Sock Puppet Crap – Update 3

And now, the latest development in the Sock Puppet Crapathon …

The moderators are allowing my posts!

    (except for the teensiest of problems  [again])

If one of the sock puppet’s moderator  sycophants  friends who dislike me are on, such as  dublinswitch,  then he will  (as he did today)  delay my post even if it is perfectly within the rules.   This results in my posts which are time dependent appearing redundant.

    At 13:36, a message was posted asking a question about an accent.

    At 13:41, a reply was posted by  dublinswitch.

    At 13:43, I posted a reply giving a location for the accent, which I had been composing before  dublinswitch‘s  reply appeared.   I thought, enh, whatever, I’ll post it anyhow.

    At 13:56, a reply was posted, and approved by  dublinswitch  16 minutes after mine arrived  (and I know mine arrived because my copy to myself arrived),  appearing at 13:59.

    Nearly two hours later at 15:30, my message posted at 13:43 was finally published, having been disregarded by  dublinswitch  and left to be approved by another moderator.

Only time will tell if our sock puppet,  fig367,  has enlisted the help of his friends to implement this strategy as an ongoing campaign.

I hope  dublinswitch  appreciates that thanks  (in part)  to  fig367,  he is now going to star in future feature presentations.
Oh, also, I think it’s worth mentioning that on 4 December, 2008, well before these recent events and their consequences,  fig367  invented yet another new group rule especially for me, disallowing posts containing links to this blog.

Posts with links to other blogs have since been allowed.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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