Resumption Of Some Normalness

Does anybody here remember that I had a life with Normal Crap in it before all this Recent Crap started?   Well, here’s some Normal Crapness for you to snack on.   :)

For a long time there were things I didn’t write about on my blog, even though I wanted to.   I did write about some of them  after  they happened, but there were a significant number of things I never mentioned at all.

I Had A Stalker

I had a stalker who was reading  (and may still be reading)  this blog, and he and his friends persisted their harassment of me and kvetch for several years.   So for our own safety, and the safety of the people whom I associated with, I didn’t write about events, people, or locations which could have been vulnerable to harassment.

The stalker began his campaign in December 2006.   I started this blog in April 2007, and there was an experience I wanted to write about which happened in August, 2006.   I waited til the end of September 2007 to write about that, which was over a year after the event, and ten months after the stalker began targeting me and kvetch.

Three weeks after I published the post, the stalker and his friends started peppering me with comments, private emails, and assorted other things.   So after that I kept certain topics off my blog completely.   This was annoying, but unfortunately necessary.

Other Inconvenienceness

Having a stalker also meant that I was unable to safely share my identity as the owner of a dominant women’s group.   I waited a long time to start that group because of the stalker, but I finally just went ahead with it in January 2008.   For a long time, I told nobody about that group, not even my friends.   It is hard to attract members to a new group whilst at the same time keeping it relatively low key.  

But it only took a month before  somebody  took it upon themselves to out us in bdsmireland  (which the stalker also was reading).   And any chance we had of keeping myself, kvetch, and prospective members safe during group activities was seriously fucked.

    Note  –  The bdsmireland moderators were all fully aware of the stalker, his behaviour, his friends, their helpfully stalky assistance, and all of their memberships in bdsmireland.   Did they enforce any of their rules about unconsensual contact between members?   Did they,  fuck.   According to the moderators’ messages to me, they consider that consent  –  if given once on one occasion for one specific thing  –  can never be withdrawn or declined on other occasions for other specific things.   Good for them.
    Other Note  –  Considering that  somebody  was so curious about who was behind  Women In Charge,   somebody  somehow neglected to actually  ask the group in question.   I know this, because I never had one single message from her to the group,  ever.   Instead,  somebody  decided to publicly ask a different, unrelated group who we were.   Go figure.   Good thinking,  somebody.

So thanks to  somebody,  we were subject to harassment from the stalker even before the first meet.   Thanks to  somebody,  the stalker’s awareness of the group  did  enable him to contact the group pretending to be a dominant woman.   Thanks to  somebody,  the stalker sought details of the next meet in order to harass myself, kvetch, and any prospective members who turned up.   Unfortunately for us, I failed to catch the ruse in time and disclosed the next meet details to him.

And although the stalker thankfully didn’t directly approach any of us, thanks to  somebody  giving him a heads up in bdsmireland he was hiding and watching us from somewhere we couldn’t see, which is even creepier.   I know this because I got contact attempts from him afterwards.

Great.   Thanks a lot,  somebody.   As a direct result of your actions, you exposed myself, kvetch, and every single prospective member to significant risks which could  all  have been avoided  if you’d simply asked us  what you wanted to know.

    Tip  –  If you want to know who somebody is?   Ask  them  first.

    This is not rocket science.


An Announcementy Moment

At any rate, the point I am getting to  (if you haven’t guessed already)  is that after all that, I am hoping that it is now safe to identify myself as the owner of that group I started.

    Hello world, my name is  Lubyanka,  and I am the creator, owner, and administrator of the group known as  
    Women In Charge large banner image
    Women In Charge  –  A group celebrating womanly dominance and all those who admire, serve, and are inspired by it.

And if the stalker decides that he hasn’t finished with his activities?   Well, I’m out now.   Let’s see what happens.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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7 Responses to Resumption Of Some Normalness

  1. Leandrai says:


    Welcome back to your real life…it’s much more fun anyway…I think I actually wound up with fuckwit poisoning for a day or two myself…

    But just in case anyone of the stalkerly persuasion is reading, I would like to crave your indulgence and post details of the top level, highly sophisticated process of hacking and surveillance by which I established the *DEEP COVER* identity of the mysterious leader of “Women In Charge” long before almost anyone else?

    So here it comes:


    —– Original Message —–
    From:   Leandrai
    To:   bdsmireland
    Sent:   Thursday, January 31, 2008 10:07 PM
    Subject:   Re: [bdsmireland] Re: identify??

    I’m not sure who ‘Ms. L’ is but I have my suspicions also.


    You all know PERFECTLY WELL, by now, that I am a deeply weird, omnicurious, celibate…

    If it was anything to do with me it would be not , now wouldn’t it?


    I don’t suppose anybody tried any deep hacking techniques to solve the mystery?

    Like, for example, “reading the contact page”?


    L Imperatrix, (CERTAINLY NOT “Ms”)


    Ok, having survived the budget (er, we DID all survive? Yes?? ) let’s quit messin’ with the fuckwits, wash our hands (COOTIES *shudders*) and…




    *streamers, fireworks, the 1812 and exploding public buildings*

  2. Thank you for your comment partyfest, Leandrai.   :)

    Unfortunately, I am also reminded of other, less fun crap, by knowing that the author of  “I’m not sure who ‘Ms. L’ is but I have my suspicions also.”  was none other than a certain sock puppet we have come to know.

    Still, I shall focus on your comment partyfestness.   :)

  3. Leandrai says:

    Me too…

    The good news is that, if that is the limit of his “hacking” skills there is no need to rush to upgrade your firewall.

    I know where he is posting from, I know people who’s work might well place them in that area, and, in all of that, I cannot find one iota of information to contradict anything you have said in this blog… however hard I try (and I am an excellent “Devil’s Advocat”…

    But, at present, the most important thing, for me, is that “Dunravin2002” seems to have thought better of it and “Dunravin” altogether, at least for now…

    A lot of these idiots would do well to rein it in in the current economic climate…I really don’t think it is to their advantage get caught running childish little campaigns of harassment from work…and surely they have better things to do with their evenings?

    Or do they?


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