Joining A Lion For Lunch

Just a(nother)  word of caution.

bdsmireland moderators don’t spend  all  their time harassing members and inventing rules for them.   Oh no.   Sometimes moderators are kept quite busy with all of the doing-nothing-at-all they have to do.

My experiences of being a member of bdsmireland since 2006 have shown me that approximately 99.9% of the time, any request made to group moderators to take action to enforce their group rules, has resulted in no reply, no acknowledgement, and no action.

Now, I refer here to the rules which involve actual transgressions of consent.   If I asked a group moderator to enforce their ban on the scary blog links which threaten our very way of life, then they’d in all likelihood act on that one straight away, just to save us all from certain doom, you understand.

    But if I asked them to enforce their rules which protect my own or other people’s consent?   Well, those are the requests which get no reply, no acknowledgement, and no action.

Sometimes I might strike it lucky and get a reply.   Even if the reply tells me that unfortunately I will just have to fuck right off and die, it’s still a reply, so I suppose I should be grateful or something.

During the other 0.01% of the time, a moderator will dress up and put on a little show for our entertainment.   After the warm-up act leaves the stage, they come out, acknowledge the smattering of applause, and then, only when they’re absolutely sure that everybody is watching, they will do a slow dress-tease and put on their concerned and conscientious outfit.

For the big finale, they accessorise their concerned and conscientious outfit, and in a stage whisper so everybody can hear, they ask if they can “help“.

    If you happen to be one of those strange people who prefer to avoid unconsensual abuse, then I recommend that you thank the moderator politely for their kind offer, and let them go on their merry way.

    Sort of like saying “No thank you.” to a lion when they ask you if you want to join them for lunch.

Happy Paddy’s Day.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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