100th Post And Some Thankalotness

Welcome to my 100th post!


(it only took me two years to get here, heheheh)

I wanted to take this opportunity to express some thankalotness to some people.   I want everybody to know that these individuals utterly deserve a whole bucketload more from me than just a measly blog post.   Still, a blog post is what I can offer right now, so that’s what you’re getting.   Sorry it isn’t more representative of how much you mean to me.   I’ll make it up to you.   :)

You Know Who You Are

 –  To my steadfast and ever-present friend,  you know who you are  – 

    Thank you for your support, your pep talks, and your astute observating.
    Thank you for always being just a phone call and a few minutes away.
    Thank you for all the times you’ve saved my arse from impending doom.
    Thank you for substantially smalling down the burdensomeness of my perseverance with recent vileness.
    Of all the people I know who are involved in my recent tribulations, thank you for helping me watch them scurry away like rats   (still very floaty over here, thanks),  and thank you for being the only friend who stood by me.
    If you were a food, you would definitely be my favourite Boston cream doughnut!   :)

    For sharing all of that and so much more, on behalf of myself and my arse that you keep saving,  I offer you my juiciest and most delectable two-and-a-quarter-million thank yous.   :)


You Are My Soosheee, My Onleeee Soosheeee

 –  To my treasured and most highly valued  kvetch  – 

    Thank you for being the most conscientious, persevering, devoted, diligent, and unswervingly enthusiasmic serf a dominant could ever hope to have the pleasure of owning.
    Thank you for standing with me through all the troublesome, trying tediousness we’ve experienced together.  
    Thank you for your support, your service, and your dedication.  
    Thank you for your tired fed up crankiness and the way it never interferes with you supporting and serving my tired fed up crankiness.
    Thank you for always ensuring that I have enough sushi to get me through my more tribulating trialnesses.
    Thank you for dropping me off on dates and collecting me afterwards, and thank you for your frubbly interest in how it all went.   :)
    Thank you for the extra bonus easy pleasurefest my life is with you in it.
    Thank you for being a gleaming, shiny, luscious example to submissives and human beings everywhere.
    Thank you for feeding my strength, my sanity, and my stomach.
    Thank you for squeaking when I do stuff at you.
    And thank you for Odie Face.   :)

    Thank you for being my serfy sushi.   :)

    For everything you endure for and with me,
    I offer you my warmest affection and deepest gratitude.


About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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3 Responses to 100th Post And Some Thankalotness

  1. Tom Allen says:

    It’s really not necessary to thank me, but you’re quite welcome anyway

  2. Sully says:

    Congratulations on number 100!

  3. TomSully,  Thank you, thank you.   :)

    Tom, you promised me you wouldn’t tell anybody about being my vanilla custard!   (oops, did I say that out loud?)   :p

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