Letterness Response

Further to my second email and publishment of that emailery on this blog, I have thankfully had a response.

Oh Noez  –  I Haz Used Wrong Email Address

From:   fig367
Subject:   Re: Nimhneach
Date:   13 March 2009 10:17:07 GMT
To:   Lubyanka
Hash: SHA1

hi Lubyanka,

Valphone should reply to your email on behalf of the bdsmireland moderators in due course.

Its only due to me being a mod on bdsmirland and a nimhneach organiser that I saw your email. Nimhneach and bdsmireland are seperate entities and your email should have been sent to fetish@fetish.ie or via the email facility on

Regards your query, myself and the crew have no issue with your presence at nimhneach for the saturday 14th March 2009 event.

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Charset: UTF8
Version: Hush 3.0

fig367 Appoints New Nimhneach Spokesperson

I remain confused about which email address I’m supposed to use for whom, when, for what, and why that is so important.

So to avoid those misunderstandings, I will reply here.

  1. Thank you for confirming that I will be welcome at Nimhneach on Saturday.
  2. I was unaware that you had appointed  valpone_a  as your spokesperson for Nimhneach queries.
  3. I’m sure you are aware that we both know that  valpone_a  has no internet access.
  4. I’m curious to know why you referred me to your new Nimhneach spokesperson when he has no internet access.   That spokesperson gig has to be really tricky to manage without internet.
  5. As you already know, Nimhneach organisers such as yourself and  rebelred32  are also bdsmireland moderators  (who have internet).  
  6. You will also be aware that regardless of how separate Nimhneach is to bdsmireland, I know that both of you can see Nimhneach-related mails which are sent to bdsmireland moderators.
  7. While you can remember that many Nimhneach queries are often asked in bdsmireland by group members, you can also remember that you and other Nimhneach organisers have often responded to those queries in the bdsmireland yahoo group many times before.
  8. I know you can remember that I am encouraged to query moderators in the group rules, and I know you can remember that you don’t want to allow my posts in the bdsmireland yahoo group.
  9. As you continue to remember all of these things, and as you continue to be aware that I remember them too, I know you can understand how logical it is for me to query you via the bdsmireland moderator email address.
  10. And as you firmly regard Nimhneach as a completely separate entity to the bdsmireland yahoo group, you can just as firmly regard my blog as completely separate from bdsmireland.
  11. As you are aware that my blog is completely separate to bdsmireland, you will know that any sanctions you apply to me in bdsmireland must be independent and separate from anything I say here.
  12. And as you have demonstrated that you are perfectly capable of acting independently of  valpone_a,  you know that you can either
    1. tell me which bdsmireland rules I have transgressed, or
    2. you can  lift the restrictions from my bdsmireland posts.
  13. By the way, I  really  want to publish that retraction.   I have yet to receive even  one  contact about that at all.   Can you help me out here?

Best regards,

ps:   I have just been alerted that there was a message in my spam folder on gmail dated 25 February which may be relevant to issues I have previously raised on this blog.   I’ll get to it as soon as possible.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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