Please Find Enclosed Fuckwits

So as you all know, I published these posts.   And then this damning mail was posted in a comment.   Barely hours after that on 19 March,  dublinswitch  was made a moderator again.

This is a clear message from all of the bdsmireland moderators  and  the Nimhneach organisers that they approve and support the following behaviours:

  • moderators abusing bdsmireland group members
  • moderators lying to bdsmireland group members
  • Nimhneach crew transgressing Nimhneach rules at Nimhneach
  • Nimhneach crew ignoring others transgressing rules at Nimhneach
  • Nimhneach crew ignoring expressed concerns at Nimhneach
  • Nimhneach crew impaired by drink or drugs at Nimhneach
  • Nimhneach crew ignoring those impaired by drink or drugs at Nimhneach
  • Nimhneach crew ignoring drug use at Nimhneach
  • Nimhneach crew ignoring abuse at Nimhneach

I know from my personal experience that every single concern I have  ever  expressed to Nimhneach crew about unconsensual touching or other abusive interference has  always  been met with complete inaction.   I suppose the main reason their response to the publishment of this mail surprises me so much is because after their continuing fruitless and pointless denials of sock puppeting, I had no idea they’d be  that  happy to admit to their legal negligence quite so publicly and blatantly.   I mean, get your head wrapped round this  –  they  won’t  publicly admit to sock puppeting which I have proven that they’ve done, but they  will  happily and publicly admit their liability for negligence which could lose them their insurance, venue, event, and liberty.   This isn’t a term I use often, but honestly,  wtf?!

I’m sure that strategy will stand them in good stead when they inevitably end up in court.

In other news, I had this tender concern expressed from an anonymous bdsmireland moderator trying a new tactic.   I must say, after all you’ve said and done, it’s just a  leeeetle bit too late to start trying out that approach  now.  

    Hot Tip  –  Any attempts to manipulate using the ‘Abusive Fuckwit’ approach with an immediate segue into the ‘Reasonable Discourse‘ approach, will succeed  only  if used on a person who cannot reliably outwit a lentil.

Good luck with that.

About Lady Lubyanka

I am a 45 year old musician, and also a multisexual, polyamourous, Jewish, socially dominant woman within my romantic BDSM relationships.
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2 Responses to Please Find Enclosed Fuckwits

  1. Leandrai says:

    This mail ( came close to runing my Christmas…but not perhaps in the way it was intended to do.

    What upset me was not the personal abuse and derision…I didn’t expect any better than that…but I had expected something more than total obliviousness to the safety issues raised.

    I was absolutely stunned by the lack of concern.

    Because of all the other things that had happened it actually took a lot for me to send that email, but whatever else I thought of them, I honestly thought they cared about keeping each other safe, and I had heard things that worried me half to death.

    Apparently not.

    They don’t seem to realise that it is more by blind luck than judgement that nobody has been hurt already, and that, when somebody is, there won’t be a lot of point in standing their like so many sulky toddlers saying, in effect:
    “It doesn’t matter because YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME!!” that way.

    There will be investigation, and the knock on negative effects of that will, almost certainly, be totally disproportionate.

    I love to see the people in the BDSM community have somewhere to get together, meet up, and just enjoy themselves, but not at that kind of price…and all it will take is one silly drunken miscalculation…and if they are even getting arrogant enough to boast about running out of wristbands, which means they may well exceed the insurance quota for the premises, that silly drunken miscalculation is well on borrowed time.

    I cannot help wondering what the oldest online bastion of BDSM, the newsgroup soc.sub.bdsm would have made of their attitude?

    It’s great to appoint yourself a little tinpot God and intimidate people into compliance with that, but it isn’t so much fun when it’s time to take some responsibility.

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