Sock Puppet Update 6

In the bdsmireland yahoo group in the past week, there has been some interesting discussion following on from the blog posts I’ve written and published in recent weeks.

The discussion started with a message from  dublinswitch  disputing everything I said in my posts, on the grounds that one group post  (which he did not specify),  written by an author  (whom he did not identify),  on a date  (which he somehow neglected to stipulate),  had an IP address from a certain locality  (of which he also mysteriously failed to disclose even the first octet).

This led a few people into a straw man discussion about how a person’s locality can or cannot be falsified by use of IP address.   Since neither the post in question, the author in question, the date in question nor the IP in question have been identified, the IP address is irrelevant.   Since no connection whatsoever has been established between that indeterminate post and the communications which I discuss on my blog, any characteristics of that post are also irrelevant.

    I would like to add personally that this IP address thingy is entirely other peoples’ discussion, not mine.   I never mentioned IP addresses in my blog posts on this topic.   The  many  connections between  dunravin2002  with  fig367  were evident from lots of stuff, most of which I never specified in my posts.

    I mean, why should I list every epic fail he’s made?   :p

On Thursday, 5 March, a post was published in the bdsmireland yahoo group observing logically that

  • we ourselves are responsible for moderating the moderators
  • no moderator has yet stood up to say that behaviour such as I have posted about is unacceptable
  • this dispute has been largely left unaddressed by moderators and members alike

I’m really glad that people are beginning to take notice and to discuss these issues amongst themselves.   I’m really glad that these issues are coming out into the open.

However, that discussion was  (predictably)  short lived.   It wasn’t long before other individuals posted that the group is not the place for this discussion, that they refused to believe any of this  (even in the face of all the facts), partly because of the denials  (of which there were nearly …. nope, not even one).

Oh well.

Since the bdsmireland yahoo group is apparently the wrong place for this discussion, I’ll do it here.

Perhaps these new facts will provide some food for  (those capable of independent)  thought.

Yet More Stuff

These are some of my own observations, and also some new developments.

  • Both  fig367   AND   dunravin2002  have been absolutely and completely silent in public since my posts.
  • fig367  has not stood up anywhere public claiming that my posts are inaccurate, nor has anybody reported hearing from him privately saying any such thing.
  • Nobody has reported hearing anything from  fig367  privately since my posts.
  • Nobody knows who  dunravin2002  is  –  apparently he has no friends, no enemies, nothing.
  • dunravin2002  hasn’t spoken up anywhere either.
  • No moderator has reported any investigation of the facts, other than to comment that some undisclosed group post on an undesignated date by an unnamed author had an unspecified IP address, all of which fail to relate to the information I published here on my blog.

The new developments I mentioned are that post number 6557, posted and signed by  dunravin2002  on June 11, 2004, and which I mentioned in my first post on this topic, has mysteriously and quietly been deleted.

So the question arises, who deleted  dunravin2002‘s  post, and why?   Why would anybody care all of a sudden about a post made in 2004?   What does a post published in 2004 have anything to do with what’s going on now?  

    (I mean, other than the fact that  dunravin2002  is  fig367‘s  sock puppet, and  dunravin2002  is the author of that deleted post)

What could that deleted post have contained which, after sitting there inoffensively for  nearly five years,  suddenly became so offensive that it must all of a sudden mysteriously and quietly be deleted without telling anybody?

And to anybody who thinks I’m making this up, please feel free to peruse the screenshots below.

And Now …   The Screenshots

26 February 2009 - search results for dunravin2002.

    26 February 2009  –  search results in the bdsmireland yahoo group for  dunravin2002,  yielding 4 results.

26 February 2009 - dunravin2002's post from 2004.

    26 February 2009  –   dunravin2002‘s  post in the bdsmireland yahoo group, posted 11 June 2004, message number 6557.

5 March 2009 - search results for dunravin2002.

    5 March 2009  –  search results in the bdsmireland yahoo group for  dunravin2002,  this time mysteriously yielding only three results.

5 March 2009 - dunravin2002's oldest post is mysteriously gone.

    5 March 2009 –  dunravin2002‘s  oldest post is mysteriously gone.  
    I bet it was the Little People!

Members of the bdsmireland yahoo group may contact me if they’re interested in seeing the original, unobscured versions of these images.   I will be happy to share them with you.

Except of course the image of the message not existing, because obviously, that one hasn’t been obscured, since it doesn’t exist.

    I’m sure I don’t exist either.


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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