A Taste Of Vanilla – Desktop Backgrounds

This post is just a bit more vanilla than my usual efforts.

    (possibly also duller, but never mind.   :)   )

This is also one of my more abbreviated constructions, detailing how the some of the desktop backgrounds on my 12 inch Powerbook, and subsequent 13.3 inch Macbook, represent a few adventures I’ve had.

So, now you know what’s coming.   You have been warned advised.   :)

Smithfield Square, Dublin

I like blue.   I like blue a lot.   And I like a lot of blue.   So I think it’s only natural that it would follow that I like having a lot of blue on my desktop.   Blue works well for me.

I used to have this picture I took of Smithfield Square as my desktop background, which I took from just outside The Cobblestone.   There’s a lot of blue in it, which is part of why I liked it.   And however annoying it may be that there’s a lorry blocking the complete view of the square, I do very much like that it’s a catering lorry.   :)
Smithfield Square, Dublin

      Smithfield Square, Dublin, with catering lorry.

I had this picture as my desktop image for over a year.

Capel Street, Dublin

Then in early July 2008, I got a new 13.3 inch Macbook, and I had this picture I’d recently taken of the northern terminus of Capel Street which I liked, so I put that up for a change.   I thought, new Macbook – new desktop image.   :)   There is a lot of blue in that one too, as you see.  
The Northern End Of Capel Street, Dublin

    The northern end of Capel Street, near the junction with Parnell Street, Dublin, with Guido’s chip emporium.

I had this one up for about four months.

The Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin

And then for a little while, after taking the pictures for two recent foody posts, I had this picture I took of the Hapenny Bridge.   Again, lots of blue.   I really liked the idea that I had restaurants  (especially Yamamori Sushi)  on my desktop, even though I couldn’t see them very well.

    I still knew they were there, though.   :)

The Ha'penny Bridge, Dublin

    The Ha’penny Bridge, Dublin, with a glimpse of two yummy fooderies.

I didn’t have this one up long, as pretty as it is, because of what came next…


Since my recently documented expedition to Yamamori Sushi, I’ve now got this extravaganza of sushi up, also known as jo moriwase.   As a significant divergence from my other desktop images, there’s hardly any blue in this one at all.   Instead of blue, this image has sushi in it. which I like bucketloads more than blue.

    If I had to choose between sushi and the colour blue?

    No contest, sushi wins hands down every time.

This image hasn’t been on my desktop very long, and like all desktop images when they’re new, I find myself frequently clearing all my open windows just to savour it for a moment.   Aside from the difference in colour, I think the most significant difference between this image and all the others, is that I didn’t ever drool or get hungry when I looked at the others.

Now that I think about it, that feature in a desktop image could possibly be considered a flaw, or at the very least an inconvenience as far as desktop images are concerned.   I can easily imagine myself having to change that image because of too much drool and hunger and stuff when I need to concentrate on other things.

Time will tell.

Whether I leave it up or take it down, I have a feeling that it’ll be a good long time before I tire of this image.  

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.   :)
Sushi - Jo Moriwase and Tatsuta Age at Yamamori Sushi, Dublin

        Sushi droolfest, with extra drool.



I started writing this post on 25 October, 2008, although it was conceived months earlier.   Since then, I’ve gradually been looking at my desktop less and less often.   I find that when I do look at it, I can take great comfort from this image.   It reminds me on less pleasant days that the world can provide me with orgasmic, delectable comestibles.   I can look at this picture and remember that there is always something marvellous to be had, as long as I can find a sushi artiste somewhere.

So it looks like I’ll be keeping this image for awhile, since it isn’t distracting me enough to interfere with my Macbooky activities.

    I’ll just need to ensure that I keep a hanky handy, for those moments when I might, um, like, need one when I look at it.   :)


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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