraction on this blog
      • publish an itemised list on this blog correcting every inaccuracy and error I have made on this topic, if the wronged parties desire it
      • take down or modify every post which contains these inaccuracies
      • publicly acknowledge my responsibility on this blog for everything I have published here
      • publish a formal apology on this blog to both  fig367  and  dunravin2002

    And I  personally guarantee  that I will publish all of that here on this blog with the utmost pleasure.

Until then, as I always do,  
I absolutely stand by everything I publish here.

Late Breaking News Flash

For the first time since  fig367  revealed himself as the sock puppeteer for  dunravin2002,  and valiantly waiting until he courageously got somebody else to totally silence me on bdsmireland before speaking his piece,  fig367  has now spoken for the first time in public!

And what does he say?   Does he mention sock puppeting?   Does he mention  dunravin2002?   Does he issue any formal denials or explanations?   Speaking in public for the first time after over a month of silence, what does he say?

You know, style like this is a rare and beautiful flower.

Some Stuff To Consider

For those of you who used to be my friends  –  I know that you must truly believe that I’ve done something incredibly vile.   I know this, because I feel confident that you would  only  support these actions against me if you  honestly  thought I deserved them.   I ask that you take a few moments to consider these questions.

    From your experience of me,  do you  really  think I would present anything as fact
     –  if I really thought it was speculation?
     –  if I had not researched it to the best of my ability?
     –  if I myself felt less than perfectly confident about its accuracy?
    From what you personally know of me,  do you  really  believe that
     –  I’m guilty of whatever you’ve been told I’ve done?
     –  I would want to lie, or enjoy lying?
     –  I have a problem with admitting when I’m wrong?
     –  I am so afraid of the consequences of honesty that I would choose to avoid them by telling a lie?
     –  I could possibly have done anything to merit being treated like this?
     –  I would  ever  treat  any  person the way I’m being treated now?
     –  my bloggy revelations of what is being done to me are such unforgivable crimes that you can support what they’re doing to me, and in future to others?
    If this happened to you,  would you  really  want your friends to respond to you as you are responding to me?

I ask you to please consider these questions,  please  consider what you’re doing, and please,  please  consider what you’re allowing to be done.

New Doors Opening Up

I have often been asked why I don’t start up my own group.   And the reason I’ve avoided starting up a yahoo group myself is because managing it as I would like to do it takes more time and energy than I have to invest.   Also, I am reluctant to put myself even more in the line of fire from those who like that sort of thing.   Some of you might possibly know what I’m talking about.   :p

So I’m really pleased that a friend of mine has chosen to take that task on, and created a new group.

If there is  anything  you’d like to say or discuss with other BDSM-ers in Ireland, now you can join Irish BDSM and say it there.   The member list of that group is visible only to group moderators and nobody else, so all members may join in confidence.

I think we can all benefit from having more choices and more open discussion than we have at the moment.  

  • I hope that this group will always take timely action against sock puppeting and other abuses such as I have detailed above.
  • I hope that this group will be more transparent in its dealings with members than bdsmireland and bdsmireland-personals have been to date.
  • I hope that as I do, you will want to support this fledgeling group and help it grow as a viable alternative for those who seek one.


Update – 14 April

That group has now been closed.

However, I’ve started up a new one.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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