Further to my Super Deluxe Rant with special features, I see that the status quo continues apace.

More Status Quo

On 09 May 2010 at 09:30, my previously referenced blogger wrote:

Actually, feedback addressed to you is not limited to the comments on your blog.   It can come from anywhere, including from my blog.   As I understood your request for feedback from dominant women, both my previous post and this one precisely fit the criteria you asked for.

But when one dominant woman  (me)  did honour your request  (twice now)  by providing extensively detailed feedback, you showed your appreciation only by ignoring and denigrating both the feedback  and  the woman  (me)  who honoured your request.  

And with my extensively detailed responses right in front of you, and your own comments mentioning them published for all to see, you’re still trying to convince us that you’ve had no response from women?

Other women have probably noticed this too.

If you want to change the results you’re getting, then you may want to recheck your strategies.   Because the transmission I’m currently receiving from you loud and clear on all frequencies is:

    “I solicit feedback from women  and then I ignore them.”


Some Suggestions

If you’re looking for suggestions from dominant women about how to attract more dominant women to your blog, here’s my take on that.

    Why Your Blog May Put Us Off

  1. Regardless of whether presented in itemised lists or with graphic descriptions, your style of detailing sex acts is generally only appealing to men.   In my discussions with other dominant women both on and off the internet, we generally explore topics  other  than the salacious details of sex acts.   So if you’re trying to attract us for detailed discussions of sex acts, your efforts are likely to be unsuccessful.
  2. If you’re simply looking to instruct, then in my opinion this approach will  (and has)  put most women off.   We already know our own sexual preferences, thank you.   You may note your own disregard for advice you actually requested  (from me),  so why would unsought, unwanted instruction attract anything other than indifference?   Unsolicited instruction on our sexual preferences or practices tends to be completely off-putting.   We get plenty of that already from men all over the internet, thank you.
  3. Most men already find huge numbers of things sexually arousing, so that part is easy.   Nevertheless, men all over the place still have the unfortunate habit of foisting  ‘How to arouse men more’  advice on disinterested women.   Sex workers may have an interest in arousing random men, but  most of us are interested only in arousing our partners.   Since men in general are perfectly capable of getting their dicks hard without us, advice on this is surplus to requirements, thank you.
  4. On the other hand, if a sizeable readership is all you’re after, then you may be interested to know that in general men hugely outnumber women on the internet.   So if your primary priority is to attract large numbers of readers, then I suggest you carry on with your graphic descriptions of sex acts to attract the countless numbers of men who read such things.
  5. So if a large readership is all you want, just keep doing what you’re doing.
    What You Can Do To Attract More Of Us

  6. You don’t actually say why attracting dominant women readers is important to you.   Whatever you hope to gain from our participation, specifying it would be helpful.   We can’t provide what you want unless you tell us what that is.   Why do you want our comments, and what about?
  7. (cos you know, I’ve already provided you with some at your request, and look where that got me)

  8. If you don’t like my feedback, what kind of feedback  do  you want?   Specifying that would probably be helpful.
  9. Re-read my previous post, this time paying special attention to the specific points I raise in it.   I promise you that despite my emotive wording, there are many meaningful points in it which are worth a closer look.
  10. Read our blogs, participate in our comments, and show your interest by  noting what’s important to us.
  11. Write about that.

So now you’ve read my take on why most dominant women have thus far stayed away from your blog, and what you can do to attract more of us.

I hope my efforts have been worthwhile.   Good luck.

Update  –  13 May 2010:   If you’re interested, please see Continuingness Update for further information.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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