The Ensuing PVC Corsetness

Ok, having done all that cogitation and preparation and orderingness and stuff, this is the bit where I enjoy the actual PVC corsetness.   :)

PVC Corset Arrivalness

On arrival, I unpacked the corset, which came in this kind of huge semi-rigid, semi-floppy plastic box, sort of like the kind of packaging which I’d expect to enclose a cheap, sex toy, only much, much larger.   I mean, I could have used this box as a spacious dinner tray for a three course meal  (including a swanky vase for a flower or two)  if it had been more rigid and less floppy in the middle.   Weird.

But never mind.

First I tried it on  (the corset, not the box)  with the lacing it came with.   That was when I found that first reviewer really, really wasn’t kidding about the size, even though she clearly didn’t know what I know about corset sizing.

I was astonished to find that, although the corset did fit more or less perfectly, it did so only when completely closed at the back, with no gap whatsoever, even with the non-stretchy lacing in it.

    So much for ordering by waist size.

However, I could at least wear the thing and it looked good, so I had a lot more luck than the first reviewer, poor creature.

This corset, branded as “Black Level”, and called theBlack Level PVC Buckle Corset Set was made in Taiwan for a company who list their website on the corset tag as   This would seem to be a German company with multiple fingers in the general Adult-Stuff™ industry pie.   Retail-wise, they appear to be marketing themselves as Orion.   And more specifically, they have a finger in what they call “Fetisch”, as   I think that their product image is more representative than the product image presented on Lovehoney, of what the back view of this corset looks like when worn.

To be fair to Lovehoney, their product image would appear to be the official one supplied by the product distributor, since a web search for this corset by name does turn up those images again and again on a significant number of retailer websites.   I don’t know why the corset manufacturer chose to display different product images in their “Fetisch” retailing finger than the ones they supply to their wholesale customers for the same product.   But clearly that’s what they’ve done, for whatever reason.

Other Corsety Features

This corset is lined with this kind of static-chargey fleecy stuff, like they make cheap hats and scarves and stuff out of.   The combination of fleece and PVC makes this corset rather warm to wear.

So, good in winter, maybe not quite so good in summer.

There is also a wide ribbon stitched securely into the lining.   My guess is that this is to provide strength and support to the corset construction.   I’d like to offer a big noisy cheer for strength and support.   :)

The boning is a mix of flat semi-rigid plastic bones, and thinner, more flexible round-ish bones.   I don’t know how long it will take for the bones to start poking through the PVC.   The bone tally –

  • 2 flat bones on each side of the lacing holes (total of 4)
  • 3 flat bones distributed elsewhere on each side of the corset (total of 6)
  • 1 round-ish bone on each side over the bust (total of 2)
    Making for a total of 12 flat bones and a front busk closure.

The front closure is a standard (if cheap version) of the usual corset busk closure. I think the product description of “hook and eye front closure” unnecessarily misleads the reader to think that the corset is less functional than it actually is, because the included busk closure is actually far better than any standard hooks and eyes.   The busk  (which is in one single piece on either side)  provides rigidity and strength to the corset, whereas standard hooks and eyes (which function independently and are not designed for strength) do not.

    It is worth noting that a busk closure can never function effectively in a loose fitting garment.   The very nature of busk design means that it can only hold itself closed when it is being pulled apart.   A tighter fit therefore means a more secure closure.   So it isn’t surprising to me that the first reviewer couldn’t get the busk to stay closed on a corset which was way too big for her.

The lacing holes are reinforced with metal grommets, which in this case are too small to lace good quality round elastic lacing through (at least in this diameter).   So thinner round lacing, or flat elastic lacing  (of the kind usually referred to as good quality knicker elastic)  is what’s needed for this corset.   Lacing can be made easier if some tape is wrapped around the end to make a kind of aglet  (that sheath on the ends of laces to stop them unravelling and make it easier to thread them through holes).
The shoulder straps are functional and flattering to my G-cup bust, and don’t tend to slide off that often, even though my shoulders are narrow.   Although in keeping with the rest of the sizing, I needed to do them up to the shortest hole.

This corset provides flattering and functional bust support.   And believe me, with insufficient bust support, this corset would be absolutely useless to me.   I can recommend it to anybody who really needs good bust support based on this feature alone.
There are no hooks for suspender straps to be attached.   Personally I don’t normally require that kind of feature on a corset, but I think buyers should be aware of this.
This corset comes with a PVC thong, which I have never tried on and don’t intend to.   My second rant which I will reserve for another time and place, is why!?! do so many of these “adult clothing products” come bundled with useless thongs that so many of us don’t want and don’t need?   Who wears a top in public without any bottoms on?   How often is it really necessary to match a thong perfectly to an outfit?   Who could be that important to the adult clothing industry, that a protest about fashion problems with clashing thongs would get this kind of industry-wide result?   Were porn consumers bitching about thongs not matching, so that now every top manufactured by the “adult” industry must now come with a matching thong?   Since when have thongs become the new twinsets?

    Oh well, maybe just the tiniest little rantlet, then. :)

There should definitely be some kind of unused-vile-unwanted-thong-recycle scheme for those of us who were forced to accept a horrible thong we didn’t want because of purchasing a top which we did want.   Otherwise, it’s such a waste.

And vile.


Ok, moving swiftly on…
The PVC looks good and sits pretty smoothly, considering how inexpensive the corset is.
The corset is very flattering, both in shape and colour  (at least on me it is, and I don’t normally suit reds).   Actually I think it looks better on me than it does in the product image provided.   ;)   This corset looks great with jeans.
The overall effect, well…

Elegant it isn’t.

Hot it most certainly is! :)

    (but sure, you could probably have worked both those things out just from the product image provided)


The Corset Test Run

I wore the corset on a casual evening out, to give it a test run before the party I planned to wear it to.   I wore it laced up at the back with the elastic, and with jeans.   It was comfortable and secure.   The straps stayed up and didn’t grab or pinch.   At no time did any part of the corset dig into me, constrict me, or feel uncomfortable in any way.   As far as I was concerned, the corset felt and functioned exactly as it should.   And it passed my ultimate test – I was able to play violin in it perfectly comfortably without feeling any restrictions, resistance, or strain in my movements.

Some parts of this corset are unlined and have shiny PVC on the inside, most notably around the busk and the lacing holes.   This means that at the end of the day when I took it off, I had to peel it off my skin.   Although the sensation wasn’t vile in the strictly vile sense, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to really enjoy that part.

Revised And Improved Product Information

I’d say that the corset product description is missing the following important elements, which really should have been included  (and ought to be considered for inclusion in future):

  1. Corset size must be chosen according to natural waist measurement.
  2. Sizing is unbelievably (for want of a better word), um,  generous.
  3. The largest waist measurements given in the size ranges in the provided size chart must be taken as minimum waist sizes for this corset, not maximum.
  4. The gap at the back can be extended, but a corset can only close so far.
  5. Ordering a size too small is far less disastrous than ordering a size too large.
  6. The gap in the back view of Lovehoney’s product image for this corset is misleading.
  7. The corset construction includes
    • a PVC outer shell
    • fleecy lining
    • reinforcing ribbon stitched into the lining at the waist
    • metal grommets reinforcing the holes
    • 12 plastic corset bones
    • a busk closure at the front.


I Still Prefer Leather

So as it happens, I’m not likely to be filling up my wardrobe with PVC additions anytime soon.   I’m not going to rule out future PVC purchases, but I still prefer the weather-resistant, figure-moulding, creaky-sounding, smelltastic, gorgeously versatile functionality of leather over the more difficult delights of PVC.   I don’t know if I’m ever going to be able to enjoy peeling a PVC garment off my skin when removing it.

But I’m really glad I don’t hate PVC anymore, at least, not in any I-hate-everything-PVC kind of way.   PVC can look amazing for really cheap if the garment and the garment wearer’s shape are compatible.

    Note:   That “if” is a really HUGE “if”.

As for rubber, well, no new discoveries yet, but I’ll get back to you on that one if there are any updates.   :)

And now, for the obligatory pictures.   These were taken on the morning after the kinky party, at which the corset was a great success.   :)

Enjoy.   :)

PVC Corset Views - Front And Back

PVC Corset Views - Front And Back

ps:   Please note that I had difficulties as I’ve mentioned before in accurately reproducing the red in the corset pictures.   I can assure you that the red in the official product images is true to the colour of the corset as my eyes see it, and that the red in my corset images isn’t quite right.

Sorry about that.
pps:   Can you tell that I just found the ™ key on my keyboard?   Heh, fun to use and completely work safe.   :D

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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4 Responses to The Ensuing PVC Corsetness

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  2. Tom Allen says:

    Just so you know, I spent the last five minutes gazing in open-mouthed drooliness at your pictures. Purely for edumacational purposes, you understand, as I was just checking the form and fit.

    I still agree that leather has that smelltastic and feel-goodiness quality that can’t be duplicated, but I’m glad to see that PVC is making inroads and doesn’t need to be bargain-bin fetishistic anymore.

  3. Tom, you can drool for whatever reasons you want to! Heh, I do not require some alleged socially-correct-non-taboo legitimising reason for drooling at me. Hell, people do it all the time, and if I could choose, I’d rather be drooled at by more people like you, to be honest.

    (newspaper headline: The Grey Geezer Drools!   full story page 19)

    And that’s only partly cos I already drooled at you earlier, but somehow neglected to report this fact, mysteriously. :p

    Many thanks for your droolage status report. :D

    ps: Are you sure you weren’t really drooling at my leatherman? ;)

  4. Suzy says:

    There is a place to donate thongs/underwear to in Lovely Leicester. They pin them on the wall of the bar. I have decided this is the best place for the “free with X” thongs, as I’ve yet to receive a pair that look even vaguely comfortable.

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